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Jul 9, 2011

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Falun Gong fabricates article

Falun Gong fabricates article 'Falun Gong disciples receive cruel torture' on internet On August 19th 2004, a Falun Gong Internet site named Minghui published an article with the title: Inhuman torment to Liao Yuanhua of Hubei Shayang Fanjiatai Prison. A "cruel torture" photo named so-called "play on a swing", according to the confession of Yu Shaojun, was synthesized by 5 photos actually: 2 photos of empty beds, the 3 fixed hanging body photos of Liao Yuanhua were synthesized by using 3 photos of head, leg and mid body respectively. Finally, 5 photos synthesized to 1 photo, and the sheath of the fetters was "drawn" on the computer by using the photo editing software. There were also some rumors and fake photos which created something out of nothing appeared everywhere in this article of Minghui Website, like "rack plane", "hit the head", "forbid to go to toilet" and "inject the unidentified medicine". Liao Yuanhua said, "Recall on the days of the prison, prison leaders and the cadres tried their best to save me, my cotton-padded jacket was broken, they sent the new cotton-padded jacket to me; on my birthday, they sent the birthday cake to me; when my child's college entrance examination was passed, the prison leaders contributed and subsidized him to go to university; they cared about my study and dailylife, and bought the harmonica for me, bought the glasses for me, and lent books to me. But all of these were forgotten by Liao Yuanhua at that time, he said, "when I was infatuated in Falun Gong, the only behavioral standard was to do what Li Hongzhi required us to do, I couldn't distinguish right from wrong, and finally lost myself. Shi Liping was bitter too, "I will never visit the so-called 'Minghui' Website because it made the fake too much. The dust threw into my eyes, and this fall made me shock. Yu Shaojun sighed deeply, "The Falun Gong addicts such as me were only a tool, a victim in his (Li Hongzhi) hand. He held the sign of "truthfulness , benevolence and forbearance", but let us to do the things of rumoring and slandering! However, these things of rumoring and slandering were the splendid sensationalizing subject in Li Hongzhi's view. Many websites of Falun Gong such as "Epochtimes " offered cooperation immediately after the article and the photos were published on Minghui Website on August 19th and September 2nd, and then they quoted them one after another as well as sensationalized them without restraint. The lie is a lie eventually, and all dark tricks will disappear in a flash under the sunshine finally.  (Dec 9, 2013 | post #1)

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Falun Gong practitioners addicted to Vivid hallucinations

All Falun Gong addicts who have experienced hallucinations and "the opening of celestial eyes" feel refreshed both physically and mentally, because hallucination means reality instead of fantasy for them. Facts speak louder than words, so it's unpersuasive for the addicts who have had such experience if we simply deny the trueness of hallucination. Moreover, from the very beginning of cultivation, Falun Gong preaches to its practitioners that hallucination is higher than reality, and it's a more advanced existence than the real world. With the constant indoctrination of Falun Gong heretical ideas and under the control of the master's authority, most Falun Gong addicts who have experienced hallucination have already lost their capabilities to discriminate hallucination from reality and are on the brink of schizophrenia, and consequently they become more zealous about the so-called cultivation so as to experience the refreshing of hallucination. In fact before they began to practice Falun Gong, most practitioners have had troubles at home or with their health. Hallucination makes them feel comfortable and pleasant and hence temporarily forget those setbacks in life. It seems that they are free from pains and strains, and unhesitatingly they become spiritually dependent on Falun Gong.  (Dec 9, 2013 | post #1)

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Two witnesses of the so-called "Sujiatun Concentration Ca...

