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Jan 6, 2010

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Pittsburgh, PA

stop section 8 housing and why!

I deal with section 8 people all the time., they are nothing but problems. First off, its a voluntary program, so if the landlords want the tenants out, they just fail their own building. Tenants are constantly lying about who is living with them, and how much their household income really is. Since they have never had to pay for things, they don't take care of them. They just move again, and get all new stuff. The landlords inflate the cost of the rent, because they know the tenant is not going to pay their portion. They all have 40 inch lcd televisions, and air conditioning. In fact the one unit i just saw in stowe a few days ago had a bar in the basement, and it was huge! These people live nicer than the people paying taxes for them to live. The minute they break something and the landlord won't fix it, they call the health department. IT's so sad. They should get rid of the section 8 inspectors, and just use the health dept. from the get-go. That way if the units are not kept up in good shape , it is cited, and under a criminal code.  (Jul 16, 2010 | post #14)