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Mar 5, 2014

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Westward Group Tokyo Energy News Biomass Plant in Mahiya...

Tokyo Power opens new Biomass Plant in Mahiyanganaya The Tokyo Cement Group recently opened its second Biomass power plant to supply the largely rural region of Mahiyanganaya with 5MW of energy. This Rs. 2.4 billion plant by Tokyo Power, the energy arm of the nation’s leading cement and concrete manufacturer, Tokyo Cement Group, is an initiative to build on its expertise in sustainable biomass power. “Tokyo Power launched the Mahiyanganaya plant after successfully pioneering the first plant of its kind in Sri Lanka that provides 10MW of clean energy to their factory in Trincomalee,” according to a company statement. Read full article at http://www.sundayt iness-times/tokyo- power-opens-new-bi omass-plant-in-mah iyanganaya-92846.h tml See more: http://westwardalt / http://westwardalt ernatives.blogspot .com/  (Apr 22, 2014 | post #1)