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Oct 29, 2007

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Fort Edward, NY

Rules of the game: How to get past the velvet rope -- Cou...

There aren't even any night clubs in Fort Edward..  (Nov 5, 2007 | post #2)

Glens Falls, NY

Step It Up 2007 - Glens Falls, NY: Building a Cool City

The spacing was lost when I pasted into the comment box here. This was originally posted on my blog. You can view that version (a little easier on the eyes) here: http://cozzens.wor /24/step-it-up-200 7-glens-falls-ny-b uilding-a-cool-cit y/  (Oct 29, 2007 | post #2)

Glens Falls, NY

Step It Up 2007 - Glens Falls, NY: Building a Cool City

Step It Up 2007 is a campaign organized by people all around the country, calling for leadership on global warming. Our goal is to empower the grassroots climate movement to take action locally by calling for national change.¹ On November 3rd, the City of Glens Falls will be hosting its own Step It Up 2007 event. If you are going to be in town you should stop by and show your support. If you are on Facebook, I have created this as an event. Please invite anyone you think might be able to attend. View the event here: m/event.php?eid=62 84378635 Here are the details for Step It Up 2007 in Glens Falls:² Step It Up 2007 Glens Falls, NY: Building a Cool City Bike, roller-blade, walk, car-pool, take the bus to downtown Glens Falls. Event Schedule: 10:00am - Farmer’s Market on South St. - Bike to Market Information, displays and entertainment at the Farmers Market. Supporting locally grown or made food and other products saves the energy that would be used in transporting their imported alternatives. Traveling to the market by bicycle saves even more! * Entertainment by Bill Campbell, biking information and tips. Meet people who use their bikes to commute. Rick’s Bike Shop will have commuter bikes to check-over. Local food and snacks, solar oven cooking, biodiesel info-samples, get to know the Toyota hybrid Prius. 11:30am - Entertainment by CE Skidmore in City Park, Bay/Maple St. 12:00pm - Rally for the Planet in City Park Representatives from the Sierra Club will introduce the Cool Cities program. Mayor Roy Akins will sign the U.S. Mayor’s Climate Protection Agreement, placing Glens Falls on the road with 755 other U.S. cities who are working toward becoming Cool Cities. Commuter biker David Legg will describe his positive experiences traveling by bike in Glens Falls. Kirsten Gillibrand’s representative, Lisa Manzi, will describe the Congresswoman’s efforts to work toward fighting climate change. Group photos take to relay to Washington. * Check out a Honda hybrid car in the vicinity of the rally 1:00pm - Presentations and Exhibitors at the Wood Theater 1:00-1:45pm Jim Kunstler - Surviving the Converging Catastrophes of the 21st Century 2:00-2:45pm Barton Mines/Green Builders/NYSERDA panel 3:00-3:45pm groSolar’s Carbon Challenge - How solar energy works in your home 4:00-4:45pm Seth Jacobs - Local Agriculture as Part of the Solution * Exhibitors include: groSolar, Green Builders, Glens Falls Electric, Thermal Associates (geothermal),NYSER DA, Cool City dvd, local agriculture 5:45pm - Movie: The Eleventh Hour at Aimie’s Dinner and Movie 7:30pm - Music by Three Dimensional Figures at Rock Hill Cafe More information can be found at www.stepitup2007.o rg ¹www.stepitup2007. org ²Event details provided by bguldan [at] cityofglensfalls [dot] com as posted on craigslist. The original post can be found here: http://albany.crai 310408.html  (Oct 29, 2007 | post #1)

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