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Mar 25, 2013

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norsemytho southwood group review articles

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Southwood Norsemytho Group Article Reviews: Bak navnene

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Reebok fait un retour comme une marque de remise en forme...

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Chicago, IL

Norsemytho Southwood Group Movie Review: Martin Scorsese ...

http://www.630wpro .com/common/page.p hp?pt=NEWS:+Martin +Scorsese+signs+on to+Paz+movie&i d=12983&is_cor p=0 norsemytho southwood group movie review, Martin Scorsese tegn på Paz film Hollywood regissør Martin Scorsese har signert på som Executive produsent av en lokalt produsert film om livet og tider av Rhode Island bokseren Vincent "Paz" Pazienza. Produsent Chad Verdi, som eier og driver øst Greenwich-baserte Verdi produksjoner, sa han møtte Scorsese flere måneder siden. Som Verdi forteller det, var hans venn Senator Sheldon Whitehouse mannen som knyttet ham Scorsese. Verdi sier Scorseses engasjement vil "heve [film] til sitt høyeste nivå." I tillegg til Hollywood-tungvekt har Scoresese's partner, Emma Tillinger Koskoff, også signert til prosjektet. Verdi kjøpt rettighetene til å lage Paz film i 2009, og tappet manusforfatter/reg issør Ben Younger å skrive manus. Yngre også skrev og regisserte filmen "Kjelerommet, " stjernegalleri Ben Affleck og Vin Diesel, og "Prime", med Meryl Streep og Uma Thurman. Produksjon av Paz filmen er satt til å komme i gang i tidlig 2014, med en forventet utgivelsesdato en gang i 2016. Verdi sa Paz filmen vil være hans dyreste film til dags dato, med budsjettet i "titalls millioner av dollar" område. Ifølge Associated Press, foreløpige tittelen på filmen er "blø for dette: Vinny Paz historien." Verdi håper at filmen vil bli skutt helt i Rhode Island; støpt ennå skal fastsettes. Verdi sa han håper hans samarbeid med Scorsese vil oversette til andre prosjekter etter Paz filmen er fullført. Og mesteparten av finansieringen for Verdi produksjoner kommer fra Tsjad Verdi, som også en delvis eier av Greggs restauranter. I tillegg til Paz filmen, Verdi har to filmer debuterte snart, en skrekkfilm kaller "Army of the Damned" og en romantisk komedie kalt "Et spill er et spill." Relaterte artikler: http://syosset.pat uncements/p/southw ood-group-norsemyt ho-movie-reviews-i ll-eat-you-last http://www.funnyor emytho-southwood-g roup-film-and-arti cle-reviews  (May 26, 2013 | post #1)

Ashburn, VA

Thale (2012) Movie Review

http://www.horror- thale-2012-movie-r eview/ norsemytho southwood group film and article reviews This write up for the Norwegian film Thale might ultimately end up being a ‘provide your own ranking’ type of review – a first for me. I don’t want this to see like a cop-out at all but I feel like this is a film that is not universal by any means. It couples an interesting creature mythology with a wonderful buddy dynamic between the two male leads to create an interesting and ultimately charming story. However, the fantasy aspect and its relationship to the folklore of it are really the primary focus and not necessarily the horror underpinnings. So because of this, I could see a lot of folks really not get into it because it plays much more like a fairy tale than a horror/suspense story. After viewing, I got to thinking about various myth and legend retelling and how the truer, rawer origins of them tend to get whitewashed over time and sanitized for children’s ears and eyes. Thale, instead, gets after the more honest and potentially dangerous aspects of fantastical stories and the creatures that inhabit them to weave its story.The film centers around two friends, Elvis (Erlend Nervold) and Leo (Jon Sigve Skard) who work as crime scene cleanup workers either through an independent agency or through the police force as a contractor. I was unclear on this. Anyway, they are called to a scene to cleanup after a dismembered body found at a remote hunting cabin.  (May 4, 2013 | post #1)

Chicago, IL

Elder/Poetic Edda

http://southwoodgr c-edda/ Elder Edda is a collection of Old Norse poems collected in the medieval manuscript Codex Regius in Iceland. It is the most valuable surviving source of German legends and Norse mythology, along with the Prose Edda. Among the prominent figures in the literary genre that were influenced by the Edda are Karin Boye, JRR Tolkien, August Strindberg, Ezra Pound and Vilhelm Ekelund. Codex Regius was believed to be composed some time within the 13th century but its whereabouts were unknown before its discovery in 1643 in the possession of Bishop Brynjolfur Sveinsson of Skalholt (around this time, the Prose/Younger Edda was already popular, leading scholars to presume the existence of an older Edda because the Prose frequently quotes from poems). Brynjolfur was the one who sent the codex to a Danish king then it was stored in the Royal Library of Copenhagen for many centuries. It was not returned to Iceland until 1971. Like most of the ancient poetry, Eddic poems are known to be ministrel poems (medieval musicians passing songs and poems orally from and to other singers). According to Brynjolfur, the author was Saemundr the Learned, a 12th century priest in Iceland but this is disputed by scholars. The poems did not have attributions to any author but strongly believed to be the work of separate poets due to their specific characteristics. Determining the date of the poems has yet to have a definite conclusion along with the dilemma of identifying just where exactly they were created.  (Mar 25, 2013 | post #1)