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Dec 12, 2007

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Chicago Tribune

Rising veterinary bills present pet owners with a painful...

Those people you are referring to are POOR PEOPLE...NOT CRIMINALS...people think its criminals that destroy, they're black and white...its individuals like the vitriol cretin above that has done MORE to destroy the social fabric of our country...  (Jul 25, 2009 | post #134)

Chicago Tribune

Reporter snags Jon Gosselin, loses job

That's one of the most HONEST and true answers I have ever read...  (Jul 25, 2009 | post #27)

Chicago Tribune

Some Christ Universal Temple members oppose Rev. Carlton ...

I will say this...for myself... I was DONE with Christ Universal Temple when I saw what they did to Rev. Joe Hill...and I'm not blaming that so much on Johnnie...but Helen and et al...THAT WAS DIRTY!!! Because Rev. Joe Hill SHOULD BE THE ONE RUNNING THAT CHURCH NOW!!! But that's alright... Rev. Joe has his WONDERFUL church on 93rd and Commercial...the Power Circle and he preaches New Thought as if the spirit of Johnnie is running through him EVERY SUNDAY!!! don't have to stay over there in the "wild hundreds"...i f you want a direct lineage to Rev. Johnnie Coleman...there is an alternative...and its right in the "hood"!! !  (May 14, 2009 | post #220)

Chicago Tribune

Some Christ Universal Temple members oppose Rev. Carlton ...

THIS COMMENT IS FROM MY MAMA...WHO IS A MEMBER OF C.U.T FOR 36 YEARS... ================ I came in Johnnie Coleman’s church in 1969, when we were on 86th and State Street...I have followed and loved Johnnie...more than half of my life…we have had MANY disagreements as people will...but everything was all about divine order. I raised four children there...I worked with the media group...I AM and have ALWAYS tithed... I was there when we were Christ Unity Temple...when Johnnie went through the hell...and its funny how the Bible says that the mountains will cry out and there will be no hiding place...and all of the snakes named Carlton Pearson... Walter Robinson... Fred Nelson (who have professed to love and serve Johnnie for 30 years+ EVEN BEFORE BOB MAYS MADE HIS TRANSITION)...he said like Peter..."I am with you Johnnie" d now all of the snakes are out and the sun is on them and they're crawling around on their bellies... The BIGGEST LIE THAT WAS TOLD IS WHEN PEARSON SAID THAT HE TALKED TO REV. COLEMAN AND WAS IN AGREEMENT OF HIM TAKING OVER HER CHURCH... That was one of the GREATEST LIES THAT HAS EVER BEEN TOLD by him and his colleagues... Just like the Prince of this world who became the Serpent to entice is Carlton and his crew… I will turn 73 years young next week…and it is a sin and a SHAME that my Church home…has come to be filled with as much avarice and mendacity as the city of Sodom and Gomorrah. And so it is…. A.D.H.  (May 14, 2009 | post #218)

Chicago Tribune

Obama's Job Performance: Pew Research Center poll indicat...

It's funny...never heard anything about that when Republican presidents were raping the tax coffers to supply their friends and special interest with ALL of money during the 80's and the past 8 years...which basically...KILLED THE MIDDLE CLASS... SO YOU CAN BITE IT!!!  (Apr 23, 2009 | post #58)

Chicago Tribune

Miley Cyrus joins the Miss USA debate over gay marriage

Uhhhmmm...perhaps you haven't read ALL THE BIBLE...which, most rabid anti-Christians/Ch ristians don't...Jesus was about INCLUSION...not EXCLUSION...but hey, as long as you can push YOUR AGENDA... And anyone who is in a contest to represent the WHOLE COUNTRY and dosen't have enough intellect to answer a question where the WHOLE COUNTRY is reflected...than she deserves what she got... Which is a loss...  (Apr 23, 2009 | post #54)

Chicago Tribune

Illinois cigarette prices: As they go up, lawmakers consi...

Here's the issue... Don't smoke...but get to breath in all of the poisonous fumes that the state allow factories and companies to dump into the air...not to mention the fumes that come off of our cars...which BASICALLY haven't changed since the 1900 Model-T... This is a bunch of b.s.  (Apr 1, 2009 | post #63)

Chicago Tribune

Gary Sinise speaks out in defense of military with 'Broth...

