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Jun 17, 2010

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Roseburg, OR

Missing boy's mother launches flier campaign

Hope all the bars in Roseburg have bartenders who are brave enough to display posters of a little boy who is undoubtedly in terror and missing his mom and daddy a whole lot. Come on, bartenders, post them on the wall mirror opposite the bar. Think twice when she flirts and cons you for sympathy, has the rep of hunting hit man to get rid of problems, and has the rep of enticing a guy for the purpose of destroying relationship between buddies if it benefits her. Beware! Danger!  (Feb 25, 2011 | post #1)

Roseburg, OR

Multnomah County sheriff offers $50,000 for information l...

Parents who love their children know that the children are watching them in everything they do and say while growing up, and immitate the parents in many ways, good and bad. Parents imprint their children with the self respect, the motivation to live good lives, to improve their lives and the lives of others... or, they are destroying their children with bad examples and non-parenting. You know that Terri was born in Grass Valley, CA, and adopted as a baby by Mr. & Mrs. Moulton who supposedly have now retired as school teachers. What did those people do to that child to make her so self-defensive, so focused on her appearance, herself and money. Did they give her any religious instruction? What is their religion? If active members of a religion, does the religious community approve of how they are hiding, supporting their adopted adult daughter and doing nothing to convince her to talk, and nothing to help find their grandson Kyron??? Did they ever accept him as a grandson? Maybe not... which reveals more about their character that people need to know in order to judge their relationship with their adopted daughter. Terri, tell what those people did to you, and tell what you did to Kyron. Did you molest him and cause his behavior to change from outgoing and relatively happy to quiet, sitting and staring, causing Kaine to tell you to take him to the doctor to find out what was going on with him? What were you afraid of him telling that made you threaten to shoot him if he told. Did you drop him into a world of hell with a child pornographer and a pedophile ring? Hell bites back, Terri and Dede and all who know the truth. Hell bites back and is Happy as Hell to do so.  (Feb 25, 2011 | post #43)

Roseburg, OR

Kyron Horman's mother puts pressure on his stepmother

Stay strong, Desiree and Kaine. Watchers of this situation expect a shell-game announcement moving current team back, replaced by Agents who have pingponged in/out the case. Also expect announcement comments that cause people to buy the Dixie search areas instead of where she actually was - Sauvie Island. Expect mention of several of the last few areas searched. Expect claim to be made that all leads have been investigated, all indicated areas searched, and the tip box is now empty; kleenex popped out again that sorry, we really tried we really did; costs are unsustainable so team dances back to former assignments and Agents dance forward to resume positions; there are no legitimate suspects; for now the case is in freezer. Timing of this would allow quick move on Kaine's divorce before Apr 15 which would prevent him from seeing/knowing Terri's tax filing and the identification of source, amount, and date of funds she obtained and paid to her Attorney. He would have the right of access to that information if he remained her husband at time of her Filing... but of course she can ask for and you can bet she would get extensions on Filing to push beyond date of divorce decree. Kaine's lawyer should not enable the divorce to proceed and should use the same cry she used in preventing it when it benefitted her... now it's his turn. Hold your friends close, and your enemies closer. Announcement of Freezer and no suspects allows Terri and pal Dede to skip off to Hollywood for book/movie deals... but think about it... maybe the creeps she sold Kyron to don't want all the publicity... maybe they will promise her funding not to talk... but, do you believe they will trust her? Wonder if when they skip town we will find those notes pinned to them, explaining how they can't live any longer with all they've been through - haha. They might be a-chilling a bit themselves when the case goes cold if they figure out the trail dusting habits of the buyers.  (Feb 25, 2011 | post #4)

LA Daily News

Agent Orange a toxic killer

Hey there is no Send button on your "email this article" option for Agent Orange. Fix it.  (Aug 22, 2010 | post #1)

