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Jul 27, 2011

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Charges upgraded in strip club shooting

listen here Ash and Top Dog I am a dancer myself I am young,disease free and the worst thing I do is smoke weed and drink at work just because there are dancers that act like sluts doesn't mean you have to group us all together I don't sllep with anyone besides my man so therefore I don't need or want a pimp and its not dangerous to go to a strip club and most people that go to strip clubs actually go to have a converstion with a beautiful lady because they're lonely and would like to have some companionship the only pathetic people that I'm seeing are the two of you and you're humiliating yourself just by the way you talk...I'm not involved in all the drugs you talk of and the only thing I do is dance and have conversations take it from someone who actually is in the business not your own biased opinions besides most dancers are moms trying to support their kids because it is a great paying job and does pay the bills and puts food on the table so both of you need to shut the fuck up don't hate dancers because you can't get laid and are more than likely pissed cuz a dancer turned you down which with your attitude I don't blame her  (Jul 27, 2011 | post #7)