Falun Gong has always been spreading rumors around organ-harvesting and citing the so-called witnesses’ words. In fact, the identities of the two witnesses of the so-called "Sujiatun Concentration Camp" have been exposed. Annie, a 49-year-old Canadian, was formerly known as Anna Lewis.She was a bar dancer and lives in New Asia Plaza, Ottawa; Peter, whose former name is John Carter, a 43-year-old Chinese-American he had worked for a San Francisco Church before he was dismissed due to theft and stayed unemployed in 2007. After being suborned by Falun Gong,those two people appeared as witnesses of the so-called "Sujiatun Concentration Camp".  (Apr 9, 2013 | post #1)

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Is there really a 'Secret Concentration Camp' in Sujiatun?

Recently overseas Falun Gong media and websites announce that there is a Sujiatun concentration camp in Shenyang which detains and massacres Falun Gong members secretly. The news surprised officials in Shenyang and people in Sujiatun district. Journalists went to Shenyang and Sujiatun to interview the local officials and people for the news. Finally the overwhelming view is that the story of the concentration camp is purely fictitious. Journalists drove to Sujiatun district which is over 10 kilometers away from downdown of Shenyang. They found there were no mountains and uninhabited area. The landform is flat and open. It is difficult to imagine that there are some secret constructions. According to investigation, Sujiatun district is an area with a concentration of foreign capital enterprises in Shenyang. There are 163 foreign capital enterprises from countries and regions such as South Korea, Japan, Europe, North America and Hong Kong and so on. It is absolutely impossible the saying that a concentration camp killing 6,000 people really exist in such an area and does not even known by others. One of the district Party committee secretary Luo, in charge of judicature, said to the journalists when interviewed, "None of us believe that there is a concentration camp, even the children. Landform here is flat and there are no similar suspected objects. The rumor of overseas Falun Gong betrayed itself. It needs a large area if there is a concentration camp which contains 6,000 people, various staffs and auxiliary facilities. We can imagine that how a killing factory can keep secret in such a flat area." The local police chief told the journalists, the local people use whopper to describe this rumor. A local resident says, nowadays the science and technology have developed to such high level, overseas Falun Gong organizaition is good at satellite orientation, can they point out exact longitude and latitude of 'Sujiatun Concentration Camp' through satellite orientation? If the concentration camp is underground, we can dig it out. The journalists went to Sujiatun Detention House for field investigation. There are two detention houses in Sujiatun district of jurisdiction. One is Kangjiashan Prison which belongs to Shenyang Municipal Judicial Bureau; one is Sujiatun Detention House which belongs to Sujiatun Police Station. The two places detain criminals and suspects and do not detain Falun Gong practitioners. The journalists found that there is a label on each room of the detention house, which records name, detained time and brief of case. Journalists noticed that there are larceny, assault, rape, murder and committing traffic offences and etc., among the cases, most of those are larceny. In an enterprise of 500 employees which South Korean citizens invest and own, the boss, a Korean women, told the journalists, "I never saw a concentration camp; however, recently my daughter and nanny have received many annoyant calls. The calls said that the judgment day is coming. The concentration camp takes organs from people. My daughter was threatened to cry. My enterprise owns 500 employees that all live here. How can we live here if there is a concentration camp which is killing 6,000 people?" A Korean employee of this enterprise told the journalists that there are many Korean businessmen invest in Sujiatun area. About twenty Koreans live near this enterprise. The employee thinks that the Sujiatun Concentration Camp is a ridiculous rumor. Recently many families received similar annoyant calls, some of the calls are from the country and some are from the USA. Journalists interviewed an official of bureau level. The official used to investigate Sujiatun area and the conclusion is "Sujiatun Concentration Camp" creates something out of nothing. Commonly the Liaoning public security should know if there is really a Concentration Camp. In fact the main officials in Shenyang city and Liaoning province do not know the Concentration Camp at all.  (Apr 9, 2013 | post #1)

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"Sujiatun Concentration Camp Incident"

