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Mar 4, 2011

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My son's father claimed our son on taxes........

My son's father and I were never married. I had a child with him almost 3 years ago. I have claimed him every year since we had split about 2 years ago. I did my own taxes via the internet about one week into January. I already received the funds probably over a month ago. Yesterday, he tells me he owes 1100 in back support and it will be deducted from his tax refund. This makes me feel guilty (why, I don't know, possibly because he lives a horrible life but that is his own doing) and ask him wow, do you need anything? He says no, I'm getting my taxes back, I claimed our son this year. Uhhhh.... what?? I already claimed him... and received my funds. "Well I filed them about a month ago and HRBlock didn't say anything." What the Hell is going on? He isn't in school, he is a line cook at a restaurant and lives with 3 room mates. I am a single mother, I attend school full time and am majoring in Computer Science. I have a hell of a time just trying to get to school, pay for day care, etc. I NEED this money to survive just so I can work as few days as possible in order to maintain a 3.8. The money sits, saved in various accounts and a brokerage. I know if he had it it all would be blown on booze and ugly sneakers and tattoos My question is what will happen? I talked to HRBlock and they said I should have nothing to worry about being that I already received my funds and filed before him. He says more than likely his tax refund will just be rejected. Is this true? Will I be audited and penalized as well???? Do I call the IRS and report this?  (Mar 4, 2011 | post #1)