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Feb 4, 2013

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Is Ge'ez the original language of mankind?

Ok i haven't posted in a while mainly because of how off topic we get alot. But hopefully I can post without any severe backlash. Ge'ez is an ancient semitic language of the Horn of Africa I think we can all agree on that much. But this arguing back 'n forth between who it belongs to whether Ethiopian or Eritrean makes me really scratch my head. Back then there were no sovreign nations called either Ethiopia or Eritrea as political entities. So for both to argue whose it is is really a pointless arguement. Ge'ez speaking people were scattered across Abyssinia and Axum is where the King resided. Now im sure in presented day eritrea had Ge'ez speakers too and even abroad tigray within present day Ethiopia. From it stemmed the semitic languages of today. Simple as that. We try to over exagerate who it belongs to to have one up on the other, just for bragging rights. How can we agrue this when our ancestors spoke this language that NONE of us speak today. I, as an adare, try to learn it as much as I can solely for the interest of it. I have a dictionary on the Ge'ez language by wolf leslau. So instead of arguing who it belongs to knowing very well it's the ancestral language of amharic, adare, tigre, gurage, tigrigna, and argobba, try to learn the language.  (Sep 12, 2013 | post #221)

Ahmed Gragn was the greatest warrior in east Africa.

Yessir he was  (Sep 12, 2013 | post #340)

Is china buying Africa?

So Eden, what do you believe the solution is? Cancel out every langauge 'n have one national language aswell as cancel out every other religion but one? This is an honest question. What do you propose the solution to be?  (Mar 28, 2013 | post #15)

Harari people and somali people are the same

al-7amdulillaah aman integn, barrakhou akhakhou? I'm not disagreeing with what you said akhi. What I am saying tho is that the bulk majority of Hararis are not ethnically somalis. Most Hararis are those who left Tigray because of christian hostility around 1000 years ago and re-settled in Harar. This is why many Harari elders mistake that the Sahaba came to Harar when they didn't. This is because our ancestors resided in Tigray where the Nejashi was and that is where the Sahaba came to. Then when our forefathers migrated from there to Harar, they taught their children "The Sahaba came to our land" and the kids mistook it for Harar. This is another reason why the Harari language is veeeeery similar to tigrigna. I am just someone who likes to be accurate. 500 years ago, in the Futuhl-Habesha, the author writes that the Harar Kingdom stretched from Zeyla to Shewa, and the Hararis were spread out through those lands. Ofcourse in the midst lived other ethnic groups like the Afar, Somali, and Argobba. I'm just talking about the lineage of most Hararis. But then you have those that are originally somali, others that are originally yemeni, or turkish, or egyptian, or Afar, or other than that. But the Harar culture and history itself and the indigenous population are not ethnically somali. This was the point i was trying to point across. In the end like I always say, tribes, cultures and languages is not what we will be asked about on the Day of Judgment. What we will be asked about is our deeds and how we utilized our time in this dunya. Islam is the only thing that matters. The Muslim ummah has been inflicted with racism and nationalism ever since the Ottoman Empire collapsed. Our enemies infected us with this. So instead of dwelling over race, nationality, or tribalism, we should stick together on the common ground that we are Muslims and slaves of Allaah. Fee Amaanillaah  (Mar 28, 2013 | post #26)

Harari people and somali people are the same

"Noble Gangsta" would you care to share these "facts" with us? Facts are something that has substance like writing from a reputable person such as a historion, or Muslim Scholar, etc. You can't just say "this is fact" and expect ppl to swallow it. Let me present some facts, in the writing of Shihabud-Din Ahmad ibn Abdul-Qadir also known as "Arab Faqih," he relates that the Harar region (or he would also mention it as "Barru Sa3dud-Din" meaning the land of Sa3d ad-Din one of the Walashma Kings)was inhabited by the Harla's (Hararis). When he would address the somali region, he would address it as "the land of the somalis." Like he would say "and the somali cheiften Ahmad Girri approached from the land of the somalis" differentiating between Harar and Somail lands. Another book entitled Fat7 Madinat Harar, written by Shaykh Ya7ha ibn Nasrillaah recounts the coming of Shaykh Abaadir (3Umar ar-Ridaa) along with other scholars, saints, and Muslims from Makkatal-Mukarrama h (in total were 405 people) and how he established the city of Harar. He finds that the indigenous people of the Harar region were the Harla and the Gaturi (two tribe names back then for the Hararis). None the less, somalis were in close proximity to Harar, but the region itself has always been home to the Hararis.  (Mar 27, 2013 | post #21)

