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Apr 3, 2013

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Should Kratom be illegal?

Kratom is gaining in popularity. I have used it for a few years and it has helped me with pain management and depression. I currently have a bone-marrow condition that causes me Kidney pain and makes me extremely tired. Kratom has helped in many areas like that because it has similar properties as prescription painkillers, only there has never been any documented overdoses and it isn't nearly as addictive as painkillers. It's a good remedy for addiction withdrawal. Recently an Import ban has been placed on Kratom making it more expensive and harder to buy. All those individuals that have been helped by Kraton naturally want to keep it legal. I even think the majority of people would want it that way, but I'm not sure. How do you feel about it?  (Apr 3, 2013 | post #1)

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