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May 3, 2012

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Kerhonkson, NY

Sexual offenders at your door

Isabella. Well said and sadly very true.  (Feb 3, 2014 | post #5)

Kerhonkson, NY

Sexual offenders at your door

One more thing. It is illegal to stalk or harass anyone who is on the sexual offender list. Please do not break the law. Be proactive. Talk. Make sure this secret is exposed. Abusers require one thing from you - silence. All you have to do is nothing. Victims require one thing. Speak out and reveal the secrets. And protect the vulnerable children in your community  (Feb 2, 2014 | post #3)

Kerhonkson, NY

Sexual offenders at your door

A few days ago I was told that Jehovah's Witnesses have been taking a convicted sexual offender into the community with them when the go preaching from door to door. I have no reason to doubt this possibility. Please read on for more information. Over at least the last 50 years the Watchtower Society, the governing corporation of Jehovah's Witnesses have had a policy of hiding incidents of sexual abuse not only from the community, police and social services but also from the people in their own congregation. In fact many victims have been ousted from the religion because they refused to remain silent about abuses perpetrated on them or on their children. I was one of those kids - 50 years ago. They covered it up then and they cover it up now. They insist that any accusation of sexual abuse must meet a Biblical standard of having 2 eye witnesses to the abuse for them to do anything. And they won't do anything if they can hide it. The only times they do report allegations are when the abuser is NOT a Witness and has never been a Witness. Even if a person admits that the allegations are true they still won't report it to the authorities if they can avoid it preferring to deal with it themselves. About 12 years ago Dateline did an expose on the problems with how allegations are handled by the JWs. The congregation elders are to call headquarters before they call anyone else even the police. Few Witnesses have any idea how wide-spread this problem is. Most have never heard of a case because it is so thoroughly covered up. After doing a search in your area I discovered that you have several sexual offenders living in your community. Like most sexual offenders on parole they have rules about how close they can get to schools and places where children are present. Most likely being a door-to-door salesman wouldn't be high on the list of what is allowed. But it seems that the local congregation of Jehovah's Witnesses believes there is nothing wrong with taking one of these convicted sexual offenders to your door while they are preaching. There are most likely conditions similar to what has been in place during the dateline expose. The convicted sexual abuser was not permitted to go door-to-door alone. he had to be with an elder in the congregation at all times. The problem was that Dateline got a video of this particular offender dressed up and going knocking on people's doors all by himself without an elder anywhere in sight. So now the Witnesses in your area have a man who is going door to door in your community. He stands behind or to the side of the elder and can look over the elder's shoulder as he talks to you and check out your house; who lives there, and how old they might be. if it is cold and you don't want to be rude you might ask them to step inside while you talk. Guess what. You may have just let in a sexual predator. In most cases like this because of the level of secrecy they afford abusers few Witnesses would know about this man's history. And if they did they would have to be silent about it or risk being expelled from the church and all their family and friends would no longer be able to speak to the. They would be shunned. Those who know don't talk. Not to each other and most certainly not to people who are not Witnesses. They could be quite innocently escorting this man to your home or your grandchild's home, or nephew or niece or best friend. You have a small community and I expect that most people know the people around them. I am not a Witness. I have not been one since 1985. But this practice offends me greatly. There is no excuse for it. None. There is absolutely nothing stopping this man from putting on a suit and presenting himself at your door as a person who wants to preach to you. So what can you do? I will have to make another post to continue this.  (Feb 2, 2014 | post #1)

Jehovah's Witness

Impostor therapist on YouTube. Could it be Redhorsewoman?

I know I know. It is an old thread but I was rather surprised to see this show up on a Google of the video. I know redhorsewoman from a few years ago. Believe me we are two very different people but I still like her and remember her well. I was not the one who posted the video clip - either the original posted by or the two newer clips. They are all the same clip as the original. However they are only 7 minutes out of an 85 minute long interview. The producer of the video is the owner of it and he was the one who originally posted the first clip. I didn't even know it had been posted until someone asked me about it. I am an ex Jehovah's Witness. I am a retired therapist and worked for 15 years dealing with abused women either sexual abuse from their childhood or women in shelters for battered women. I also counseled a few ex-Witnesses but that was never a big part of my private practice. Someone mentioned my credentials and that they are not listed. If you read the text right under the video my credentials are right there. T.A.S. and a BA. Both are counseling programs. Please note that different countries have different standards. While I would probably not be able to do the same kind of counseling in other countries my credentials were more than acceptable for employment anywhere in Canada. To be honest I did not read the entire thread. But I do want to thank Sunspot who I remember well and Jean who I think I remember too. And redhorsewoman, I miss seeing you around.  (May 3, 2012 | post #253)