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David Cameron Prime Minister The Movie

Cameron The Movie [S3.3.6.2010] [world edition] [stack counts 2604] The dashing Debonair, David Camp Cameron stars in a new and exciting role you wont believe this new CONserVATive role on the international world stage of nuclear club members of the UN and those happy to burn up the world with oil!! [Script]: Act 1 scene 1 what's my political policy, interior TV live debate with political leaders all happy to play to the audience and have to name that policy in case after the election they just cant remember! .com/watch?v=HK8qE eSj0r8&feature =related Today Ken Clarke blubbers his way around the legal circles, with the idea that Defective Detective Chris Grayling, the fishy old dude that couldn't start a shoe lace tying competition, is not up for it. .com/watch?v=2StyM qKy8-U While Sir Guy of Osborne the cousin of Ken Dodd from Notty Ash, had this to say: .com/watch?v=eP_l6 dnoYlM&feature =related Meantime the prime minister has been seen renting an office in White Chapel, [interior night]: Queue the old crap music, a door creaks open, there in the ambient light, a shadow laid down on the plain floor, a dark figure enters the room, the dim light partly concealing the identity, a jagged hand fingers reach for a switch the face is illuminated, the figure of David Cameron, lights a cigarette, opens a draw reaching down, a tape machine discovered, the circuits energised, there old recordings from the Thatcher Terminator Chronicles is being played back showing how the 1922 cabinet tried to make the UK into a sweat shop. A folder is on the desk, opened, there the treasure blue, print for the blue eared CONserVATives how to screw up the UK making people poor, using 'social concocted responsibility,' as the big gun, while he clears away the bum marks from Chris Huhne, there Dr David Cordon Blue Cameron sucking in on a drag of a cigarette paid for by the public, getting ready to dump the next “sound-bite,” on the masses. while those on the Army round table having to wonder what the next instalment for the pointless war in Afghanistan was had to make do with a new film to promote the British Army: .com/watch?v=KB3F0 59khLE&feature =related while the navy had to try out a new means to get at North Korea developed with the USA. .com/watch?v=K4NoT vcr9bw&feature =related This new Mi5 plant had a few new means to develop some smart navy equipment: .com/watch?v=hZa4p 2qnApE&feature =channel Meantime the cuts are affecting British Rail. .com/watch?v=fDWk0 BCeblQ&feature =related  (Jun 30, 2010 | post #1)

Great Britain

Great Britain [S3.26.6.2010] [World Edition] [stack counts 3209] Is there anything about the UK that is not great? Have you ever noted? Great military parades, lots of great speech revivals from Whinston Churchhill, old war movies lots of cop shows, war movies, cop shows, lots of Adolf Hitler, insights, lots more on world dictators, murderers, and lost of more war films, and lots of advertising, more sales and more loans, lots of great, doss houses, lots of fat slobs, big bulging butts, van drivers trains older than you grand kids steam trains, enough teen pregnancies to out do China, huge consumption of every natural resources a joke government, with some sponge head that feels if you increase the incremental mental rate of pensions if you now 20 and the entitlement rate goes up 2 years ever 5 years you'll be dead before you get, it, perfect CONserVATives perfect sadistic social responsibility, such a sharkskin! It such a great place if you can find a place to live, that is more unaffordable homes, but if you a bent MP who well gets the tax payer to pay for the interior décor, or a Queen that needs a 10 million bob wine top up yep its great, lets feel great about being in a land that those that are in power are jetting around the world with their garbage and rank ideals to CON the world into the idea that all things 'global,' who the word was the former feeble excuse of the Brown Clowns odd that such a word oh sorry feeble excuse is now owned by the camp Cameron, brigade or is it on lease? Then again, lets look at the holiday booking form for the Brit army, arrival on time not like the trains by 2015 back to Blighty, a bit like the great flop known as the England football team, just for tea and cake and before the next election now that is on time if you really believe that those in down town Afghanistan will be building a shopping mall, and then becoming a consumer, of things made in China, maybe the Cameron camp, should just shove off to Canada their the beleaguered homeless might see the Camperon as then next boob to vote for? Great ideals, Great lands, Great big gobs that open up wide if someone hasn't got the correct smell, or dressing up, in designer clothes to go to the paper shop to buy some old tat at 2 bob ago? Great parks, Great, unemployment Great fat bankers, Great lack of hope or direction Great lack of a brain stem, Great loads of alchies, drugs, drop-outs, taxes huge water costs, its all great!! great waste, great heritage 350 year old laws, great 150 year old housing, great shambles of a legal and local council as none of the above is available on Sunday, bank holidays (the same holidays given to the Bank of England so they could play cricket), now the great UK dosed in blue spray on Tory bland paint. Great plans, great losses great polices, great junk food, just great. A great feeling of being great, and greatly failing since those in power are greatly deluded by thinking they are great and will be great and get a great badge from the Queen and be great since that means they can get a great new flabby body and move for a great big pay expense in the House of Lards, Great Britain the only thing that is great about it is not to live here.  (Jun 28, 2010 | post #1)

