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Feb 7, 2010

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Get Paid Posting ON My Forum : Need A Paid Moderator As Well

Hey [url=http://obasim]M y New Forum[/url] is getting to four months by 2mao having about 100,000~ alexa Rank , 3.0 Google pagerank and 76,000 page view (stat from when google analytics was activated). I am currently having $300 in my adword account and need to start campaign by the end of this month. 1. I need good tech persons who can create "pragmatic individual tutorials" on mechanical devices & appliances like , sawing machine , motor cycle, bicycle , cars, grinding machine, heavy duties & equipment machine ,generator etc. eg. how to replace your car tire without calling a mechanic, How to reduce smoke on your generator, how to replace your car radiator without calling a mechanic, how to replace bolt & nut on your bicycle & vehicle without the support of a mechanic , Tools you surly need to be a good engineer or mechanic etc. => the board to post this is [url=http://obasim chanical-appliance s/]mechanical appliances board [/url] 2.A superb macbook (laptop) & smart phones geek who can "create pragmatic, pictorized, extremely precise and heart motivating tutorial" on how to repair laptop & smart phones motherboard (board) component . eg , macbook pro, windows based laptop motherboard , iphone, blackberry (though dead) , tablets , android devices etc. 3. A paid moderator who has good and comprehensive knowledge on [quote]web designing etc => webmaster & web developer Computer hardware & phone hardware / repairs Electrical , electronic & mechanical appliances tech Journalism Devices, drivers , Modem etc[/quote] Mode of application ==> Just Create One Demystified Tutorial to showcase your personality then forward the 1. link to your tutorial 2. Amount You want to collect 3.Do you want to be paid per post , per week, per month or per 10 definite tutorial 4. Do you wanna get paid by Recharge Card , Liberty Reserve or Bank Transfer Use this [url=http://obasim dex.php?action=con tact]contact page[/url] to forward your quest. N/B moderator quest should include all the fields you are very good at  (Oct 5, 2012 | post #1)

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