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Jul 19, 2009

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Milton, FL

Federal Judge Rules Okeechobee, FL Students Can Form Gay-...

Sure it will. Give me one situation that it will besides the military.  (Aug 21, 2009 | post #14)

Gay Pride parade in Israel

Well you don't have to be a Jew in that sense to be chosen. Abraham Noah and whoever else who were chosen in past history just so happened to be Jews. My ex-boyfriend tells me all the time I'm an angel sent from god, that alot of what I do, goth fight with people online or whatever is just the devil tempting me to go against god. Well whatever the main words from his lips are that I'm an angel/saint sent from god. And my ex can read people like a book and it never seems to fail on his accuracy. So I believe him on 99% of what he says. Anyway I' done fighting with you. Just if I'm a chosen person to carry god's work out then I'm not a Jew so therefor the whole chosen people thing is kinda inaccurate. I don't know if I am or not but just saying.  (Aug 21, 2009 | post #140)

Milton, FL

Federal Judge Rules Okeechobee, FL Students Can Form Gay-...

I don't know what the hell fulcrum means but if it means my turmoil then no they are not my turmoil. As far as blacking out goes, hun I have not seriously blacked out to the point where I don't remember anything I say or do and have no control over anything since 2nd grade when I stomped this boy in the ground. I only know about what happened because my mother told me. So on a non-black out basis I don't think I'm capable of much but if I ever get to that point again I don't know if it'd be me or the other person that gets hurt. And I never wish to find out.  (Aug 21, 2009 | post #12)

Gay Pride parade in Israel

I said something about my bisexuality. I did not choose to be bisexual though it is the latest fad going around. I'm bisexual by the way god made me.  (Aug 20, 2009 | post #132)

Gay Pride parade in Israel

Brett LGBT people have a right to be out and proud so don't be hating.  (Aug 20, 2009 | post #128)

Milton, FL

Pace principal, athletic director face criminal charges f...

I personally see nothing wrong here. I agree with those who say prayer does not belong in schools. That is what churches and holy places are for. Schools are not a holy place for anything except learning the academic ciriculam. If I want a sermon I go to church and hear it. When I have kids they will not go to a school that does this. But every Sunday they will get up get dressed and go to church with me.  (Aug 20, 2009 | post #5)

Milton, FL

Criminal charges in Pace prayer suit

Yeah I give religious advice because I've decided for my own self to question religion and think about god for my own self and not go with what people tell me. I thought about god being a loving father. I've thought about people saying he's damned us to hell for whatever. And I've also thought about god making us equal children in Christ. Personally with doing this and realizing the true nature of god our father I can say whatever I want about my opinions because what all religion has to say about certain things is nothing but a hock of bologna that mankind has made up to go alone with the main laws of god. And alot of it doesn't make a sense about how god is. Gosh I'm tired as hell from having mono so naturally whatever I'm thinking is not being expressed very well as I'd like it to be so please do me a favor and try and pick out what I'm trying to say and not be rude to me. If you got to be rude I'd suggest you keep it to yourself.  (Aug 20, 2009 | post #25)

Milton, FL

Federal Judge Rules Okeechobee, FL Students Can Form Gay-...

And what do I do to make money is no concern of ytours. I'm a 19 yr old person. I'm just starting out in this world you ignorant person. Now when I do go to college by the way I'm not gay I'm freaking bisexual wich has nothing to do with having both genitals, anyway when I go to college I'm not going for the typical stuff like your damn business or whatever. I'd be going into psychology and be getting a masters in that so I can help give therapy to transgender persons. I'd also go for a bachelors in music production. And I'd also get myself a minor in graphic design. While in college I'd learn how to play guitar better than what I can now and start a local heavy metal or hard rock band and make some money on the side doing shows with that. And I'm a loser? I got more freaking goals than your punk self even has. Sure you did military but so did my father. Personally military is not for me but congrats for putting your life on the line I appreciate you doing so. You might have studied in 3 countries. don't be calling a 19 yr old person a damn loser because I've not lived enough to pay my dues to society. But I guarantee you one thing I will have a masters in psychology a bachelors in music production and a minor in graphic design. Personally studying in other countries ain't for me. I'd rather stay here in America and study. I'm right now studying espanol so I can be multi lingual or however it is said. I'm also learnign guitar the hard way by teaching myself. So far I can play a few chords from metallica's songs Enter Sandman and some from a song of their new album called Death Magnetic track 8 The Judas Kiss. Also I plan on taking singing lessons as well. Anyway I should not have to epxlain myself to some random person online. I know I'm smart and got a damn life so what you say don't bug me. but if you are really hung up on it hows about I take you to dinner sometime and we can discuss it. If you then have a problem with me I can give you some hugs. And if then you have a problem I'll just take it back.  (Aug 20, 2009 | post #10)

Milton, FL

Federal Judge Rules Okeechobee, FL Students Can Form Gay-...

