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Oct 8, 2012

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A real spell caster and NOT A SCAM

Hello my dears, I am not aware if you wonderful people have heard of me or not, but my name is Lady Gee. I am a high priestess and owner of LadyGeeMagick. I come to this forum today NOT to promote my business or anything along the lines of it, BUT to inform future clients how things are ran in my business. Lately I have had some issues with clients(by the way these clients came from this Topix forum), repeated issues that I felt needs to be addressed to prevent future disagreements and problems. 1) I have been guilty of allowing monthly payments to be made by clients. Now I understand that the economy is tough, I have had my fair share of struggles as well. I, myself, have wished that people would give me a break at times when it came to finances. So out of the goodness of my heart, I offered monthly payments of an amount to the client's choosing. Although, people have taken advantage of me when it comes to this. Some people choose to "forget" about it, and don't bother to continue paying the amount due. And whenever I try to contact that client, gets all mad at me thinking I'm trying to ask for more money when in fact we've already made a deal. I even had emails as proof, and I will proceed to get no response. I just feel that, that is beyond rude and that he/she is not thankful for what I have done. Do you all realize that I have bills to pay as well and children to raise? Yes this business helps pay that, besides that I work another job as well. That's how poorly business has become for me! And when clients have the nerve to do that? I am just in disbelief. You have no idea how much it is to get the materials needed and how much time is needed for spell casting, on top of that having to do it for multiple clients. I am to the point where I feel that I will discontinue this method, it is not fair to those who have been honest to me but less and less people I can trust it seems. 2) I am so sorry but I am not the dr. phil of love. I cannot give love advice, you paid me to cast spells not to give therapy sessions. Of course, there are days where we feel so down and for most they may not have anyone to go to since most do frown upon the use of magick, although some expect me to consistently be there every step of the way. I apologize but even though I was blessed with such a gift, I am still human like everybody else. I have a life outside of the business, I have kids that need their mom's advice and guidance more. I apologize for my rant, I just get clients (most from topix) that have done the following which later have led to issues. and wanted to prevent these future issues from future clients. Again I am in no way trying to promote anything, just giving a heads up to those wanting to do business with myself in the future. Other than that I wish everyone a blessing filled day. May the angels look after each and every one of you wonderful souls.  (Oct 9, 2012 | post #10180)

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