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Mar 14, 2014

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Nassau County, NY

A Day of Fun at the World Festival Port Washington Public...

WORLD FESTIVAL: Visitors of all ages met volunteers from more than 40 countries – and explore their exciting cultural traditions in music, art, dress, foods, games, and crafts. Featuring international displays for 35 cultures, World Tales, World Games, Mexican Mariachi Music, Brazilian Capoeira, Australian Didgeridoo, Indian Folk Dance, and a Chinese Puppet Theater. View pictures of the World Festival Port Washington event as you follow the campaign trail of Lally for Congress 2014 below. http://lallyforcon gress2014.wordpres -day-of-fun-at-the -world-festival-po rt-washington-publ ic-library/ Lally for Congress official website http://www.lallyfo  (Apr 1, 2014 | post #1)

Nassau County, NY

Celebrating Women’s History with the Indian American Forum

Celebrating Women’s History with the Indian American Forum of Long Island at the Outstanding Women’s Achievement Gala. We congratulate the evening’s outstanding honorees Sunita Mukhi, Pandita Tripti Mukherjee, Swati Vaishnav, Sunila Tejpaul and Dr. Chhaya Patel. Indian American Forum Inc. (IAF) is a non for profit organization of Asian Indians in America to promote the cultural, secular heritage and values of India as well as the furtherance of friendship and understanding with people of other cultural backgrounds. Since 1997, IAF is striving to provide a forum for fostering a mutual and better understanding through its socio- cultural activities and enjoys a very cordial relationship amongst local associations and communities. IAF various activities that includes Indian American Night; Celebrating India Independence Day; Outstanding Women’s Achievement Gala; International Children Day; and others are organized as self-funded activity. These have been possible through our motivated and dedicated volunteers who work tirelessly to make each of the activity as a success. Read more about Celebrating Women’s History with the Indian American Forum of Long Island http://lallyforcon gress2014.wordpres elebrating-womens- history-with-the-i ndian-american-for um-of-long-island/  (Mar 31, 2014 | post #1)

Nassau County, NY

Grant Lally Celebrates Lady of Kazan Russian Orthodox Eas...

Our Lady of Kazan, also called Theotokos of Kazan (Russian: К&#1 072;з а&#1 085;с к&#1 072;я Б&#1 086;г о&#1 084;а т&#1 077;р ь tr. Kazanskaya Bogomater’ ), was a holy icon of the highest stature within the Russian Orthodox Church, representing the Virgin Mary as the protector and patroness of the city of Kazan. It was considered a palladium of Russia for centuries, until its theft and likely destruction in 1904. Two major Kazan Cathedrals, in Moscow and St. Petersburg, are consecrated to Our Lady of Kazan, as are numerous churches throughout the land. Her feast days are July 21 and November 4 (which is also the Day of National Unity). Read more and view pictures of Grant Lally Celebrates Lady of Kazan Russian Orthodox Easter Festival below. http://lallyforcon gress2014.wordpres rant-lally-celebra tes-lady-of-kazan- russian-orthodox-e aster-festival/  (Mar 30, 2014 | post #1)

Glen Cove, NY

Glen Cove St. Patrick’s Day Parade

It was a great day of family fun at the Glen Cove St. Patrick’s Day Parade. Some of the participants of the parade included Glen Cove Mayor Reginald Spinello, Senator Carl Marcellino, Glen Cove Councilman Efraim Spagnoletti, Glen Cove Councilman Anthony Gallo Jr, Sea Cliff Mayor Bruce Kennedy, and New York's 3rd congressional district hopeful Grant Lally. See pictures from Glen Cove St. Patrick’s Day Parade event below. http://lallyforcon gress2014.wordpres rant-lally-at-the- glen-cove-st-patri cks-day-parade/ Lally for Congress Official Website: http://www.lallyfo  (Mar 23, 2014 | post #1)

US News

Heard at CPAC: Grant Lally Takin’ On Obama’s “Mini-Me” in...

What are the odds of finding another Republican attorney from New York at CPAC?!? Friend of the show Grant Lally is running for Congress against “Obama’s Mini-Me” Steve Israel on Long Island. Lally’s initial tactic is one you would expect from any Republican candidate this election cycle – tying Israel – the chair of the DCCC – to President Obama and the failed ObamaCare legislation and administrative roll-out. ”Steve Israel… is staple-bolted to Barack Obama.” said Lally. But Grant Lally is no one-trick pony. He also answered our questions on foreign policy and America’s place in the world. ”Steve Israel is part of this weakness of Barack Obama’s administration,” calling the administration’s policy towards Iran “appeasement”. Clearly, Lally is brimming with confidence as he kicks off his Congressional bid. “I”m gonna beat him.”This may turn into a race to watch with the irght money and manpower falling into place. Read more at: http://lallyforcon gress2014.wordpres eard-at-cpac-grant -lally-takin-on-ob amas-mini-me-in-ny -3/ Grant Lally For Congress Official Website http://www.lallyfo  (Mar 19, 2014 | post #1)

Huntington, NY

Republicans and Conservatives Pick Lally to Take on Steve...

Republican attorney Grant Lally was endorsed last week by the Nassau, Queens and Suffolk counties Conservative Parties to challenge Congressman Steve Israel (D-Huntington) in the upcoming November elections. “I feel that it’s [important to run] because of the damage Obamacare is causing to families,” Lally said in an interview with Blank Slate Media. “That was my motivation for running. To help people.” Read more about this story below. http://www.lallyfo rsements/  (Mar 14, 2014 | post #1)

Q & A with Lally For Congress 2014


Lally For Congress 2014


Nassau, Queens, Suffolk


3rd Congressional District

I Belong To:

Grant Lally is a successful Attorney, Businessman, and political leader. He is Managing Partner of Lally & Misir LLP.

When I'm Not on Topix:

Grant Lally is campaigning to become a Congressmen for the 3rd Congressional District.

Favorite Things:

Helping the Community.

Blog / Website / Homepage:

I Believe In:

Issues - Obamacare - Grant Lally will vote to repeal Obamacare. The answer to improving our healthcare system is not to turn it into a government run program that puts a bureaucrat between you and your doctor. The answer is to increase access, increase competition and allow individuals to control their own healthcare. We need commonsense, free market solutions that do not involve creating a bigger, more bloated federal government. - Creating Jobs - Government does not create jobs. 7 out of every 10 jobs are created by small businesses. I will work on policies that encourage job growth and make it easier to start and run a small business. Red tape is strangling small business. Too often, small business owners are left filling out paperwork, rather than meeting with customers. Every dollar spent on compliance with federal regulations is a dollar that is not being used to buy equipment, hire employees or increase salaries. -Cutting Taxes - I will vote to repeal the Obama tax increase – the largest hike in US History. We must reform and simplify the tax codes, to help small business work on growing their business instead of filling out an IRS form. When your family sits down to plan its budget, it has to live within its means. Congress should too. Congress must make the tough decisions to balance the budget. I will support a Balanced Budget Amendment to the Constitution just like 49 of the 50 states already have. Washington must stop the reckless over-spending that has created a massive debt to pass on to future generations.