The New White House Poodle?

Is Cameron New White House Poodle? [S3.28.6.2010] [world edition] [stack counts 3438] Yesterday saw Camp Cameron the deluded leader of the flowerbed men on the UK CONserVATives front bench trip over to the G20, hob-knob with Anglea Merkels, and have a good old chin wag with Obama Bin Laden the main supporting party of most of the pointless war on Afghanistan and Iraq, but we ask today is with the onslaught of cuts that will only make more people homeless this winter, and hit the already poverty struck unwanted people on the dole, is Cameron the new “Golden Retriever,” whose new gun-dog, approach means that he can chase after the middle eastern terrorist and bring back a dead peasant, (after the Rt dishonourable Tony Bliar, MP), for the US, now lets examine that claim for a moment, he gets a taxi ride in Marine one while Barack tips the pilot and then it appears a WI meet with the two men, very intermix, and cosy, and this appears to have happened in a private room, suggestive but not conclusive. While the men see the lawn get watered and the intermingle, of this deadlock on how to make the populations of the “rich-man's-world, ” keep on spending keep on consuming we ask where did all that talk on going green and that energy reform that Obama Bin Laden was yanking on about or was that just a pipe dream something for his next attempt to get voted for? And where was the critical arguments on not making the poor pay with their lives for which that is the outcome of the useless spending plans of the rank, and file of the right wing, CONserVATives? Lets see, now you want to fund a pointless war in Afghanistan invent the new-thatch of Thatcherism, in the new form of Camp Cameron doing a number on the public by easing in the extremist right wing vies, telling the poor to leave secure homes in council and social housing and move into the private sector somewhere else then go to the job centre and look for jobs that don't exist without reforming the job centre network so that the non-existent specialist help which has never been in fact existed as the job centre is a 3rd party broker that feeds on social responsibility and often the site for fights Jerry Springer couldn't do any better, who of course those in job centres don't want a influx since soon most of them will be out of a job, (hint October – daylight rubbery, budget fudge 2), so with all that burning sensation of burning Rome soon to hit those in public service where are all those lost and burn going to go? Oh I know more new laws to make more people no longer eligible for housing benefit and dole money, oh sorry is this 1983, oh yes guess so, cor the time does fly! (yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa aaaaay, - yaaaaaaaaaaaaaay)! You see only we can make them puns just seem as thou that is the way they were meant to be. So all is not well in paradise so where does all that money scrounged off the poor go? Oh I see to pay for the ideological plans of the right rank right wing, care of Nick Clone owned by David Golden Retriever, Cameron. Cor hey what scroungers, I guess. Similarly also pouncing around was a royal tea-biscuit in the form of Prince Harry also a man who never works but scroungers like the Royals actually did apply for a pay raise after popping over for a cap-gun test with the US army and showing that he can throw the ball and a baseless baseball game no doubt for Cameron to catch?  (Jun 28, 2010 | post #1)

Obama pro-insouciant? or pro-freedom?