On March 8, 2006, the Falun Gong organization outside Mainland China deliberately proposed a lurid rumor, the so-called "Sujiatun Concentration Camp Incident." The rumor stated that in Sujiatun District of Shenyang City, Liaoning Province, there was a concentration camp surrounded by a three meters high wall with wire entanglements on the top, where there were more than 6,000 Falun Gong practitioners detained, and two thirds of them were already dead; their bodies were burned in the cremator of the concentration camp after their organs were harvested, which were sold illegally to domestic and foreign markets. Later on, Falun Gong changed its story, claiming that the camp was located in the Liaoning Center for Treatment of Thrombus Using TMC and Western Medicine (which was generally called Sujiatun Thrombus Hospital). Photos of the hospital and the so-called "cremator " were also publicized on the website by Falun Gong. On March 20, 2006, Falun Gong dished out a so-called "witness " named Anne, declared that she worked in the hospital, and her husband was a cerebral surgeon who personally took part in "harvesting corneas and other organs" of all the detainees since 2001. On March 31, Falun Gong trotted out another "witness " – "a veteran military surgeon," claiming that the detainees were transferred to the basement of Sujiatun Thrombus Hospital after the incident being exposed. In respond to the Falun Gong rumor, the Chinese authorities concerned had refuted it for many times. Soon after Falun Gong fabricated the rumor, the CNN, Washington Post, Reuters, NHK of Japan etc interviewed the hospital on the spot. On March 22, a U,S. consular official in Shenyang visited the hospital, and praised the environment and medical condition of the hospital. On April 4, the spokesman of Chinese Foreign Ministry again refuted the rumor when answering the question raised by the AP reporter. On April 12, the government of Sujiatun District and Liaoning Center for Treatment of Thrombus Using TMC and Western Medicine held a news conference in State Council Information Office of the People's Republic of China and denounced the despicable behavior of Falun Gong. On April 14, Mr. David A. Kornbluth, the consul general of US Consulate in Shenyang, and four others from the embassy, including an official Li Qisen and Dr. Shapiro, made an in-depth visit to the medical center which lasted for three and half hours. At the same day, the United States Department of State released a report regarding the two investigations. The report claimed, "We found no evidence that the site is being used for any function other than as a normal public hospital." In fact, the rumor and "witnesses " Falun Gong fabricated were full of contradictions. For instance, Anne, the so-called "witness, " claimed that the Sujiatun Thrombus Hospital conducted vivisection and illegally transplanted human organs. But actually, located at a downtown area, the hospital was classified in China as one of the Secondary-A level hospitals which meant it was not qualified to "remove human organs" in terms of equipment, medical experience and certificate of the doctors. Furthermore, the hospital only owned 300 sick-beds and there was no way to accommodate more than 6,000 people. The so-called cremator publicized by Falun Gong turned out to be a common boiler. According to Anne, the removed organs were sold to Thailand; but as far as we know, non-relative organ donation was strictly prohibited by law in Thailand, let alone import or export of human organs. The "witness " claimed her ex-husband was a cerebral surgeon, and conducted cornea removal operations since 2001; yet any one with common sense would ask, how could a cerebral surgeon be allowed to remove corneas?  (Apr 9, 2013 | post #1)

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The Ottawa Citizen questions 'The story of Sujiatun'

