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Jun 16, 2008

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Coffee should come..with an IV


Royal Tunbridge Wells


Kent England

Local Favorites:

Dover Castle/White cliffs,Leeds Castle their cream tea,Bodiam Castle w/ a picnic from The Smokery, Hever Castle and the fetes there :)

I Belong To:

English National Heritage, Scotlands National Trust, Englands National Trust

When I'm Not on Topix:

Work, Riding horses, Exploring castles and archeological ruins and sites

Read My Forum Posts Because:

I like to bring my experiences to others

I'm Listening To:

classic & folk/ celtic rock ,

Read This Book:

history of britian, simon schama

Favorite Things:

music, books, travel, history, cooking.

On My Mind:

Cant wait for the dawn chorus to really kick in soon, nothing like being woke by birdsong as loud as a fire siren only better !

Blog / Website / Homepage:

topix :) facebook.

I Believe In:

knowledge, learning, education, respect, and above all, joy and love of life and people.