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May 7, 2007

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Elgin, TX

Rodney Reed Supports Calling For A New Trial

sure  (Nov 8, 2014 | post #32)

Elgin, TX

Rodney Reed Supports Calling For A New Trial

are you still smoking crack or did you stop that night  (Nov 8, 2014 | post #31)

Citizen Sound-Off

Who do you support for Governor in Texas in 2010?

Democratic  (Nov 1, 2010 | post #3843)


"Girls Gone Wild": Spitzer's Call Girl Already on Tape

A Dime A Dozen.$.10  (Mar 19, 2008 | post #13)


Madam: Sex too hard to sell these days

Move it to TEXAS  (Mar 18, 2008 | post #17)

NBC 30 Hartford

Backyard Body Count Up To 33 In Mexico

hi  (Mar 15, 2008 | post #8)


Did you hear the one about the governor and the hooker?

For $5000.he could have bought a women out right.  (Mar 12, 2008 | post #20)


Black Reporter Attacked On Camera by White Family in Sout...

one word *(JAIL)*  (Mar 12, 2008 | post #11)

US News

Spitzer Is Linked to Prostitution Ring

for $5000.dollars? he could have bought a women out right  (Mar 12, 2008 | post #1421)

Raul Castro

Castro resigns as president, state-run paper reports

Fidel Castro died in 1980. wake up people,  (Feb 20, 2008 | post #683)

US News

US Sniper Gets 10 Years for Iraqi Death

GO and fight bush WAR,and go to jail for 10 years  (Feb 10, 2008 | post #123)

Laredo, TX

Border Tightening Slows Holiday Business

i have a passport,and i get detain every time,every sense 9-11  (Dec 9, 2007 | post #3)

Laredo, TX

moving to Laredo

you are Safe long as you dont, buy OR sell Drugs,  (Dec 9, 2007 | post #3)

Elgin, TX

Rodney Reed Supports Calling For A New Trial

New information about Georgetown officer be connected to murder Wednesday's indictment of a Georgetown policeman on rape and kidnapping charges impact a decades-old capital murder case? Sgt. Jimmy Fennell, Jr. Is charged with sexually assaulting a woman at gunpoint last October. Some say the cop's arrest could help set another man free from death row. It was 1996 when 19-year-old Stacey Stites was found strangled on the side of a road in Bastrop. A jury convicted Rodney Reed of murder and sentenced him to death. Supporters have long insisted police have the wrong man behind bars. The appeal seeking a new trial suggests Stites' live-in boyfriend, Jimmy Fennell -- then a Giddings police officer -- was to blame. The motive? The defense claims Fennell was jealous when he found out Stites was having an affair -- with Reed, whose DNA was found on the body. "It's going to have a big impact on him," says Rodney Reed's father, Walter Reed. "And on the justice system." He hopes his son is released soon. And says he isn't surprised by Fennell's arrest. "It's what I had been expecting -- sooner or later," the father told CBS 42's Rebecca Taylor. The arrest has many in Reed's camp optimistic for a new trial. "As everyone familiar with the case knows, Rodney's defense theory has been Jimmy Fennell and not Rodney Reed was involved in the Stacey Stites murder," said death penalty activist Bryan McCann. "I don't feel that they looked into (Fennell) at all," Walter Reed said. No one at the Bastrop County District Attorney's office would comment on the case Wednesday. "We see it as an opportunity to raise discussion in Rodney's case," McCann said. "We're much more interested in proving Rodney's innocence than necessarily proving Jimmy Fennell's guilt about anything." The appeal goes before the court of criminal appeals on Jan. 16. The attorney general's office is prosecuting the appeals case. They, too, declined a request for an on camera interview.  (Dec 9, 2007 | post #9)


Burned, Headless Body Of Sex Offender Found

what  (Nov 11, 2007 | post #138)

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