Harari people and somali people are the same

Dear "Ancient Prince" it is true that the British gave ogaden to Ethiopia. But Harar is abot 15-20 km from ogaden. Harar, prior to 1887, was an independant City-State, with its own Amir and government. You must also remember that traditionally somali's are nomadic people. There was never an entity or a sovreign state called "Somalia " prior to colonization. So to say that "Harar was part of somalia" you would be insinuating that Somalia was a sovereign state that incorporated Harar in its realm. But that's not the case. But if you're talking about 500 years ago, there was a multi-ethnic society called Adal where Harar was its capitol. In those days, the Hararis (back then known as Harlas or Malasay or Gaturi) were far more populated than they are today. There are a few factors why their population decreased. When the oromos invated Harar during the late 1500's, they assimilated a lot of the people. So today's Oromo's taht surround Harar city are a mixture of Harar and Oromo, but have retained the Oromo tongue. Others fled to where the somalis were, and became somalis. Others stayed in the region their campaign against the christians took place, like the Silte's. They settled in the Gurage region. To my brother "The Real Harari" there are some Hararis who are originally somalis, i have a few friends like that, but the bulk majority of them are not somali or originally somali, or ethnically somali. If all the hararis were ethnically somali, then our langauge would be more similar to somali. But it's more similar to Argobba, Silte, Amharic and especially Tigrigna. It's only because of it being a semitically based language. Either way, all of this is irrelavent. Somali's are our brothers in Islam, and historically have been our greatest allies. Northern somalia was apart of the Adal sultanate in the glorious days, so by that definition Harar is also rightfully claimed by somalis as it was their capitol back then as well. Fee Amaanillaah  (Mar 26, 2013 | post #19)

Harari people and somali people are the same

Actually ino jabarti, i have a lot of sheekhaal friends, and they tell me they left Harar quite sometime ago and settled with somalis and became somali.  (Mar 23, 2013 | post #13)

The real difference between Ethiopian and Somali?

Dang, didn't kno so many ppl hated Hararis.  (Mar 23, 2013 | post #603)

The extinct Harla ethnic group

Hey Khalid, i see a resemblence with a lot of certain words and pronounciation but i'm not a linguist to say how close it is. Check out the "Words of life SILTE people/Language " on youtube to hear the silte language being spoken. When I first heard it, it sent shivers down my spine to see how similar it was to Adare language. They also have one called "Words of life Adare people/langauge " but it's made by christian missionaries. The guy speaking in adare is pretty good, but can tell he's not a genuine Harari.  (Mar 16, 2013 | post #39)

Habesha = Turks not Arabic

Saddest thing I ever seen in my life that disgust the sh*t out of me is Muslims lookin down on Muslims. Disgraceful! This was the greatest, most single disease that has struck the Ummah, which is nationalism which breeds racism. I look down on people who look down on someone simply because of their race or ethnicity! 7asbunallaahu wa ni3mal-wakeel, wa laa 7awla wa laa quwwata illa billaah!!!  (Mar 16, 2013 | post #18)

The extinct Harla ethnic group

I honestly couldn't tell you Alex.  (Mar 16, 2013 | post #35)

The extinct Harla ethnic group

Brother argobba, amhara wasn't the only enemy of argobba, especially in the time period of Imam A7mad Gragn. The argobba were existent in that time, but were literally only mentioned once in the Futu7 al-7abesha as a region.  (Mar 16, 2013 | post #33)

The extinct Harla ethnic group

Actually Alex, what i wrote was, there were 405 Arabs that came from Makkah, led by Shaykh Abadir 3Umar ar-Ridaa and when they arrived at Harar, found that the indigenous people were the Harla and the Gatur. The last time that the Harla's were ever mentioned by name I believe was in writing that dates back to 1556. Who are the indigenous people of Harar today? The Harari (Adare) so what I personally believe were that the Harla were a semitic speaking people who were the ancestors of the Adare, and Silti since they narate that they left Harar during the campaign of Imam A7mad and stayed in the Gurage region. As far as the argobba are concerened, as Harla name I don't think they categorise at that, but were Argobba as a different tribe but the same race. The clip that kalideza put up about Korome, they are speaking Hadare. Hararis went there to visit them and see how they can work together and to find out info about them and their history. I wouldn't say the Harla are extinct either. They are found in Harar, most of them have been assimilated by the surrounding Oromo, but the few remanents have survived within the walls of Harar. This is why you find a semitic tongue, in a pocket of a predomenantly cushitic surrounding. But as an oral tradition, my elders told me that they heard from their elders, 'n so on that we were known as Harla, but once the wall was established in the city of Harar the Harla and Gatur re-established themselves as Harari to eliminate tribal fueds. Selam  (Mar 16, 2013 | post #32)

Why do Gurages migrate to south(central)?

You're right curious. Back to the topic, there seems to be no written document that indicates that gurages have migrated from tigray but it is assumed because the lanuage is a semitic based language and as a result, an offshoot of Ge'ez. This is the reason for the assumption since the headquarters of Abyssinian kingdom was Aksum, Tigray where Ge'ez was the official language.  (Mar 11, 2013 | post #77)