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Jul 28, 2008


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We will not go gentle


Elsewhere and not neighborly

Local Favorites:

Listening to the grass grow and watching the paint dry.

I Belong To:

I don't belong to any organizations that would have me as a member.

When I'm Not on Topix:

Don't look for me. I have an aversion to being stalked.

Read My Forum Posts Because:

More in four syllable words than four letter ones

I'm Listening To:

Aerosmith and the Dixie Chicks

Read This Book:

Shakespeare, Cold Mountain, all the Harry Potters; it's great to enjoy the books that you don't need to make notes in the margins., but Shakes

Favorite Things:

whiskers on kittens, etc..and feeling tired from earning my keep..and a really great 50% off the 50% off shoe sale

On My Mind:

Sometimes my mind is just a terrible thing, whether or not it's wasted.

Blog / Website / Homepage:

First in class N/A It's bad enough that my "real" face was actually shown here once

I Believe In:

Truth, justice, and that hard work is the American way. However, if I won the lottery it wouldn't spoil me a bit. I'd always remember the little people as I hired them to do every little thing for me.