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Nov 9, 2007

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Atlantic City, NJ

Not all are happy with idea to move Philadelphia-area air...

Say Fabian...Small towns? Small Ideas? Most of America is made up of small towns with "local sensabilites" can KEEP those big city "ideas". ..most big cities in this country are crime infested battle-zones (including large parts of Nashville). As far as a "dying economy"...he h heh....we have been doing well as a small town economy for years..some tough and some fat. The cities show the greatest decay.....nothing much will change 'round here..and most folks like it that way. ( thanks ) kt  (Aug 23, 2010 | post #6)

Atlantic City, NJ

Not all are happy with idea to move Philadelphia-area air...

Actually Fabian the politicians around here represent their constituencies pretty faithfully. Those constituencies like to be able to open their windows and not have to listen to constant jet noise and the wail of incessant sirens. While the slight "bump" to the local economy might benefit some, most folks around here realize that increased jet noise and traffic would diminish the quality of life and only put a few extra dollars in the pockets of the "already powerful". We like to keep it "small town" around here and alot of folks like that "50 mile buffer" between us and all the chaos up in the nearest metropolitan town..Philthy-Delp of brotherly "shove". Send us your tourist dollars in the summer only and thats good enough.  (Apr 25, 2009 | post #3)

Northfield, NJ

Suit claims off-duty Northfield cop kicked handcuffed man

Run from the police and you deserve what you get!  (Apr 25, 2009 | post #1)

The Morning Call

Quakertown man arrest: Quakertown man who worked at camp ...

I would have set bail @ $1,000,000 One Million (let him come up with 10% of THAT figure in cash or bond!) My guess is he wouldn't, and by the time he could fight the high bail figure he would be in front of a judge on the initial charges. Better yet...put him in solitary on a "no bail hold" until his court date...then see what the "general population" in some of Pennsylvania¬ís prisons does to child molesters..heh heh. There is but one cure for these "Jeffrey Dahmers in the making"..exec ution! Time and tide has shown that they cannot be "rehabilitate d". Some of them "gloat" years later at how easy they got away with their crimes when arrested for more serious offenses later on. If he wants to be in an "institutiona l setting" with other males (like a camp) where he can enjoy lewd acts with them ..then prison is the perfect place for him...or gas him..he will continue..most all of them do. Let him proclaim his "bi side" to them and see where it gets him.  (Apr 24, 2009 | post #30)

Putin: Russia will counter U.S. military moves

In the early 1960's a "new" young President thought it was a cool idea to "ring" the USSR with the earliest generations of ICBM's in Turkey and other areas (at the door-step) of the Soviet Union. When the USSR "responded in kind" by basing similar missles in Cuba it was considered a "world crises". Do not kid yourselves with elaborate politics and insights...if my neighbors began to build "pill boxes" on THEIR properties with the barrels of their guns pointed at MY property...I would consider it an act of aggression and "respond in kind". This is the essence of brinksmanship. By beginning to "plant flags" with military hardware on former Warsaw Pact countries the USA is simply making "in-roads " and stretching "trip-wires across Europe once again. Build this thing as a joint venture (with Russian boosters and American guidance systems) in a mutually agreed place and swat these "perceived threats" from the sky if they ever appear.  (Feb 11, 2008 | post #244)

Science / Technology

Ban human clones or expect them soon, U.N. says

Questions..and more questions... Will it be possible to form a "civil union" with a clone? (( They are not related - except in a "scientific sense" as host and copy)) Is it possible to have a clone "fetish" ? Clones have identical fingerprints as the host yes? Is it possible to be a "clone-o-phil e"? and lets face the copy ever reeeeeeally (emphasis on really) as good as the original? See "Duplicity " with Michael Keaton Hmmmmm...I wonder  (Nov 12, 2007 | post #168)

Science / Technology

Ban human clones or expect them soon, U.N. says

Think of it...the X-rated film industry will not have to rely on paparazzi for shots of celebs doing naughty things...there is a BIG demand for Paris Hilton and Angolina Jolie clones that can be filmed doing whatever the people that "own" "control " "are guardians of" want them to do and it will look like the real thing ((only engaged in the type of X-rated action that the originals won't allow themselves to be photo'ed doing now)). Will it be permissible to have company¬ís own clones? Only problem is that it will take 18 years to get the clone to look the way that you would want it to look if you wanted to see (anyone) doing something that they couldn't or wouldn't. Perhaps an "accelerated growth clone"?? My guess is that it will still be illegal to have intimate contact with (or explicitly photograph) an underage clone...they are still people right? Perhaps an entire legion of clones bred for their cruelty and ruthlessness (soldiers) OR Clones bred for intelligence as engineers OR Clones bred for artistic talents (musicians and artists) Once you begin to delve into cloning you might as well go the entire route and genetically engineer the traits you want as well. Wasn't this all tried in the middle of the last century in Europe (after people were born) because the technology didn't exist to do it in a nice clean lab beforehand? Is "eugenics " woven in here someplace too? Watch the movies GATTACA and Bladerunner that deal with genetic engineering at some level. KRT  (Nov 11, 2007 | post #109)

Northfield, NJ

Teen Pleads Guilty To Robbery-Related Homicide

Sounds like just another "run of the mill" felony murder case to me...last I heard in NJ if you kill someone during the commission of a crime then that is felony murder. Give him life or give him the option of asking for his own death penalty. It is the most humane thing to do since after 15 years (or 85% of that time) he will never be able to be "re-integrate d" back into society... The only "education " he will get in prison will give him a "jail-house PhD" in how to rob and murder by the time he is released anyway. He will be an even bigger peril to society by then. Society has failed these people...if the prisons continue to swell with people that have to steal and kill to survive then the system is broken. "Redistribute " the wealth and make the playing field more level and people like Campfield won't have to steal and kill to survive...(but until the system is revised)...then it should be a crime that when it is committed should be punished by forfeiting your own life. You may now burn me down...  (Nov 11, 2007 | post #10)

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