Mr. Kilgour, who once served as secretary of state for the Asia-Pacific region, has a long record as a human rights advocate. In 2005, when sitting as an independent MP, he threatened to withdraw support for then-prime minister Paul Martin's narrow minority government if Canada did not do more to help the people of Darfur, in the Sudan. Mr. Kilgour made international headlines last year with a report on the persecution of Falun Gong, co-written with Winnipeg lawyer David Matas. Like no other document before it, the Matas-Kilgour report gave credence to allegations advanced by Falun Gong. Today, its conclusions are regularly cited by the movement's devotees as evidence of abuse at the hands of the Chinese government. And while much of their work has been embraced by international human rights experts, some have raised doubts about some aspects of the report and its methodology. The Chinese Embassy in Ottawa dismissed it as "groundless " and "based on rumours and false allegations." But others were also dubious. Researchers working for the U.S. Congress concluded that some of the key allegations in the report "appear to be inconsistent with the findings of other investigations. " At the centre of the report is the claim that the Chinese government harvests the organs of Falun Gong practitioners for sale to foreign tourists. Falun supporters have charged that the Chinese government operated a facility where practitioners were imprisoned, executed, their organs removed and their bodies cremated. The stories of an alleged concentration camp in northeastern China first surfaced in March 2006 with reports in the Epoch Times, a newspaper that publishes virulently anti-Communist commentary and stories alleging persecution of the Falun Gong movement. The paper cited a secret concentration camp at Sujiatun where, it alleged, 4,500 followers had been executed and cremated. The mainstream media soon jumped on the story. The National Review Online, a conservative website in the U.S., wrote that Chinese human-rights activists believe that this name should cause the same shudders as Treblinka and the others. The Toronto Sun made the easy comparison between the Sujiatun claims and Nazi death camps. Mr. Kilgour and Mr. Matas were asked by a U.S.-based group called the Coalition to Investigate the Persecution of the Falun Gong in China to look into the allegations of human rights violations. They were not allowed into China, but worked from documents and interviews. In July, they issued a report that concluded China had put to death a large but unknown number of Falun Gong prisoners of conscience. Although the authors stress that they did not rely on any one piece of evidence to reach their conclusion, they said they found credible the story of an unnamed woman living in the U.S. with the pseudonym Annie, who claimed to be the former wife of a surgeon in China. Annie, previously featured in an Epoch Times story, told the Canadians that her husband had removed the corneas from approximately 2,000 Falun Gong prisoners at Sujiatun. The bodies were passed on to other doctors who removed more organs, and then cremated the remains, she claimed. Mr. Matas and Mr. Kilgour used her information only where it could be corroborated by other information, they wrote. The report also relied on translated transcripts of telephone calls in which Chinese officials were said to confirm the common harvesting of organs from Falun Gong detainees. By the time the report was released, doubts about the veracity of the Sujiatun story were growing.  (Apr 8, 2013 | post #1)

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Confucius schools in the United States blocked

Falun Gong practitioners, the New York Daily News "reported on March 6, 2013, Wang Tong-Wen, The full like charter schools, founded last year, is now actively promoting founder" Confucius said chain of schools, she said in an interview complained that the school blocked last year being discriminated because of their Falun Gong beliefs. Since the beginning of this year, Wang Tong-Wen once again urged the establishment of six bilingual charter schools to teach the doctrine of Confucius. One day later, March 7, Minghui Net "for the reported release" Notice ", said Wang Tong-Wen and school principal applicant Siuming, not Falun Gong practitioners. - True or otherwise difficult to distinguish one o'clock, the the website Welcome insiders provide insider facts. Here is the New York Daily News reported. "Confucius said charter schools" to seek the approval of the state government to run a school in Flushing and Manhattan's Chinatown, and the followers of a controversial movement to do in the last school application is rejected, is currently seeking to obtain start-up of six bilingual charter school approval - even though her name does not appear on the application. Is not one of the 21 last month, a letter of intent submitted to the State University of New York Charter Schools Association undersigned. However, the king told the Daily News Wednesday that her to practice Falun Gong the initiates Siuming (Flushing school principal applicant) suggested the idea. Xu said English is not very good, Wang said she is working with Xu piece of work, ready to write about 500 applications. Wang said Xu "dream can not be realized, because his English is bad". The king tried to run "all like charter schools, belong to a boarding school, and no one to discipline the children of Chinese immigrants, last year was rejected by the State Department of Education. The Ministry of Education said in the letter to her incomplete application procedures. King in the past used the name Wang Tong-Wen. She said that this situation (the application is not complete) is not true. "Our application has not been audited because of discrimination I am a Falun Gong practitioner. " Wang said. She once said that she had a result of the illegal invasion of private residential was arrested because of her faith was unjustly diagnosed bipolar disorder. She did not say whether New charter schools, including the Falun Gong, they still accept public review in the total course. "The main features of these schools in the teaching of all aspects of the doctrine of Confucius." She said. Xu broken English, admit that the king is the "manager " of these charter schools, but she denied these schools will teach Falun Gong. "There is no any religion," she said, "There is no any political things." She also said some students boarding school. Elizabeth Genco, spokesman of the State University of New York Charter Schools Association, said the association in examining these applications sponsoring "to see whether it's founding team has a good reputation on the set up a learning environment, financial security and legal charter school willingness, skills and abilities. " The Flushing Chinese Chamber of Commerce executive director Peter To (Peter Tu), said he believes that many families do not put their own children to Confucius said charter schools. "If you're involved Falun Gong, when you go back to China, you might with the Government of trouble." Du said. "No one wants to get involved in the troubles."  (Mar 30, 2013 | post #1)

