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May 31, 2012

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Parkersburg, WV

westboro baptist church

It is a small group of family members, mostly lawyers, who incite public scenes with their protests- mainly to provoke someone into violating their (ahem) "civil rights" so that they can sue and obtain more money to fuel their campaign of hatred. They pretty much hate everyone outside their own little cult, but especially homosexuals. They believe that when bad things happen, such as soldiers being killed, it is God's way of punishing us as a society for condoning homosexuality. They frequently show up at military funerals and other similar events, just to stir up trouble and prove to the world what narrow-minded idiots they really are (as if we didn't know already). Pretty much anytime there is a military funeral in the US, they send out a press release stating their intent to be present, whether or not they truly will be. This is just one of many tricks in their book, which they use to incite anger and draw further attention to themselves. Rumor has it they came to town two years ago for David Hess' funeral but were pretty well denied services and run out of the area by numerous residents and business owners who banded together to stand against them. Between that and the huge presence of the Patriot Guard (well over 200 bikers were present that day), they pretty much fled town with their tails between their legs. Although they have threatened to be present for other services here in WV, to my knowledge they have not actually shown up. By now I figure they know not to mess with rednecks- especially the ones who ride motorcycles!  (May 31, 2012 | post #7)

Parkersburg, WV

mountaineer family restaurant

Stopped doing that a year or so ago, due to a decline in business. Ever since the Route 50 Corridor went through about 8 years ago, many businesses out that way have suffered or closed down altogther. You can no longer access places like the Mountaineer directly from the highway, and with the way the exit is set up, getting there is very confusing.  (May 31, 2012 | post #2)

Ravenswood, WV

dawg pound

One thing you will not find at the Dawg Pound is small weiners. Unlike with Psycho, who boosts his waning ego and overcompensates for his own small weiner by stirring up trouble here and randomly insulting innocent people about whom he knows nothing. I for one am glad to see a novel and successful business like this in Ravenswood. It sure as heck beats the fast food and pizza to which residents have been subjected for the last few decades. I think its overwhelming and fast success speak for themselves- sounds to me like someone is just jealous that they didn't think of it first.  (May 31, 2012 | post #98)