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Jul 28, 2014

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Newport International Group Projects Company

Don’t hate Texas (or any state) before you visit Quick: What's your least favorite U.S. state? I recently asked a couple dozen people that question, as curious about the states they'd mention as to whether they'd name a state at all. Most answered. The leading vote getter was little surprise: Texas. The antipathy for the largest state in the Lower 48 seems obvious, but evidence is ample. For instance, in a poll of 1,603 people last year by Business Insider, Texas easily took the top spot (or bottom, if you prefer) in response to the questions, "Which state is your least favorite?" and "Which state would you like to see kicked out of America?" Texas' healthy self-regard — and the rest of the nation's distaste for that self-regard — is mostly amusing and seemingly good-enough-nature d. But after hearing yet another bit of knee-jerk disparagement for that state recently, I felt an urge not to defend Texas as much as to argue against the notion that there are places beneath us or not worth exploring. After six years of travel writing, I've learned that the greatest discoveries can come in places where we expect the least. (And that's why I've been meaning to get back to the thick clouds and rolling plains of eastern Colorado since happening upon that stunning landscape during a drive to Denver). Read Full Article: /link/newport-inte rnational-group-pr ojects-company-don -t-hate-texas-or-a ny-state-before-yo u-visit Read More: http://www.newport  (Jul 28, 2014 | post #1)