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Jun 4, 2009

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La Follette, TN

what do you like about lyk-nu auto center

I have used Tracy at Pin Point auto. very fair stays busy. I have used Danny Bruce nice man but never could get my repair exactly right. I have and still use Lyk Nu. They are fair, honest, and get things done in a reasonable time frame. No matter who you use. if you take your car to a shop and get a bad repair. It is NOT the shop, but the mechanic who messed up. please keep that in mind. if you are not satisfied with the job as for another person to work on the car. I'm sure that all those shops would be more than happy to put another person on the job. :) Kinda like when you go to out to eat and get bad service, you dont blame the cook. Jus food for thought....  (Oct 23, 2009 | post #7)

Melbourne, FL

West Melbourne's manager unresolved

West Melbourne has been corrupt for so many years. you get what you give. It has never been about what was best for the city or the people. It has always been. What will be best for the man in office. I pray that someone with morals will get the office. I was raised in Melbourne and West Melbourne. There were decent people forced out for no reason other than politics. God have mercy on the leaders of our government.  (Aug 10, 2009 | post #2)

Jacksboro, TN

Sugar Shack

Not long ago I took my 2 boys in for ice cream. (1 doesn't even care for ice cream) however he was the first to finish and was asking me to buy him another before we even left! The place is very clean and the owners make you feel very welcome! Congrats on the shop I hope you have many years to come!  (Aug 10, 2009 | post #4)

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