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Apr 26, 2012

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Prom 2012

As a member of the faculty prom committee, I feel compelled to address the criticisms levied above... For many years now, the faculty prom committee has been left with the responsibility of organizing the prom, finding a venue and booking it, decorating, directing traffic, taking care of security, directing the grand march, providing the favor bags, cooking and serving the food, locating a dj, and cleaning up after the prom. We have done all of this for our students - to ensure that they have an evening to remember - even though it is not OUR prom. When you criticize an event that neither you nor most of your children had any hand in is beyond inconsiderate. I have it on good authority that, in other locations, the STUDENTS host the prom - including raising money for it, decorating, etc. As this is not the case with the LCHS prom, I encourage those of you who feel free to dismiss our efforts to volunteer next year. In fact, you may want to encourage your children/students to lend a hand. The prom was not held at Riverbend because Riverbend management felt uncomfortable dealing with the fire codes, etc, and they directed us to J's Events, a venue that could handle the crowd, and whose management and catering services were very capable and willing to work with us. The grand march was quite long, but those of you who choose to complain about that aspect would certainly be the same ones who complained if the student you came to see was "slighted " time-wise. The evening was chilly, but try as we might, we were unable to make a deal with the weather. There was not seating provided, but I do not believe it has EVER been provided for the hordes of parents and visitors who arrive en masse to witness the "Grand March". Restroom facilities were not provided for on-lookers, although some overzealous folks found their way in, visited students in the ballroom, and even helped themselves to some of the food provided for the students. We have a budget which is not often increased by student fund-raisers, and are therefore unable to provide food, beverages, seating, and restroom facilities for the community during the Senior Prom. Perhaps it would be best if parents took photographs of students leaving for prom, rather than following the entire prom to its location. Finally, the criticism directed at Mr. Sorrells is not only unfounded, but nasty and cruel (not to mention grammatically abhorrent). Mr. Sorrells had nothing to do with the prom favors, including the much maligned candle that has been mistakenly identified as a shot glass. Believe me, party favors for a high school prom are hard to come by, and expensive to boot. Was the t-shirt we provided offensive as well? How about the key chain? You are more than welcome to arrange for gift bags in the future. It is true that Mr. Sorrells is not the happy-go-lucky personality that NO MORE and others seem to want. He is, however, a fair and intelligent man who has chosen to take the often difficult and obviously thankless job of attempting to educate the youth of Lincoln County. Public Education is undergoing a multitude of changes, and he is indeed capable of guiding us through them. Any criticism of him, his personality, and his clothing choices only serves to further illustrate the pettiness, ignorance, and negativity with which the original poster and his/her ilk pollutes the community of Lincoln County. I challenge all of those who take issue with the prom, the amenities, the favors, the location, the parking, etc*. to step forward and take over the production that is the LIncoln County High School prom. *the weather is yours, too!  (Apr 29, 2012 | post #12)