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Mar 31, 2014

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The following article was taken from the March 1969 edition of QUILLS, a monthly newsletter Published by Abney Mills. This is one of our favorite articles and feels that it is a wonderful portrayal of our founder. SUSIE MATHEWS ABNEY was the widow of John Pope Abney, the founder of Abney Mills. Mr. Abney died in 1942, and so Mrs. Abney survived her husband by more than 26 years. Although she preferred to remain in the background where business affairs were concerned, Mrs. Abney, following the death of her husband, nevertheless exercised a strong and benevolent influence over the subsequent development and expansion of Abney Mills from an organization of five textile mills to the large company of 15 plants it is today (at the time of printing, March 1969). She was born in Elbert County, Georgia, a daughter of the late Pierce and Sallie Cade Mathews, but she had lived in Greenwood most of her life. A loyal member of the South Main Street Baptist Church, she lent generous support to all church activities as well as to various civic enterprises, and she was held in high esteem for her philanthropy and humanitarian efforts. In 1954 she received the honorary degree of Doctor of Humanities from Lander College, and she served her alma mater, Converse College, as a trustee for a number of years. Read This Post Here: http://lashellaie. /837902/our-founde r-at-susie-mathews -abney-and-associa tes-foundation More Helpful Hints: • http://abneyfounda /2014/03/19/our-fo under-at-susie-abn ey-foundation/ • naweisz/our-founde r-at-susie-abney-f oundation • http://www.allvoic -news/16730048-our -founder-at-susie- abney-foundation • http://www.bubblew -our-founder-at-su sie-abney-foundati on  (Mar 31, 2014 | post #1)