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Dec 24, 2010

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Utica, NY

Clayton Whittemore is an innocent man!

Oh, you heard this on the news, right? Does it mean it is accurate? We will see, funny how we couldn't see the arraignment on TV. I think people are just anxious to point the finger. I am a person of speculation and I think maybe their was more than one person involved. I like to know how come the forensics weren't on this case? And why was she buried so quickly without thorough check points being evaluated? How do we know a family member didn't do it? Do you ever watch Lifetime?  (Oct 5, 2012 | post #134)

Utica, NY

Clayton Whittemore is an innocent man!

I think honestly everyone needs to realize a few things. First, yes she passed on and I hope she is in a better place. Secondly, we are all still living and need to realize we need to find the killer. End of story. If Clayton Whittmore DID NOT commit this crime, then that only means one thing...The killer is still out there in the college roaming around looking for his or her next bait. The idea that another person can take a life over jealousy is sickening. People are murdering others over college success and having a car and popularity...disgu sting. To know her head was bashed in, is barbaric. I thought only things like this happened in the ghettoes and poverty. But no, it happened at Suny Brokport. So the question remains, Did he do it? Are we certain? Did they have a violent past together? Focus on those things if you want an answer. Look into their history, was he controlling of her whereabouts? most people who are in a Domestic Violence relationship have some subtle clues. And events that lead up to a woman's death. I see some subject to the roommate being a suspect? Report this to the Detectives don't harbor on it...Think about it for a second...if this were your sister who was murdered you would want justice. So, go to the station and give them your ideas and then they'll determine if he is guilty or not.  (Oct 5, 2012 | post #132)

Who is better looking? Italian Women or French Women?

http://img.poptowe nee-graziano-mob-w ives.jpg?d=600 If you think that is attractive you need to get your eyes checked. MOST italian women have similar grotesque facial features.  (Mar 29, 2012 | post #72)

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Most blacks are uncivilized after all these years.

If you have noticed, most of the comments that disagree with what you're saying is only because they cannot handle the truth. Look at Africa, they had plenty of opportunities to survive and use their resources for trade. Instead they are barbaric and living like animals. It leads me to speculate the possibility that we are mixed with another form of being. I am also biracial, I have been tested I have 85% european ancestry. So that leaves me with a small percentage of "African " DNA and so that may explain my impulsiveness and lashing out barbarically sometimes in my home and makes me nervous and confused. mixing of the race is complicated because it leads to confusion. Anyway, overall I am civilized and prefer to associate myself among the white class. Only because when in public I don't makes scenes and act irrational. Also, have you ever noticed the "smell" they have? I do! I am very very clean, and light skin look very much my mother and do not EVER let a black ghetto person into your home. It is senile and bonkers. I have let some black women into my home and both stole from me and one spoke of how her boyfriend robs people on a daily basis. So that was the end for me.  (Mar 29, 2012 | post #488)

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why most white american women are so stuck up??

you are so right and most arabic men love white women  (Mar 17, 2012 | post #401)

Rochester, NY

Why do the Middle Eastern people in Rochester feel they'r...

I recently posted in here about meeting up with an Egyptian. It didn't turn out well, he felt like he was better than myself because I spoke fast and with confidence. He told a white female that he thought I was a Gorilla because I am a light tan color. I find it odd because I'm not middle eastern. I am American, I pay taxes and have my own place, not he thinks he is better than me because he lives with his parents in greece, NY at the age of 26 while I have my own Apartment. I don't rely on my folks to take care of me. My question is this, what makes him think he is better than me? When I wrote him emails he ignored me. And actually forwarded my emails to his sister and brother in Buffalo NY. He spends all his time with his family. It's like he doesn't go anywhere without them. I'm wondering how common is it for people to do this? I ride solo. I don't do the whole wolf pack scenario. check out his page...right now he is hiding his face which may be permanent considering he is ignoring me at the moment. gyptianwiseman  (Mar 7, 2012 | post #1)

Rochester, NY

Why are Middle eastern men in Rochester, NY so racist?

So I am making a mistake by even thinking this man is going to be interested in me. In his mind, I am just another female for him to have sex with. It is so weird how they're racist towards blacks and other brown skin when they're brown skinned. If they do not like people of color they should mix with other race. I don't get how this is to be true. I think I learned my lesson and will not be pursuing this guy ever again.  (Mar 7, 2012 | post #11)

Who is better looking? Italian Women or French Women?

ech  (Mar 5, 2012 | post #68)

Rochester, NY

I hate

Rochester Ny now has 207,140 living in its area. Due to the lack of jobs. Rochester is dying off.  (Jan 11, 2011 | post #5)