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Jul 2, 2011

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Palisade, CO

Marijuana - Palisade, CO

First I am not a pot smoker. However, I feel like people who oppose it are ingnorant to the good it does for a lot of folks. If the industry grows legally it will eventually come down to good prices. As far as kids getting it well punish the ones giving it to them don't stereo type pot smokers. Its wrong ! Pot was around way before you or me and it is an important herb in our history, why don't you read up on it. I would rather see people smoke weed than crack, meth, heroin, weed doesn't give you the urge to kill your own moma for a buck to get it. I have seen 70 and 80 yr old getting pot pills to help with their pain. I could only smile. Its great! One thing people that are ingorant don't know is smoking gives you a head high. A pill, or cookie, or brownie, is a body high that does KILL PAIN. It doesn't make em all stoned. Regaurless of which way you consume it helps the pain. It like vitamans come in different forms is just what the individual wants. So those who are all against it, your only showing your ingnorance and close mindnessness. When you get old or have a lot a pain, give it a try I am sure it will change your mind. Also it doesn't have the effects prescriptions drugs have on your liver, kidneys, heart ect......The pot bashers need to be taught on the matter. If people prefer to take a pot pill or smoke a bowl, let em and don't bash em for it, it doesn't make them a dope head. Does you taking your pills make you a pill head ? NO so just give other the same respect as you would like to have.  (Jan 15, 2012 | post #9)