I have always respected Mr. Sinse as an actor... However...this story, which is based upon his personal belief system regarding the current American military...shows me without a shadow of a doubt how dangerous and limited it is when you only look at things from one viewpoint...  (Mar 10, 2009 | post #27)

Chicago Tribune

Some harrumph over Michelle Obama's sleeveless dress

And I for one thank GOD for that!!!  (Feb 27, 2009 | post #179)

Chicago Tribune

Allstate to cut 1,000 job

Guess what genius...OVER THE LAST 30 YEARS...WE'VE HAD MOSTLY A REPUBLICAN CONGRESS!!! IT'S CONGRESS WHO IS RESPONSIBLE FOR SETTING STANDARDS FOR REGULATING CORPORATIONS AND FINANCIAL MARKETS...AND "DEREGULATION " AND "FREE MARKET" IS THE FIGUREHEAD OF REPUBLICAN IDEOLOGY!!! How do you like the outcome of that Republican agenda now? When Clinton was President...who RAN CONGRESS?!?! Who ran Congress when Reagan (where all of this b.s. REALLY STARTED)...who ran Congress when the two Bushes ran the country into the ground... Get a some REAL research...stop being EMOTIONAL AND BASED ON FEAR...use your INTELLECT!!! Democrats have ALWAYS been about spending public dollars on the PUBLIC!!! Just think if the Democratics ran Congress for the last 30 years (I could care LESS who is in the White House)...we wouldn't be in this mess NOW...and EVERYBODY WOULD HAVE HEATHCARE AND DECENT SCHOOLS... To quote John Lennon... "IMAGINE "!!!  (Jan 28, 2009 | post #15)

Chicago Tribune

Chase to close 57 WaMu branches here

I have to say, that I had the BEST RETAIL BANKING EXPERIENCE OF MY LIFE...when I moved my accounts to WaMu...and I'm not just talking about the WaMu I always went matter WHAT branch I encountered...the experience was WONDERFUL (along with the decor)... The day I read that Chase was taking over WaMu was the day I went and pulled ALL my money out and put it some place else... I nearly cried dealing with my favorite banker for the last time...but I KNEW this b.s. was coming...  (Jan 19, 2009 | post #42)

Chicago Tribune

WMVP ousts longtime host Dan McNeil

Bottom line... They were the number one show for years in that time period...and I'm here to tell you...IT WASN'T BECAUSE OF HARRY AND TINY!!! When I got together with my guy and discovered that he LOVED SPORTS...I decided that I better learn more about sports than the fact that all of the players wore tight I've been listening to MJH since 2002...and the biggest reason was Mac... Now, my guy can't STAND the show...and I can see his point...but I ALWAYS enjoyed Mac...and LOVED it when it was only him...or him and J.D. When I heard the b.s. on the show today...I knew what was up... And I can't WAIT for the ratings to come out next quarter...because there is NO WAY IN VALHALLA...that I'm listening to DiFalco's smug, asinine voice on a daily...  (Jan 19, 2009 | post #137)

Chicago Tribune

Obama serves Reid taste of Chicago Way

You will pardon me... But Obama is making Sen. Reid...follow...CO NSTITUTIONAL LAW!!! Like it or not, impeachment proceedings have not started against Blago and he is STILL THE CURRENT GOVERNOR OF ILLINOIS!!! So...give it a SERIOUS BREAK!!!  (Jan 8, 2009 | post #342)

Chicago Tribune

In multifaceted Michelle Obama, black women see a mirror

Because...SHE'S IN THE GENERAL PUBLIC'S EYE!!! I mean, you DO know how this society is run don't you? Nobody is discounting the millions of other Black women who are doing positive things in their lives...what this story is stating is that for ONCE...and I do mean...FOR ONCE...a BLACK WOMAN from the "hood" is moving onto the most illustrious and prestigious stage this planet has to offer... So...GET OVER IT!!!  (Dec 29, 2008 | post #551)

Chicago Tribune

Not feeling that Obama love

We no longer have to FEAR YOU!!!  (Nov 8, 2008 | post #122)

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