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The Koyal Group Info Mag Articles: Scientists share disco...

Dozens of University of Hawai‘i at Mānoa (UHM) scientists and student researchers will present new research findings at the 2014 Ocean Sciences Meeting at the Hawai‘i Convention Center on February 24-28. This 17th biennial meeting will be the largest international assembly of oceanographers and other aquatic science researchers and policy makers, with attendance expected to exceed 4,000. For a full list of sessions and presentations, visit: http://www.sgmeet. com/osm2014/. Conference registration is complimentary for members of the news media. A selection of School of Ocean and Earth Science and Technology (SOEST) highlights includes the following: Science Research Sessions and Presentations: Celebrating 25 years of sustained marine observations, scientists working at the open ocean field site Station ALOHA will share biological, chemical and physical oceanography discoveries deriving from Hawai‘i’s own unique ocean science field programs. Station ALOHA was established by the Hawaiʻi Ocean Time-series (HOT) program in 1988, and has been visited on a monthly basis since that time. The emerging data comprise one of the only existing records of decadal-scale ecosystem change in the North Pacific Ocean. "Time series research is more important than ever before; understanding planetary change requires high quality observations and measurements,” said Matthew Church, UHM Oceanography Professor and HOT Program Principle Investigator. “Humans are influencing the oceans in many ways, and measurements made at Station ALOHA are helping us understand and document how ocean ecosystems are responding to these changes." This session includes more than 25 presentations drawing from observations from present day back to 1988, including long-term changes and trends observed in ocean biology, chemistry, and physics. Among the notable topics highlighted in this session include documenting ocean acidification, studies on time-varying changes in biodiversity, and the influence of local and regional climate on ocean ecosystem behavior around Hawai‘i. [See http://koyalgroupi ] Chip Fletcher, UHM Geology Professor and his team will describe their effort to monitor and evaluate beach erosion rates at the Royal Hawaiian Beach in Waikīk ī. One year after a major sand replenishment program, the beach width appears to vary by location and by season, resulting in net erosion in eastern and western portions of beach. In the “Story of Marine Debris from the 2011 Tsunami in Japan,” UHM International Pacific Research Center scientists Jan Hafner and Nikolai Maximenko will present the latest synthesis of modeling and observations over the 3 years tracking the debris. This synthesis [See http://www.yookos. com/people/masters ite/blog/2014/02/2 8/zircon-discovery -offers-clues-to-e arths-formation ]has resulted in understanding the pathways of the drift from the debris. The improved ocean drift model can help locate marine debris, marine animals, and people lost at sea. Other research presentations will focus on ocean acidification, sea-level rise and inundation, and climate change including extreme sea level variability due to El Nino events, among many other topics. Source: http://autumnwyerr s/2014/03/01/22915 842-scientists-sha re-discoveries-at- ocean-sciences-mee ting-on-february-2 4-28  (Mar 2, 2014 | post #1)

Wholesale Koyal Group Discounts and Promo Codes: News

Modern Elegance: All New Chevron and Sequin Table Runners Corona, CA – September 20th, 2013 – Just in time for the busy holiday season, Koyal Wholesale( www.koyalwholesale .com ) announces the brand new launch of its all new Chevron Table Runner and Sequin Table Runner Collections. Inspired by fashion’s latest trends, our Chevron Table Runners and Sequin Table Runners are the newest addition to our growing Table Runner Line. Chevron Table Runners are available in 11 Stylish Colors including: Black Chevron Table Runners, Coral Chevron Table Runners, Diamond Blue Chevron Table Runners, Fuchsia Chevron Table Runners, Gray Chevron Table Runners, Navy Blue Table Runners, Red Chevron Table Runners, Royal Blue Chevron Table Runnerss, Royal Purple Chevron Table Runners, Turquoise Chevron Table Runners, and Yellow Chevron Table Runners. Sequin Table Runners are also available in 13 Ultra Chic Metallic Colors: Gold Sequin Table Runners, Silver Sequin Table Runners, Black Sequin Table Runners, Brown Sequin Table Runners, Charcoal Gray Sequin Table Runners, Diamond Blue Sequin Table Runners, Fuchsia Sequin Table Runners, Lime Green Sequin Table Runners, Pink Sequin Table Runners, Purple Sequin Table Runners, Red Sequin Table Runners, Royal Blue Sequin Table Runners , and Turquoise Sequin Table Runners. Produced from 100% premium quality polyester cotton material, these new table runners are sustainable for rental use and purposes, as well as everyday decorative usage. Chevron Table Runners measure approximately 12” L x 108” H, while the Sequin Table Runners measure approximately 13” L x 108” H, both fitting most standard tables. Set these table runners atop Koyal Wholesale’s selection of table cover cloths and table overlays to complete the look and feel of your event. Get yours today before they run out, as they are quickly selling out! Rose Table Runners, Damask Table Runners (in Organza and Taffetta Styles), Satin Table Runners and more wedding or event merchandise are also available through www.koyalwholesale .com. Source link: http://www.koyalwh ndex.html  (Feb 20, 2014 | post #1)