Rock Island, WA

Immigration - Rock Island, WA

Ah those lazy Americans who can't hold on to their industries, their money, their families, their kids, can't defend the RIGHT to recognition for their achievements and inventions, their Sovereignty or Borders, their Freedom of Speech, their internet communication FREEDOM, or anything else. They have been dumbed down just right. WORDS have meaning. WORDS were made to communicate ideas. WHY are you swallowing the feed of IMMIGRATION, ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION, ILLEGAL ALIENS? Those words are TRICK WORDS, to detract from the truth, to make you afraid of being called RACIST. The Truth Is... we are being INVADED. WHO the heck cares what PROFILES the Invaders possess? We are being INVADED by FOREIGN ENEMY INVADERS. ENEMIES. Don't Profile them as Mexicans, Latinos, Arabs or NEIGHBORS. We don't Profile, we capture and imprison CRIMINALS, and give them American Justice by FIRING SQUAD. They are ENEMIES attacking our borders, benefits, Constitution. TELL OBAMA TO DEAL WITH IMMIGRATION LIKE HE WANTS, BUT ALL STATES WILL DEAL WITH ENEMY INVADERS TO PROTECT THEIR INDIVIDUAL STATES... IF EVERY STATE WANT AN ARIZONA LAW, SO BE IT. IT IS OUR CHOICE. Take the terms IMMIGRATION, ILLEGALS, ALIENS out of the conversation. It will pull the rug from under McCain, Lieberman et al. WHAT DO YOU THINK?  (Jun 24, 2010 | post #4)

Bedford County, TN

Law murky for mom who returned adopted Russian boy

Where's the BIO boy? Where's Kyron Horman? Blackwater to the front.  (Jun 17, 2010 | post #4)

Bedford County, TN

Tennessee Mother 'Returns' Adopted Boy To Russia

Mary, too many little boys are "disappearing " - Female judged by a Nation as a child abuser runs away from home with a 7-10 y/o boy the press called her "bio" boy. The child has never been in school. A 7 y/o boy disappears from his schoolbuilding in Portland Oregon and big Policemen cry on camera talking about the kid but they cool down investigation and search. What are they afraid of? You are in Washington... is that ExoticFarm still open? Per Seattle Times, a customer died of internal damage. btw, a guy in TENNESSEE was jailed for same stuff and had been to The Farm, and the owner called him from Washington to help with attorney in Tennessee. Course that doesn't involve lil' boys. Strange stuff.  (Jun 17, 2010 | post #3)

Bedford County, TN

Tennessee Mother 'Returns' Adopted Boy To Russia

Mary- there is a news blackout on this female. LOTS of people from E2W coasts are increasing anger. Single 34 y/o unemployed registered nurse lives w/mom &others? in little house w/acreage and high privacy fence wrapping side of house to behind house. Flys to Russia to view little boys, gets one to join 7-10y/o boy she already has, news calls bio boy. Starts process to add a 3rd 7-ish boy, and then airmails Russian boy back. Russia calls her Child Abuser and closes doors on USA getting kids. State Dept says rushing to Russia to stop closure but when asked if he talked with Torry, said not necessary and will not contact her. Sheriff tells press waiting for Torry to talk to him, but she slips out of town with bio boy et al except leaves "animals " that Sheriff "adopted " for someone to feed/water. When asked where's Torry, Sheriff says cannot talk about case anymore, Higher Law Officer took it over. Higher Law Officer not available. Last news was Torry has a Lawyer and is staying somewhere else. WHERE DID SHE GET THE MONEY to roundtrip to Russia, prove financial ability to support adopted kid, prove financial ability to adopt a 3rd, and WHO IS FINANCING HER AND WHY. What's the plan she had/has for multiple little 7-ish y/o boys. Never enrolled bio boy OR adopted boy in any school and never registered for homeschool. WHERE IS THE CHILD WELFARE, SHELBYVILLE LAW ENFORCEMENT, SCHOOL OFFICIALS? WHERE IS THE BIO BOY... WITH A FEMALE THAT A NATION CALLED A CHILD ABUSER. see next  (Jun 17, 2010 | post #2)