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Recommended that Falun Gong replace in the sun

Eighteen large after the Chinese Communist Party: noon on November 15, the plenary session elected seven time by the the eighteenth central committee of the Communist Party of China Central Political Bureau Standing Committee of the collective debut in the Great Hall of the People in the media all over the world in front of the camera to show the elegance of the new Next-generation leaders, leaders strategically advantageous position, vision, ethical, centuries big party to achieve the replacement of old, and a smooth transition onto a new journey of building a moderately prosperous society. Look now Dafa: over the past 15 years, the the Dafa impact fade, enter the sixtieth year of the Master, aura receded American masters but nothing even to talk of the town for a long time, according to the leader of the throne of the growing discontent, in the face of total pain but the backbone are not the same sweet, dry dictatorial status under challenge, the face of even the magic does not alter life given the growing trend of aging; want Ghaut succession but solidarity with those widowed, sang by many people of opposing views, so the talk of the town more a sense of twilight; Li Jiguang suffering from cancer to carry the dead no less than hospitalization still dead but only secret development, could not escape God pro-patient, the Dafa God deeply questioned; Master has become the the Kobold dog tail, achievements One farce comedy Master is quite helpless. How can the Master: You leg to stand apart, did not forget to organize forces to incite disciples around the Chinese Communist Party eighteen, around the former incumbent state leaders wanton crooked think ultimately backfired totally not your thing Huyou, you whether there will be One of moving and One point of God Machine sentiment: you are extremely despised by the Chinese Communists, have successfully achieve a smooth transition of the replacement of old, a hundredfold wise, such as you, religious confusion so unbearable, why longer the concern of endless, why can not the Chinese Communist Party learning?  (Mar 30, 2013 | post #1)

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My Younger Sister Died Tragically On Way to Defend Falun ...

