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Aug 16, 2012

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Lawrence, KS

Health Care - Lawrence, KS

Im brought to tears evertime I think about this issue, we live on a income of $1000 dollars (family of 6) a month thank god our kids have Healthwave so they are taken care of. I have at least 5 bad teeth (holes really not even teeth). I went to the Douglas county dental clinic and try to get them pulled a few years ago, but even by their guidelines what they needed me to pay i could not afford so I decided I would deal with the pain and try to get antibiotics when needed at places like Wallgreens take care clinic cost me 60 bucks but i do not want a handout. I had to go to the hospital a few times because I just didn't have a choice they made me wait over a hour multiply times because they don't feel its a emergency. And I can agree those people need help first. But then a doctor comes in looks at me writes a prescription and is out the door in 5 minutes, I then get billed over $600 dollars. This is on top of everyone there making me feel worthless because after paying rent, and bills there is no way we can even look at buying insurance. I don't understand the new laws at all but from what I seen it looks like now the government is going to start punishing people that don't have insurance. I have called Srs office here in lawrence and asked if there is someway to get help but if your not a child or a women expecting a child I cant find options to help. I know witchtia has had a clinic to pull teethfor free I had no way to get there. I have just gave up and know its a matter of time before I die from a tooth infection. I have called many dentist offices and try to work out payment options but they dont take uninsured patients so the cycle just starts over again. I hope things get better but they seem to get worse the government is going broke, we are broke its very hard to find ways to make money you might see me dig through you trash for pop cans lol. I hope I am just a crack in a broken system because I would not wish the feeling of heartbreak i have or the physicial pain I feel on anyone. I understand that hard working people should not foot the bill for the poor. I also understand the pain felt by the poor when you know in advance that you will die from basic needs that you cant get met. Im sorry if you are upset by my view but from what ive seen from our medical system, is a dollar is more important then human life. I don't think anyone should live in bad health and finding help should not be so hard.  (Aug 17, 2012 | post #10)

Lawrence, KS

No food for kids at sunflower school

Someone needs to get fired over this crap how dare they let children go hungry. You send your kids to school you assume they are taken care of guess I was wrong.  (Aug 16, 2012 | post #2)