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Jan 2, 2013

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Elkins, WV

In state petition to support the second amendment.

Chubby, You might want to try posting to some other towns here in WV. Not sure why but most all of my posts are not showing up where I posted them. Not sure why. When I log in I can see them but they are only private. They are not shown publicly. I'm unable to find where to make them public. I've posted to Huntington, Philippi, Grafton, Charles Town, Berkeley Springs, Romney, Keyser, Moorefield, Petersburg, Lewisburg, Ravenswood, St. Marys, New Martinsville, Spencer, Fairmont, Morgantown, Clarksburg, Wheeling, Charleston and Buckhannon. I would not think posting to all these towns would be an issue since I see a topic about the Governors race in 2010 posted to all of these locations.  (Jan 30, 2013 | post #2)

Huntington, WV

Would gun ban lead to civil war?

You need to get up to speed with what other states are doing. Might try reading the US Constitution instead of watching Honey Boo Boo.  (Jan 30, 2013 | post #377)

Weston, WV

West Virginia Pushes Back With 2nd Amendment Protection Act

I guess you can't read such as the US Constitution  (Jan 30, 2013 | post #3)