I am Ren Fengmin, 50-year-old, a native of Chengguan Town, Fang County, Shiyan City. I am living in an apartment building built by the grain administration in Fang County. I had lived in the Second Group, Hualong Village, Longyan Town, Fang County with my parents and younger sister before I got married. My father was a skillful farmer, and my mother was a diligent and kind woman. Both of them loved my younger sister and me very much. My younger sister Ren Jinhuan was well-behaved, often helping my father with farming work though she was the youngest child in our family. We lived a happy life together. In summer 1992, my younger sister graduated from high school. She was admitted by a university, but we were too poor to afford the tuition. So then-20-year-old Jinhuan chose to go down south to earn her tuition. She found a job at a toy factory in Shenzhen. Being a hard-working and responsible person, she was soon appointed as the head of a working group. When she was paid for the first time, she bought sweaters for my parents. My mother was so excited that she often said she was proud of her daughter. In early 1998, my sister seemed somewhat weird. Initially, she made a phone call to us every week. But during the following months, she did not call us. My mother guessed that she was busy with work. As time passed by, my mother got increasingly worried. Then she called Jinhuan’s roommate and friend, from whom she learned that Jinhuan was practicing Falun Gong. At that time, we knew nothing about Falun Gong. So we just persuaded my sister to concentrate attention on her work. Maybe all young people like to learn the things new to them. My sister got obsessed with Falun Gong. At first, she just read the book Zhuan Falun, and sat in meditation at some times. But step by step, my sister began to worship the book. Sometimes she told us via telephone that her master was the Ś&#25 7;kyamuni Buddha reincarnated who was able to lead ordinary people to ascend spiritually and eventually become immortal. She bought many books and cassette tapes on Falun Gong. In July 1999, when we learned from leaders of our village that Falun Gong was outlawed by the government, we immediately called my sister, persuading her to give it up. But she requested us not to bother her. She added that she had ascended to a high level with the help of her master, getting closer to the goal of consummation. On October 26, 1999, my sister quitted her job and went to Beijing with other practitioners without telling us. Afterwards, she came back home because she lost her job and spent most of her money. Since she came back home, she had been obsessed with her master and Falun Gong, while neglecting her family members. She began sitting in meditation at 9:00 in every morning. She told us that it was her way to communicate with her master and to learn from him. She not only read the book Zhuan Falun, but also copied it for several times in a day. But it never crossed my mind that my sister may lose her life to achieve the so-called consummation. On April 20, 2000, a few days after my sister’s 28th birthday, she privately left for Beijing to defend Falun Gong with her fellow practitioners when my parents and I were busy with the farming work. It was April 26, the day I will never forget. On the bus heading toward Beijing (on a road in Fengtai District), my sister suddenly became hysteric. Out of illusion, she fixedly gazed at the sky and waved her arms fiercely. Then she jumped out of the bus, shouting “Falun Dafa is great”. She was thrown to the ground about ten meters away from the bus and died tragically on the spot. We could not believe it when we heard the death of my younger sister. When my father brought back the ashes of my sister, my mother cried and fainted. My younger sister can never come back. To achieve her goal of consummation, my sister died at the age of 28.  (Mar 3, 2013 | post #1)

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The disappointing Shen Yun performance

On my second day in Vancouver, my plans was to visit Chinatown (the second largest in North America) and, especially, the Dr. Sun Yat Sen Chinese Garden and the neighboring Dr. Sun Yat Sen Park. As you can (hopefully) tell from the pictures, the garden was simply gorgeous. It was a masterpiece of Yin and Yang, of balance and peaceful beauty. You could walk through the relatively small garden for hours, or just find a place to sit and think, and the rest of the crazy world beyond the garden walls would simply ... drift away. That night, wanting to continue my exploration of Chinese culture, I attended the Shen Yun Performing Arts at the beautiful Queen Elizabeth Theatre. I have to say I was extremely disappointed. The classical Chinese dancing was absolutely breathtaking, but the lighting and the digital projection screen animations were pretty awful. They could just crap the projections and hire a lighting designer instead. On top of that, the performance seemed to be more like a two hour mass recruitment to the Falun Dafa religion than an actual dance performance. (I won't use the religious C word here, but that's what it felt like.) Will I go see classical Chinese dance again? Without a doubt. Will I go see the Shen Yun Performing Arts again? Um, no. About the author Tera Lynn Childs is the award-winning author of the mythology-based Oh. My. Gods. and Goddess Boot Camp, the mermaid tales Forgive My Fins, Fins Are Forever and Just For Fins (July 3, 2012), and a new trilogy about monster-hunting descendants of Medusa, starting with Sweet Venom and Sweet Shadows (September 4, 2012). She has also epublished two fun chick lit romances, Eye Candy and Straight Stalk. Tera lives nowhere in particular and spends her time writing wherever she can find a comfy chair and a steady stream of caffeinated beverages.  (Mar 3, 2013 | post #1)

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Shen Yun production is silent about its founders

