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Jun 1, 2007


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By 2024, The Democrats Will Be An Atheist Party

QUOTE]Sure, we occasionally see a few liberal evangelicals get trotted out by the mainstream media to tut-tut believers who actually believe in something more than free money for the lazy. Their ideology is just socialism with a thin veneer of Jesus. And itís a Jesus who appears nowhere in the Bible, a gutless hippie who runs from fights and thinks that the Gospel requires you to keep fishing while giving away your catch to the dude kicking back on the beach because he doesnít feel like casting his own net. [/QUOTE] Apparently, the writer of the piece feels that anyone who looses the ability to work should be allowed to starve, just like Jesus would have done.  (Wednesday Apr 16 | post #5)


By 2024, The Democrats Will Be An Atheist Party

And the Republican party will be found only in the history books...  (Wednesday Apr 16 | post #4)


God created satan.

Fifth of myriadHmmm... Genesis 1: Day one: create day and night. Day two: create a firmament to divide the waters below from the waters above. The firmament is called "Heaven" Day three: gather the waters below so that dry land can appear; grass,plants, herbs & trees appear. Day four: the Sun, the Moon and stars are made, the stars are hung on the firmament and the Moon gives off light, not just reflects the Sun's light. Oops. Day five: create the animals and all living things that move in the waters. Day six: create the land animals, see that it is good, and then create humans "in OUR own image"... Pretty straight forward, albeit not physically possible for it to have happened in that order. Genesis 2: Collapses all of creation down into one day. Plants exist (as seeds underground), but no animals or humans, then, Adam is formed, and then, Garden of Eden formed, every tree brought forth from the ground as a magic act for Adam's pleasure, and then, after all of that, God figures out that man needs a companion, so that God starts creating all of the animals (advocating bestiality??!!??) and asks Adam to give them names, and after all of that, God creates Eve. They can't both be right. Could it just be a minor problem with translation? I don't see how. The chapters were written in a certain order, verse 1 before verse 2, etc, etc, etc. I suppose that a later editor could have changed the documents around, but that raises the question of whether or not that editor changed any of the text itself, not just the sequence.  (Wednesday Apr 16 | post #2080)


God created satan.

Forth of myriadCould you elaborate on these finds? I could agree that there were a few places where the ancients managed to surprise us, but to the point that they are beyond modern understanding? I am skeptical. Sure, the pyramids or standing stones like Stonehenge would have been incredibly difficult, but not to the point of being inconceivable.  (Wednesday Apr 16 | post #2079)


God created satan.

Third of myriadAlas, we have a huge backlog of kung fu movies to get through first. Research...  (Wednesday Apr 16 | post #2078)


God created satan.

The second of myriad partsBut it does not require the belief in any God or religious system to understand that adultery is bad for a committed relationship. Expression of hatred? Please expand upon that concept.  (Wednesday Apr 16 | post #2077)


God created satan.

Replies fractured into myriad partsThe problem is that once you start to take anything as non-literal, the question becomes: where do you stop? It is obvious that the creation myths of Genesis, the flood myth, the mention of the firmament, all of these things cannot be taken as literal truths. I have said may times before, that myths teach without necessarily being literal truths. But what about the Exodus? Archaeology shows that it never happened, but what does that do to the resent celebration of Passover? The Bible says that Passover is to be kept as a feast for ever, in remembrance of an event that never occurred. With the Exodus never happening, what does that do to the claims of how the 10 Commandments were handed down? The rest of the Laws of Moses? The validity of the prophets is based squarely on the truth of the Torah. If the Torah is not the truth, how can the words of the prophets be trusted? ~~~~ **** ~~~~ Oh, and as much as I would like to, I can't do a good Sean Connery impersonation... :(  (Wednesday Apr 16 | post #2076)

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