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Sep 22, 2013

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Dexcom Seven 7+ sensors 02/14 for sale

I am trying to get rid of some supplies i have stocked up that i really dont need. I have 9 vials of Humalog i want 25 dollars a vial (they are all sealed) I have an insulin pump (used for 45 days) still great shape email me with questions I have 5 vials of Lantus ( i want 15 each vial) I Dexcom seven+ sensors not expired( asking 120 dollars a box) I also have a minimed transmitter used for 3 weeks ( asking 100 for that) includes everything and the box also Lastly i have 3 boxes of sof sensors that expire 01/14 brand new( i want 80 a box) Im not looking to get rich i just thought there was some people out there without insurance that need these things, and they arent doing me anygood sitting around. My names Cindy Harper if you live nearby you may pick them up Or i can ship them to you email me at [email protected] I check email daily so i should get back to everyone that day . Thanks I will consider all offers  (Sep 22, 2013 | post #1)