Look here you ignorant piece of slime. I have hatred for those people because of how the hell they treated me. I might have both but god made me with both sets of genitalia for a reason. What that reason is I do not know. All I know is that people like you fuel my hatred for mankind. It is you who make me wish I was not a kind and gentle person, but a psycho killer out to kill every single person who treats others like crap based on the fact that they are different from the person's perspectives about gender and sexual orientation or anything else that the person is not willing to get educated on. My bestifriend who is hott as hell and is a transsexual who lives in Milton florida got shot by a cop for being that way. Now if she had have died he would get charged for murder. Now if you got the balls to degrade me here on a topix forum then fine I'll let you come up here to Maryland and give it to me face to face and hopefully have me blackout and kick your sorry butt into the dirt. I'm dead serious when I say that I've been through more stuff than people can even tolerate. I been through enough to make the nicest person go psycho-killer. But unlike those who fight back I know it is not worth it to fight the ignorant people of this world. I know it is better to work through my own anger and get past all the hatred I have for people like you. And FYI define normal for me because last I checked people are different in one way or the other. And the whole dude/lady thing, I am a woman therefor you better watch your damn tone with me. And it don't matter what you say because a hermaphrodite chooses wich gender they live as based on wich gender strongly pushes them more. A transsexual person on the other hand like my friend have their spirit and brain be one gender while their body says something else. Yes gender is in the brain not genitals. I think it is time you learn that. Get educated before running your ignorant sounding mouth off.  (Aug 20, 2009 | post #9)

Gay Pride parade in Israel

this type of lifestyle? scuse you. I'm bisexual god made me this way to experience love from a different perspective than a heterosexual person can experience. and from a different perspective than a homosexual person can experience. so sdhut up about stuff you know nothing about before you make yourself look ignorant in front of everyone  (Aug 20, 2009 | post #123)

Gay Pride parade in Israel

rick moss no you are not god's chosen people. I don't care who all says you are. In the end we are all homosapians. We are all made by god and we are all god's children equally made. So don't be telling me you are because I know you're not. Now if god made chosen people I'd know it because I know how humans are. We all backslide and we all sin equally. Some sin more than others but we all sin. That being said God forgive me for what I'm about to tell this boy on this dating site if he is rude to me one more time.  (Aug 20, 2009 | post #122)

Milton, FL

a friend of mine and his buds

hahaha i guess u never saw guys going that stuff before.............oh well idk how to explain it to u  (Aug 19, 2009 | post #2)

Gay Pride parade in Israel

Colin FYI I don't see god as small and pathetic. I see him as a loving caring god. He made us all equal to each other. If the isrealites are these chosen people like everyone says they are then why are they as much of a human being as me and the rest of the damn people of this world? We're all brothers and sisters in Christ. I'm tired of isrealites and everyone else saying they are god's chosen people when they aint no better than anyone else. We're all put on this planet for a reason. And it is not to be better than anyone else. It is to learn what god wants us to learn. He wants us to grow more spiritually. Every walk of life has something to teach us most of us are too ignorant in our ways of thinking to accept that. LGBT people teach us something. That it is ok to be ourselves and who we are. God would want us to do that. To make ourselves happy before the rest of society. God does not want hostility towards other people based on whatever. I don't care what the bible says about LGBT being wrong and being damned to hell but that is how it is. The bible is written by a bunch of men who think they know what god has to say about stuff. When in the end the major laws of god are: respect thy father and thy mother. Thy shalt not commit adultry. Thy shalt not steal from thy neighbors. Judge not let ye be judged yourself. And to love everyone as brothers and sisters in Christ. I'm not perfect and neither are these isrealites. But I try and think about stuff like god's word before I make an assumption like the bible does about LGBT people. I probably for being 19 understand and have more insight to god than most people do. What can I say my boyfriend has told me that I'm a pure blessing from God. I easily forgive people which god says to do. I don't hold a grudge over on people and try to get even. I also do value relationships I have and work on maintaining them with people. And when I realize something I said or did was hurtful or a mistake I own up to it and apologize. Anyone who knows me knows these things about me. So if you want the chosen people of god tell me if they display 75% or all of my traits. If they don't then they are just as human as I am. I backslide on the daily basis sure but at least in the end I can ask god for forgiveness and maintain my relationship with him as his child. I've never conformed to any religious practice because they all have their made up stuff that they think god has to say to us. I go based on the laws that are in place that god made, not ones man thinks he made. Anyway have a nice day. Lexie  (Aug 18, 2009 | post #111)

Gay Pride parade in Israel

Rick Moss, this is the internet people do write sloppy online. My friends do and everyone I run into does as well. I'm sorry you're such a complete idiot. I did not have to buckle down in High School. Wanna know why, because I got my GED which is equivalent to a High School diploma 2 months into the 10th grade. I am smarter than what you give me credit for based on what you read. I have Asperger's Syndrome. Which if you're as stupid as you sound it is a form of autism. I don't really have to type to please you or anyone else on here. I'm only typing like this to prove to you that I can spell right and use proper grammar. You are no better than me or anyone else. Now I need to go do something have a nice day. Lexie  (Aug 18, 2009 | post #109)

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