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Jun 30, 2010

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Last year I had a plastic surgery in Santa Cruz, Bolivia with MakeoverTravel, and I wanted to tell everyone that I highly recommend going to Bolivia for plastic surgery. The doctors who performed my surgery are ot only very profesional and expert in reconstructive surgery (in my case I needed a real face reconstructive surgery after a car accident) but they are ARTISTS. My sister came with me and she did a full "body makeover" (new boobs, liposuction, brazilian butt lift)... Surgeons there not just remove the fat or put in implants. They have this special touch to re-sculpt your body,,they add curves and they are very particular about where they cut and where they leave scares. Their main goal is just to keep you beautiful. They have special techniques to make your cuts in hidden places... and thousand of other things that make the diference. The other advantage when you go to Bolivia is the cost. I had a nose reconstructive surgery, face lift with eyelid surgery and breast augmentation with 15 days in hotel and I paid for the whole package 8000US$. My sister paid for a full body liposuction, breast augmentation, brazilian butt lift and nose surgery and 15 days in hotel, less than 6000US$ The plane ticket was $800 US$ from Miami. My surgery in the US would with a "not famous plastic surgeon" cost me something like 30.000 US$ and my sister's surgery around 25.000 US$ In Bolivia we paid 70% less with one of the most famous plastic surgeon there. So I highly recommend Bolivia, and more so I recommend MakeoverTravel. I know this agency works with several plastic surgeons but my surgeons were dr. Cossio and Dr. Suarez, I highly recommend you these 2 surgeons, they perform all the surgeries together. They are truly miracle workers, very friendly, very compassionate, have incredible bedside manners, they are on call for you 24 hrs a day, they leave their cell phone number and say call me for anything, at anytime! Best wishes to all! :-)  (Jun 30, 2010 | post #163)