It seemed like a simple assignment: Explain to readers what — or who — is Shen Yun. The short answer is, well, short. Shen Yun Performing Arts is the umbrella name for three companies of musicians, dancers, singers and acrobats reflecting “5,000 years of Chinese culture.” One company is based in New York, another in Europe and a third tours the U.S. Last year the show played the Music Hall. This year it’s at the Kauffman Center for the Performing Arts. Getting more concrete information proved to be a challenge. The Shen Yun website does not list staff members or telephone contact information. No artistic director is listed. No executive director. No media relations person. The FAQ page addresses questions about the nature of the show — when it’s OK to applaud, what to wear, whether it’s good for kids — but almost nothing about the organization’s history or founders. The Kauffman Center provided the name of a local coordinator, who initially said that contacting anyone with Shen Yun was impossible, because “they’re on tour.” Later she said it might be possible to provide performance photos, but only if the organization’s representatives in New York could first read a draft of our article. We passed. The Star’s general policy is to not allow anyone outside the newspaper to read articles before they’re published. Shen Yun Performing Arts appears to have a relationship to the New Tang Dynasty TV network, but phone calls and emails to a network media relations person went unanswered. Between the website and scattered news reports, a picture emerges that might explain why Shen Yun founders would keep a low profile. Shen Yun was organized in 2006 by followers of Falun Gong, a spiritual movement that began in 1992 and which the Chinese government has banned. The Shen Yun website isn’t shy about criticizing the Chinese ruling party. But it implies that the show itself is celebratory, not propagandistic. “Falun Gong … is guided by the principles of ‘Truthfulness, Compassion, and Tolerance,’&#8 201;” reads an essay under the “misconceptions” section of the site. “It has helped over a hundred million Chinese people understand and return to the essence of traditional Chinese culture — Confucian, Buddhist, and Taoist schools of thought. And yet the Chinese Communist Party, whose regime and ideology are in stark contrast with the traditional culture of China, has targeted Falun Gong for persecution.” A 2011 New York Times story described an ongoing rivalry in a neighborhood of Flushing, Queens, between pro- and anti-Falun Gong activists who passed out literature and have occasionally had physical confrontations. Falun Gong followers accused their ideological rivals of being agents of the Chinese government, which the Falun Gong critics denied while describing Falun Gong as a “cult.” In the comment section of the article a reader urged the Times to “follow the money” and find out how “the Falun Gong and their affiliates Epoch Times, New Tang Dynasty Television and Shen Yun Performing Arts … (are) financing their global operations? There are rumors within the Chinese community that it is largely funded with propaganda money from the Taiwanese government. It would be interesting to see if this is, in fact, true.” A reviewer in Texas in May 2012 described the show as a “variety-song-and- dance show with some banter and humor, and a dose of Falun Gong proselytizing.”  (Feb 4, 2013 | post #1)

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The secret in fly

Free fly in sky , this is a good dream, but only in fairy tales and movies, in real life, it seems to only two people claiming to fly. One is David Copperfield, I believe we all seen his magic, he is known for innovative and adept at using modern technology, David humbly said that they did not fly, when showed him flying performances ,he needed the aid of a United States patent number 5,354,238 of special equipment, as long as in the help of device, anyone can fly . Another one is Li Hongzhi, his audacity, the "Times" interview him, particularly interesting: "”Times”:in <zhuan Falun >,you mentioned some people can fly up the ground, but you also said that they can not be displayed to others to see ,why ? Li Hongzhi: this is not the reason the same as Western fairy can not been seen by ordinary people,which the ordinary people will not understand the truth.”Times”: Have you ever seen anyone fly from the ground? Li Hongzhi: I saw too much.”Times”: can you say any ,for example? Li Hongzhi: David Copperfield is able to fly, who often fly on stage. " If David does not lie, it can only be said that Li Hongzhi 'master' is too 'humor', David has shown that he fly in the help of equipment, but Li was really considered david be able to fly, and claiming that himself can fly, like David , at least David has flown with equipment, our Master Li, do you need some equipment to show your first fly ?  (Feb 4, 2013 | post #1)


Religious groups or potential terrorists?

