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Jul 28, 2012

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The Fourth Kind

Film fakery

Whoa, whoa. Enough with the whole "reasons for invasion" theories. The movie is not really about that. The movie was, in my mind, an eye opener that looked at many real-life tapes that I really hope were not edited. Not to forget the scenes of paranormal "possession " where Dr. Tyler starts to speak Sumerian and then break her own neck. I really dont think that was something to do with Alcohol. The only thing in the movie which puts me off is the UF-freaking-O. Looking at the background, you see behind the Tyler residence mountains and trees. Looking at the Nome, Alaska area on Google Maps, it is clear that there is no area where mountains or even a cluster of trees are shown. It is surely fake to me. Oh yeah, when that one guy was levitating? That was either fake or... fake. How can something spontaneously levitate if put under hypnosis? Besides all these points, it really would be stupid of all of us if we simply threw the idea of aliens out the window. Look at the planet, all the stars it shares with billions more planets. They may hold life. They may have life that is more developed than ours. For all we know, they could have developed technology that allows them to reach us. Just because we aren´t there yet does not mean no one else is. Think of how the Native Americans felt when Spanish colonists arrived with "sticks that could banged and could stop any animal" as I have read. They must have found all the technology unreal and impossible. Its the exact same for us, so don´t say that "no one has the tech to reach our planet from light years away". I honestly believe that Aliens exist, and that they could be closer than we think. But it would be stupid to believe that everyone agreed, right? Thats the point of forums, sharing and excepting opinions. Hopefully you´ll except this one too. -Polo  (Jul 28, 2012 | post #5)

The Fourth Kind

The Fourth Kind

Correct. The movie was filmed in Bulgaria. But that was because they needed a landscape that was more interesting than Nome, Alaska - Pretty much a flat out town with no trees.  (Jul 28, 2012 | post #27)

The Fourth Kind

These 'Fourth Kind' aliens don't come close

I have to agree with you there. It´s a movie, it´s entertainment. Nevertheless, it does show some pretty disturbing footage of the hypnosis and not to forget the UFO that I have to say still gives me goosebumps thinking about. One thing that they do say in the movie and is also analyzed by the numerous audio tapes in the movie (They are all real and are hopefully unedited) is the millenium-year-old language called Sumerian. This language outdates Hieroglyphs (Ancient Egypt) and in the tapes you hear voices that apparently are speaking this language. In the final hypnosis scene, it was so interesting that I really could not believe what I was seeing. A real person was almost "possessed " by this voice that in Sumerian spoke of "creations " and "superiors ". The visual and audio quality in all of the hypnosis/abduction scenes are all incredibly poor; however you can get a very clear glimpse on what the f*ck is going on. The real-life footage does not look like it was acted and I havent been more afraid in my life after watching it and thinking it over. One thing which really got me was what was translated in the final words of the last hypnosis: "I AM... GOD" I mean, are they trying to freak us out? Yes, its a movie. But what they are covering, all this footage is so harrowing to think that people really are being abducted. Research says that Nome, Alaska is a town full of drunks and alcoholics that would explain the missing people. However the people that have been hypnotized and then have absolute massive breakdowns are unexplainable. The UFO scene did not win me over as you could see in the background there were many mountains and trees. However when you look at the terrain of Nome, it is all flat with virtually no masses of trees at all. Looked to be fake to me. The director of the film obviously cared a lot for the privacy of the real-life cast and their names have either been redacted or replaced. I have to give a big box of kudos for making such an interesting film that completely blew my mind.  (Jul 28, 2012 | post #12)