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Jul 2, 2010

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Chesapeake, VA

Review: Wicker's Crab Pot Seafood

Very Good. Every time I drop by to enjoy meal (as opposed to grabbing something to eat) at Wicker's it is very good. Given them a try and find out how good they really are! You won't be disappointed. One of my favorite restaurants lately. Recommended. A+++  (Sep 24, 2012 | post #31)

Chesapeake, VA

Review: Wicker's Crab Pot Seafood

Excellent Food, Highly Recommended. I have enjoyed eating at Wicker's Crab Pot several times, and I have found the few different dishes I have had all to be super seafood I enjoyed very much, and the service is friendly and the atmosphere is homey. It isn't super fancy settings or surroundings but the food is outstanding and it is a nice change from the more sanitized type of typical modern restaurants. I recommend it to anyone as a very enjoyable dinner with main emphasis on their excellent seafood, of course. - Lawrence Connor  (Jul 4, 2010 | post #25)