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Jun 1, 2007


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Supreme Court: Was gay marriage settled in 1972 case?

Well, if you define the redness of the paper as the sum total of all photons reflecting off with wavelengths of the value for the specific shade of red you wish, then a smaller piece of paper is indeed less red that a larger piece of paper.  (Thursday Aug 28 | post #489)


Take America Back

Stupid much? Under the 1st Amendment, you are and always will be free to decide who does and does not receive any religious ceremonies you wish to perform. The ONLY thing that the law is doing is recognizing that all people in this country have equal rights, and that includes the gays. As a minister, a person can pick and choose. A business however, MUST operate within the law, and the law forbids discrimination. Then too, the Go0d of the Bible does not forbid gay marriage. That is just YOUR invention. The Bible never calls homosexuality a sin; in fact, the Bible CELEBRATES the same sex marriage of David and Johnathan in 1 Samuel.  (Wednesday Aug 27 | post #998)


Take America Back

Funny thing, how all those so very xian laws are being struck down as violating the Constitution written by those Founding Fathers. One would almost have to think that the Founding Fathers deliberately set this country up as a secular nation. Of course, the numerous references to God and the Bible throughout the U.S. Constitution prove what they really intended...  (Wednesday Aug 27 | post #997)


Take America Back

But that is just the law of the land. That doesn't mean that people have to follow his particular interpretation of the religion of xianity. They just have to obey the laws which would be based on his version of xianity. See the difference?  (Wednesday Aug 27 | post #996)


Take America Back

LOL! Once again, thanks for the laugh! James preached Judaism, just like Jesus taught.  (Wednesday Aug 27 | post #994)

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Why Iím no longer a Christian

Minor point, but that would actually mean that the God of the Bible is a war with Himself...  (Wednesday Aug 27 | post #469585)


Women's bodies not considered their own

In the news today, an imam announced Muslim man to spy on a woman in the shower IF he intends to marry her...  (Monday Aug 25 | post #4)


Take America Back

And the Jews know their Bible so well, that over the centuries most of them would rather die than convert to xianity  (Monday Aug 25 | post #919)

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