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Feb 6, 2013

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Salahuddin was a great man! I am an American who has studied his ways, strategy, and history. I spelled his name wrong in a post that I titled. " Civility and Humanity over Israel All day Long" I choose no religion over the next. I choose right over wrong. and so did this Sultan.  (Feb 6, 2013 | post #825)

Fort Worth, TX

Civility and HUMANITY!! over Israel All Day Long!!

I don't know whats got me riled up about this state. Actually I do know- I am not a Anti-Semitic and I'll address that fraudulent word in a second. I do not hate Jewish People as if I needed to qualify that but it seems that these days you actually have to. Or some ADL Post will put you on their list. Quite frankly you can shove that list where the sun don't shine. I love a quote from the movie "Kingdom of Heaven" with Orlando Bloom when he asked Salahadin what was Juraselem worth! Salahadin said briskly " Nothing" and then replied again " Everything". A compromised value approach to the holy lands that more than one people consider to be holy to them. Although its just a movie it was based on actual holy war events. Salahadin was the Sultan that respected Christians and their religion and when he captured Juraselem he facilitated christian existence. It has been bloody on both sides and this post is not to cheerlead for those that seek to destroy Isreael only to point out that when " ISRAEL' is "WRONG" THEY ARE WRONG! I will not be intimidate, scared, or ashamed to expose what many Americans already know. Apartheid wasn't ended when Mandel took South Africa- it has continued with Israel and its unlawful taking of land that does not belong to them. I'm sorry Goldstein a little birdy told me that if you where GOD's people. You would do his will and adhere to his ways. The scripture says BLESSED are the peacemakers for they shall be called the children of God! Oh I forgot...You all probably don't read scripture. Sorry my soul is not for sale. Zionist aint even got enough money to buy it. Stop attacking aid ships!! Consider the civilian and bystander population when trying out your latest weaponry and respect human life. What profit humankind to save Isreal and loose the rest of the world and vice versa. Too heavy of cost has been paid here for the neverending war in the holyland but we can't be scaffoled to truth. The world does not need another World War but history has taught us of the connection between vunerable economies and what leads them to war. Conservative extremist Can't pay the simple bills that we have here in our country like Medicare but see no problems paying for costly occupations! They laugh at the notion of paying reparations to the still disproportinate earners of Blacks in the country but don't mind writing Israel huge checks to create systems such as the "Iron Dome". The HYPOCRACY must stop and Isreal must earn respect to recieve it. If their actions persist then we can't reasonable expect their enemies to lay down their arms. I will also qualify that statement by saying I do not condone terrorism when it is indeed terrorism but we have become highly inaccurate in America in determining the difference between terrorism and groups fighting for freedom and liberation. What makes a group a terrorist organization? Unmatching uniforms? The lack of military hiearchal structure in developed countries? The fact that they subscribe to Islam?. And the reason why I make those depictions is because there are groups in this country right now that do more pilaging and plundering than the groups we regulary flag as terroist and they have not earned their proper titles (TERRORIST)  (Feb 6, 2013 | post #1)

Fort Worth, TX

Texas needs a Truck Size Speed Limit Law!!

The most dangerous threat on our Texas roads right now are semi-Trucks (Diesel) and Pick-up trucks. I'm sick of nearly getting plowed to death by these individuals, and they are usually aggressive because they assume that a bigger vehicle will prevail in the event of an accident. Well we know this to be not so true because every morning on the channel 4 news I see a story of another flipped truck on just about every major highway in Texas and they flip at a much higher rate than smaller cars. Lets talk about the environmental destruction caused by these trucks. They burn an adnormal amout of fuel and let out out a high percentage of the carbon dioxide emissions in the air. I mean when I see these trucks I often ask myself. " Okay that guy hasnt been on a farm all day or a ranch but hes happily roaring through the highways in a truck that size. tail-gating too close to other vehicles, often breaking the speed limit- swerving in and out of lanes for no apparent reason, and making it safe. We get it......It's suppose to look tough or whatever. No actually there are families taking their kids to school and would like to make it safely to their locations. I noticed that Police don't mind being distracted by decorative cars playing music too loud but I don't see enough of these 4X4 wannabe Monster truck drivers pulled over. THEY SHOULD HAVE A CAP SPEED OF 60 MILES PER HOUR. It seems like you drive one of these vehicles and are in a terrible hurry, perhaps you should take the car. In the event of a crash. You kill yourself too and not just the innocent car in front of you! Oh this is a real post! AND REAL LEGISLATION that needs to be pushed.  (Feb 6, 2013 | post #1)