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Jun 6, 2014

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Tui Kanokupolu Salote Tupou - (The Samoan Origin Of Her L...

Sorry man! There was not time to proof read as I was on my phone.  (Jun 6, 2014 | post #486)

Tui Kanokupolu Salote Tupou - (The Samoan Origin Of Her L...

Toa, do you know the tongan connection through the Pulepule from Sololo. My great great great and so on... grandfather Tupolesava was a Pulepule. I've always heard of our connection to Tonga but not sure exatly how. Also, hoping you may know some history on this as well. There's a story that long ago my great great.. and so on grandfather was in a vaa and ended up in Tonga. He was a tall man built and very handsome(lol). A Tongan chief/royal was told of this man that was washed ashore. The Tongan chief/royal took a liking to him and said if he would help him and lead his man in a war he would give his daughter Elisiva's hand in marriage. Puniaea succseeded and the cheif/royal married the two and as a gift named and Island in Tonga after his my great great... grandfathers homeland Ofu, in Samoa. Later Elisiva passed away and Puniaea took all the kids back to Ofu, Samoa. We still are not sure who the Elisiva lady is or the family she comes from. It had to been in the early 1700's. Any info would help. Thank you so much!  (Jun 6, 2014 | post #485)