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Mar 24, 2009


Liv n 4 Jesus Profile

Q & A with Liv n 4 Jesus

Headline: God IS Awesome...


Almost Heaven, WV

Local Favorites:

Being with those I love

I Belong To:

my grandbabies & Jesus

When I'm Not on Topix:

babysitting or sleeping :)

Read My Forum Posts Because:

I care

I'm Listening To:

Gospel soothes me

Read This Book:

Holy Bible. & To Hell and Backi

Favorite Things:

Food, surfing the net, talking about my Jesus (of course), oh yes grilling out (does that count as food, maybe)

On My Mind:

Heaven & Hell & making it to Heaven & taking everyone who wants to go with me !!!

I Believe In:

-Orig King James Bible -unborn babies have the right to live -no matter an person's bank acct size, color, faith any social description; we are all family on this planet Earth and ALL deserve RESPECT