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Jun 25, 2009

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Dominion Virginia Power to help needy customers pay bills

This is the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard of! They not only charge you a Distribution Svc Fee : 48.69 but, they charge you an Electricity Svc - Fuel Fee: 104.76!!!! This month... I have a household of 6..and am looking at my monthly bill of 407.53!! It's absurd! I normally average a high bill...of which doesn't exceed $250. This is can anyone live? You try your level best to stay away from government assistance only to ultimately be backed up against a wall because of utilities...? And what's more...DSS doesn't do an itemized account on your utilities and they determine what they'll help you with based on your "gross income"...The re is NO justice! And then, they want to accuse you of not doing "enough" to maintain your family...pfft...un believable!  (Jun 25, 2009 | post #19)