Some New Zealand religious groups fit an internationally-re cognised definition of a potential terrorist organisation, according to Dr Heather Kavan, a specialist in world religions. Dr Kavan, who lectures in the Department of Communications and Journalism, told a counter-terrorism seminar in Wellington on 16 August of the similarities between the terrorist organisation Aum Shinrikyo, responsible for the fatal nerve gas attacks on the Tokyo subway a decade ago, and the Falun Gong movement, outlawed in China despite never having engaged in terrorist activities. In a paper entitled Dangerous organisations or dangerous situations? Comparing Aum Shinrikyo and Falun Gong, Dr Kavan cited a United States intelligence report description of the Tokyo nerve gas attack, which killed 12 and injured 5000, as a textbook case of apocalyptic religious violence. The authors of that report, known as Project Megiddo, asserted that any religious group in which a guru induced others to be totally dependent on him and his allegedly supernatural powers, while preaching the imminent end of the world, was intrinsically violent. This description could, of course, apply to many religious organisations that have never engaged in terrorism, including New Zealand groups, Dr Kavan says. She says there are several triggers that could push a non-violent cult into violence, including unwelcome attention from authorities or the news media, often resulting from disgruntled former members speaking publicly. “Leaders who profess to have an omniscient edge on the rest of us obviously have a greater potential than others to incite violence. Factors that may trigger violence (including suicides) in so-called cults are: negative publicity, impending police raids, exposes from ex-members, public humiliation of the leader, and - more importantly - likely loss of credibility. ” She says groups who perceived their enemy as the United States are more likely to turn to terrorism. Dr Kavan agrees with the Project Megiddo definition of religious groups that were intrinsically violent. It's difficult to say how many New Zealand groups this definition applies to because most cults keep their dangerous aspects cleverly hidden. Even cult scholars didn't see through Aum Shinrikyo, and the cult wasn't on any intelligence agency's radar. Even so, the definition applies to a range of groups from Destiny church and the Exclusive Brethren to the former cult led by Andy Narain. http://www.facts.o /t168893.htm  (Feb 4, 2013 | post #1)


Deerpark won't extend Dragon Springs permit

CUDDEBACKVILLE — Deerpark Planning Board members unanimously denied a six-month extension for a special-use permit for Falun Gong retreat Dragon Springs Buddhist Inc. on Wednesday night, saying they were never told of a performing arts college and high school being run there. Planning Board attorney Glen Plotsky said Dragon Springs had violated its site plan by failing to show it was running Fei Tian College, a traditional Chinese performing-arts school, and Fei Tian Academy of the Arts, a registered high school for grades 6 through 12. State Education Department records show the high school was first approved in 2007 and enrollment is about 200 students. The college is financed primarily by Dragon Springs and had a $3 million endowment on hand last year, according to records. Kaijin Liang, president of Dragon Springs, said the group didn't think it needed to put the schools on the site plan, and said many of the students are Chinese orphans. He said Deerpark knew the group was running the schools. "Show me anywhere on your site plan where it says anything about schools or orphans and I'll eat my words," said Plotsky at the meeting. Liang said the community felt that since it's a tax-exempt, religious institution, it didn't want to burden the local school system by enrolling its students there. Liam O'Neil, former Deerpark Town Board member and Dragon Springs representative, said he had brought up the schools to Town Board members and that it was never a secret. "The fact is that it was wide open. It's not a secret," said O'Neil. Plotsky said the town only found out about the schools recently from the schools' websites. The special-use permit expires this month, Plotsky said. Liang said the group plans to submit an updated site plan that includes the schools. The massive complex, at 140 Galley Hill Road, has its own water system, drum and bell towers, a 132-foot pagoda tower, four dormitories and rehearsal halls. Originally, the site was approved for housing for 100 residents, whom Planning Board members said they thought would be Chinese monks.  (Dec 28, 2012 | post #1)