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Apr 7, 2008

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Are you out of the "broom closet"?

I totally Agree with The Real Lori As I also live in South Carolina , not everyone knows Were pagan but we don't lie if ask either. my kids are all grown so I don't have that to worry about and my daughter didn't fallow in my beliefs either.  (Oct 28, 2010 | post #42)


Now More Than Ever...Wiccan Ethics

My Husband and I are both pagans and We do not drink or party , We take our Faith very seriously and feel that people who use it to get laid or drunk or both are not real pagan there using it to play games and to go against something.  (Oct 28, 2010 | post #48)


Comment of the Day: Won't Somebody Please Think of the Wi...

look , I am a witch and these are kids who are for a good time and lots of candy leave them alone these are just costumes I sure no one minds a little sexy for one night the thing witches mind is the green face with the nose and wort making out like were something so terrible cause we're not .We're just like everyone else Its a religion just like Christianity is maybe someone should do a Zombie Jesus and see how they felt.  (Oct 28, 2010 | post #1)


Now More Than Ever...Wiccan Ethics

that is because we do not put such restraints on our priest or priestess's ,we are more liberal then the Christians are.  (Mar 26, 2009 | post #32)


Are you out of the "broom closet"?

Why should I be ashamed of who and what I am?  (Mar 7, 2009 | post #20)


Please help..Death spell casted on me..

I,m sorry but I must agree with the other members here , you have to believe in the curse for it to work . and why would she curse you from having sex does she have a thing for your husband or something ? and stop talking to her. She's not stupid she knows that as long as you will talk to her she can tell you anything and you,ll believe it.  (Mar 7, 2009 | post #50)


How Will Pagans Fare Under the New Faith-Based Initiative?

Although I am willing to give Obama a chance to see what he can do I feel that we need to have someone in office who is for all the people not just those of his religion . as for the person he choose (I Will not call him a man of god -As I know first hand their is none)I do not recommend that he push us to much as there is starting to be more of us then there are them  (Feb 3, 2009 | post #6)


Pagan weddings attract more than a cult following

my husband and I had a full blown pagan wedding and even my daughter who is a Christian was there , we had it out side in a public park and we even wrote the ceremony, I made our robes and the ties for our hands. we even got married on the 31 of October ,our priest was someone my husband knew from on line, it was really nice . I hope the other couple is as happy as we are .  (May 19, 2008 | post #15)


SC lawmakers have religion on minds, in bills

I.m sorry but this is just unacceptable ! who is he to say that wicca or Buddhism is not a real religion ? we are just like everyone else we have the right to believe as we want to that is why people came to this country in the first place . I am so tired of people saying being a Christian is right, well to me its not ,I will believe the way I wish and in who I wish even if I have to die for it . the Sen. should stick to things he knows and leave religion alone or did someone for get that it states in the constitution that church and state shall remain separate .  (May 19, 2008 | post #4)


Local woman aims to change image of pagans

I have read the article and it was very good. The article explained all of the aspects of being a witch and showed that we are all regular people just like everyone one else , our lives are no different . I think this may help people see that we are not evil and we don't kill children, or drink blood or worship the devil(what a laugh)as if we believe in it.  (Apr 14, 2008 | post #1)

Rock Hill, SC

Governor's Office Helpless In Child Molestation Case

ok head hunter! you were not there so you do not know what happened or who did what to who, this is why so many people go to jail and are convicted of things they didn't do because of people who believe everything they read or hear ,,how do you know the mother or the day care didn't have something to do with it or maybe someone in her family or a friend that she didn't tell anyone about . you don't know! Thats the point , and until you do or the child tells on his own then you have no right looking to hang anyone or take there jobs.  (Apr 10, 2008 | post #2)


What to Do With Off-Season Altar Stuff?

OK! this is so easy , YES! you save them buy a big trunk from a antic store or go to someone in your family and look up in the attic of your great grandparents they might have a old one that you can fix up but never throw your items away unless they get messed up and are unable to fix then you replace them as soon as you can these are suppose to be sacred to you . do Churches throw away the robes and books and tapestries when church is over ,I don't think so.So why would you throw away your things that go on your alter?  (Apr 7, 2008 | post #2)


the 7 great clans

i,m sorry but there is no such thing as a 'blood witch', there are no Seven Great Clans of Wicca, there is no High Council of Witches, and Wicca, as it is today, is not an ancient is all came from a book or a series of books by Cate Tiernan Fiction books for young adults.Please do not buy into this I,ve been a wiccan for 36 years going on 37 and I should know.  (Apr 7, 2008 | post #196)

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