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Aug 30, 2008

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Problem with Pain Management doctor

The link from my previous post was cut off, please see: http://www.aapsonl tionsagainst.htm  (Aug 30, 2008 | post #13)

Problem with Pain Management doctor

Reading about all the frustration and outrage that people have had with their pain management doctors, I thought that that a look at the MD's point of view would be helpful. I am a board certified PM MD. I don't condone or condemn the actions of the other PM's, but passing along a little information may help shed a little light on what has happened to people who have had difficulty. Urine drug screens are part of the standard treatment in most pain clinics. I understand how these tests can make you feel violated, but my license, my career and 14 years of medical education are on the line. The DEA holds ME responsible for managing the narcotics I prescribe. Making sure that the patients that I give these to are actually taking them and not selling them to high school kids falls on my shoulders. And the courts can be viscious. Physicians who prescribe narcotics for pain can get into a lot of trouble for doing the right thing by their patients. Check out: http://www.aapsonl ionsagainst.htm We have to show that we have a mechanism for dealing with misuse of narcotics and a plan in place for dealing with narcotic misuse. All of us are walking a narrow line, and the price paid for being able to continue to prescribe these meds for my patients includes some rules and some urine testing. Believe it or not, we also find these tests unpleasant and embarassing. But I don't know another way to have safeguards to protect myself and the insure that the 99.9% of my patients who are not abusing can continue to be treated. If you think things are bad now, 20 years ago, chronic pain management with opiate narcotics was almost unheard of.  (Aug 30, 2008 | post #12)