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Jul 10, 2013

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Orlando, FL

Why do Jews kill arab children???????

In your consideration of what is occurring between Israel & the rest of the Arab neighbors, you are not seeing the TRUTH. The reason children are being pulled out is because the Arabs care less about life. They place their children in danger as sacrifices to their make-believe god as they did long ago. They make it appear that they're being attacked when in reality, all these people want this sliver of land in the Mid East when there's so much more land where they come from. They simply hate the nation of Israel. The Palestinians are not, for they came from Syria & call themselves according to the known location of that area. They all need to leave the Jew's alone for that's their land. Over and out.  (Jul 10, 2013 | post #2)

Orlando, FL

Killer George Zimmerman Should Be Executed

From the evidence presented, Trayvon's behavorial past has been hidden from the jury; the court being more than fair. The judge leans more toward's the prosecutors & a previous prosecutor's witness was visibly biased where she should've only stated facts. Nowhere do I see George Z being a racist, being he's both Jewish/Hispanic. If you place yourself under a strong young man who has knocked you down & your head's being hit against a cement edge, you'd do all you can to protect yourself. Unfortunately for Trayvon, he attacked a person who happen to have a gun. The 17 yr old, 6 ' plus kid that was kicked out of school for robbery, drug use & ill behavior at school was already headed for trouble. Too bad his parent's divorce affected his outlook on life. He came to Sanford during one of his temper tantrums from Miami. Due to his behavior his parents suffered & within their hearts they knew sooner or later, he could die tragically. He did. That's my perspective.  (Jul 10, 2013 | post #27)