Osborne in warning over SNP plans for oil fund

http://www.heralds cs/political-news/ osborne-in-warning -over-snp-plans-fo r-oil-fund.2205624 7 the koyal group, Osborne in warning over SNP plans for oil fund ALEX Salmond's hope of ¬establishing a Norwegian-style oil fund in an independent Scotland would result in £12.5 billion of spending cuts or tax rises, George Osborne has warned. The Chancellor, launching the Treasury's fifth analysis paper on independence, also rubbished the First Minister's assertion that there was £1.5 trillion worth of revenues still in the North Sea, noting how the Office for National Statistics valued it at £120bn. Speaking to the Offshore Europe oil and gas conference in Aberdeen, the Chancellor argued Britain's integrated economic union worked well for Scotland. The SNP hit back, saying the UK Government's mismanagement of the oil and gas industry showed it could not be trusted. John Swinney, the Scottish Finance Secretary, claimed the Treasury paper actually showed "there is no doubt Scotland can not only afford to be an independent country but has the means to thrive" after independence. Stressing how oil and gas ¬revenues were the most volatile that existed, Mr Osborne in his speech warned the SNP on overstating its case for independence on black gold. See more articles here: http://koyal-group -tokyo-japan.wikia .com/wiki/Koyal_Gr oup_Tokyo_Japan_Wi ki /boards/threads/vi l-krasje-kinas-%C3 %B8konomi-%E2%94%8 2-the-koyal-group- economic-crisis-wa rning.453234999/  (Sep 4, 2013 | post #1)

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Japan planer å løfte økonomien ved å få nye moms tilbake ...

Godt poeng, men hva økonomisk vekst, føler du deg den. Folk er følelsen mer fratatt hva de skal komme og bli dårligere og dårligere.  (Aug 23, 2013 | post #2)

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Koyal Group To Host Student Equity Research Analyst Compe...

http://www.1888pre l-group-to-host-st udent-equity-resea rch-analyst-compet it-pr-476057.html (1888PressRelease) June 14, 2013 - The competition entries are to be judged by a board of Koyal Group's resident analysts led by Head of Analysis Mr Nathan Andrews, who said "as we have not given a specific company for entrants to review, judging the competition could be difficult as some aspects are difficult to quantify, but as a result of this approach we hope to receive entries from many post-graduate students detailing the financials of strong companies we don't currently have on our own radar, which we would then aim to follow up". Chief Executive Officer at Koyal Group Mr Edward Neilson said "Most importantly the competition provides a platform for all those analysts who have not yet completed their studies to find immediate placement in a working environment from which they may launch their career". Mr Stephen Cole, Director of Private Equity at Koyal Group said "For Koyal Group the competition will cost very little with the exception of man hours required for the review and judgement process, but may ultimately yield a wealth of valuable information, and at least one talented potential future employee. I'm looking forward to seeing what the student population can produce.", koyal group tokyo japan  (Jun 30, 2013 | post #1)


Koyal Group Advises Investors On Stable Japanese Economy

You are a great resource and example to follow in business.  (Jun 27, 2013 | post #3)

Koyal Group- C.E.O. Edward Neilson To Retire In 2014

http://www.prlog.o rg/12143231-koyal- group-ceo-edward-n eilson-to-retire-i n-2014.html, koyal group tokyo japan PRLog (Press Release)-May 23, 2013 - TOKYO, Japan -- Mr Neilson (51), Chief Executive Officer at boutique equity research house Koyal Group in Tokyo, has been with the company since its formation a decade ago in 2003, and this morning said that his decision to retire was due to a combination of health reasons and the desire to spend time with his family. He went onto say that the decision had come as a surprise to his many of his colleagues and associates but had been under his own consideration for over 12 months. No information was given in the announcement with regards to who may replace Mr Neilson as Chief Executive Officer at Koyal Group, but speculation from several board members suggests that Mr Stephen Cole, who currently serves as Koyal Group’s Director of Private Equity maybe a potential candidate due to his vast management experience. In his announcement Mr Neilson was quoted as saying “I feel I have fulfilled my role successfully, and I will be retiring on a high note after a decade of consecutive successes that have built Koyal Group from a small researcher into what it is today. So I am proud to have been part of such a successful start-up.” Mr Peter Keller, Senior Vice President of Mergers and Acquisitions at Koyal Group commented on Mr Neilson’s retirement announcement saying “I myself had been made aware of Mr Neilson’s planned departure next year, and it is undoubtedly a loss for Koyal Group, but certainly a suitable replacement will be found and appointed, and thankfully we have more than sufficient time to ensure we find the right man or woman for the job”. Koyal Group will begin to consider candidates to replace Mr Neilson as Chief Executive Officer as of today, and further information will be made available later in the year.  (Jun 21, 2013 | post #1)