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May 8, 2013

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Ambien Withdrawal and Headaches

17 nights no ambien: I'm posting an update for anyone interested in reading. It helped me so much to read the journey of others. Perhaps my story will help someone too <3 I had a great weekend this weekend and it was in large part due to changing my environment and hanging out with loved ones. I forced myself to get out of town to help with my issues. It was a great idea because it helped me see I will one day return to myself. On the second day of our trip I drank one cocktail which was NOT a good idea. I got the shakes and felt disconnected more than I had been. So I went to bed early and hoped for better days. On the third day I realized I hadn't cried in a while which was progress!!! That kept me happy for a while and I swear I could feel flashes of emotion rush through my brain for the next couple hours. I don't know how else to describe it. That same day I experienced 2 mini attacks that my family didn't notice and again hoped for the best. By the next day a fog lifted and I felt more connected to my surroundings which is a wonderful feeling. From then on the rest of vacation went well with no anxiety:0) There was something weird though- I experienced severe itchiness on my scalp and arms. It was really weird and it went away completely in 2 days. I scratched so much I bruised myself. Now that I'm back home I'm happy to report I don't feel anxiety as much but my emotions are still roller coasterish. I'm not an angry person and it consumed me for a couple hours followed by some crying...until poof it was gone because I read a thread and that calmed me. If it can disappear that fast I can't put stock in it. I think it's my brain regulating. I can't wait till I feel normal again <3  (May 13, 2013 | post #14609)

Ambien Withdrawal and Headaches

I felt super icky today and went online to see if ambien interacts wih zyrtec. I accidentally took two last night. Wouldn't you know it... I shouldn't be taking them together. I was never warned and I'm hoping that stopping helps me to improve. I have stopped cold turkey with the ambien but I think the double dose of zyrtec was not a good thing for my delicate brain <3  (May 8, 2013 | post #14601)