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Aug 12, 2011

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Kansas City, MO

Iowa GOP Debate - Kansas City, MO

I wonder if you still feel that way? I still completely disagree; and now more than ever. Only Ron Paul can beat Obama. The GOP is now discussing dumping Romney, who can't seem to get the landslide they expected given his huge bankster backing. They are thinking of bringing in someone else, but don't say who and still completely ignore Ron Paul. Obama has the same bankster backing, plus incumbency. The GOP will LOSE if they pick Romney and they know it. But they would rather suicide the election than nominate Ron Paul, who will not continue their funny money gravy train if he can help it. He will not support the funding of the military-industria l complex which is most lucrative for this status quo. They are better off with Obama winning again, since they are all fighting over scraps from the Fed Reserve's table anyway-- they'd rather keep doing that than get Ron Paul in charge and stop it all. We the People are choosing delegates: that's the way elections are won here, by delegates. RP's campaign is following basically the same procedure Obama did. Where Clinton won pop vote big in many big states, Obama focused on the caucus states, and won the delegates. You can go vote for the delegates. You can even be a delegate too. I am. We will not throw up our hands and bend over for the Fed. status que. Support Romney and the Obama wins, and they all get to keep their gravy and their wars and keep dumping debt and pain on us. Last night in Kansas City, there were 2 parties going on at the same time: # attendance at swanky GOP ballroom banquet: 350 # attendance at RON PAUL rally just down the street: AT LEAST 2000+ ! MO Rep. Paul Curtman skipped out on the GOP banquet to introduce Ron Paul. “Political office is reserved as a position of service, not a position of status,” Curtman said in a statement. “Blind loyalty to political figures has done nothing but expand the size of government, and it creates budget deficits that will take generations to pay off.” All the TV stations left the GOP banquet to cover Ron Paul's event. It was jam packed and the crowd was PUMPED. We chanted "RON PAUL REVOLUTION! GIVE US BACK OUR CONSTITUTION! There was also a long and moving outcry from the sea of ppl: "BRING THEM HOME". A young first time voter squeezed in with me-- she had a copy of Liberty Defined with her. (I had my End the Fed.) Dogs for Paul were in attendance. :) Best Sign: VOTE RON PAUL, GET A FREE COUNTRY  (Feb 19, 2012 | post #91)