Its A Rich Man's World [S3.25.6.2010] [world edition] [stack counts 2795] Well today is a lovely day for fantasies, one of course that the world would bend over for the Camp Cameron to plug, the idea of world dominationatrix by the means of UK CONserVATives (Tory or Tories), views, which explains the idea of getting the Canadian leader into the political bed with the notion of a business model to follow. As it is the world did not turn into the pudding club, that those on the moronic Tory front bench, could use as a foot rest for their brand of hypocritical garbage and rattle the sabre at. Obama really did sit as far away from the Brit oily hands and sweaty mits, Brits that seem to feel that a brand of crackpot ideology will somehow make the world more competitive and more economically stable, with cuts, and with, a right wing, idealism. Well bar none. Still is the world now going to be set up under the grip of 8 world leaders having a little “tet-a-tet,” well I remember that old Abba song, 'money, money, money,' well if you are the worlds fattest and certainly the greedist, and have a nice lavish lifestyles based on consumption of well any natural resource then I guess those in the rest of the world have to be told what to think,' its a rich man's world,' if you factor in the huge drink up of oil and every natural resource. Still Obama put on the gloves and has given a few well chosen blows at those in the world that feel that the public have to be herded around, but seems to have given the extremist right wing leader of the UK CONserVATives a taxi ride in Marine 1 and a bazaar staged TV plug swigging beer, however Obama's language looked troubled, since we doubt he actually did mean a word of it, since the words really didn't 'join up all the dots,' and seemed more cautious than a big bed buddy to the UK government leader, and the get out clause by the windbag leader of the UK Government finally realising that the crass war in Afghanistan is only going to fail will leave the US wondering is this the close bed-time relationship they want to have? Obama has not posted much on the way of news and lacks any real aim over climate, but, he had some notions on the waste of natural resources, since that is what fuels the greed of the west and is the real name of economy, and growth, the pseudo economical language of the UK is recovery, and consumption, the real waste is that camp Cameron still thinks that the public are ready to lap up the fantasy that he is still trying to sell. But wait, don't think its quite that simple, why? Well remember that episode to arrive in October, how more cuts and wrangles are to be set on the tax payer, watch very very carefully for those things being hid up the sleeves of the right wing fruit cakes called CONserVATives. Today camp Cameron is now seen nibbling the rabbit, like ears of Anglea, Merkels, so, another ploy to sell to the G 20 more of the junk that waste and want, the continuation of burning oil, is the way the world must live by!!  (Jun 27, 2010 | post #1)

UK CONserVATives, make you poor, make you homeless again!

The Great Con Game pt1 [S3.27.6.2010] [special edition] [stack counts 3334] Today the UK CONserVATives, have announced a new “CON-game,” in that the umeployable must now be encouraged to mover around the UK on an aimless, pointless idea that they will move from dole claim to dole claim not withstanding the 3 waiting days they don't get paid, and the idea that this new attack is in fact aimed at 'council housing and social housing,' but not those that make money out of the “poverty industry,” or those that buy more and more old housing to make more money out of the housing benefit system i.e. private landlords, and the usual Tories own local councils that get up to 12 times the same amount of council tax for a house or a set of houses divided up into private rented accommodation, to soak up more central government money in the form of council tax benefit, this new game from the Ian Bunking Smith brigade is clearly a CON in that the public are clearly not going to go for that, or that as such a new law would have to be brought in to compel people to do that, since no one unless the situation is very dicey would make themselves intentionally homeless, and if under this new scheme that they in fact do, travel about the UK it will make no difference since those employers have no real need to employ those dumped into this latest warped crackpot ploy from the right wing oh sorry the Canadian right wing care of 10 Downing Street London centre of social injustice. So here we go again the 1983 Margaret Hilda-Ogden Thatcher, ploy to make the miracle of right wing ideology work by getting rid of the victims of the capitalism ploys and the crass ideas that the very poor and the very weak must pay with their lives for which the means and method to simply up sticks and move is frankly a joke. Similarly we know from the past that when ever the gamble and chance routine is played by the right wing it is done on the basis that those that don't go for it will end up a victim anyway, since since we know that the surfeit of more crass laws and cuts is only around the corner in October so whether this new moronic ploy to make the figures seem much smaller than they are now, or the savings by having those claimants nudged out fo the way, by losing money, therefore saving money, and claims having to be closed down and the a new claim made at the new destination will save money since the 3 days wait, or the 2 week wait for any new money to be paid would make a fake statistic but the claimants real status would be the same, unless the rank and file of the right wing is actually telling us that those that travel would have a home waiting for them to just move into and have benefit on tap? This is clearly a game of which those that have little options and cannot in any sense absorb the money cannot really be expected to simply move this is the most dumbest ploy we have ever heard of, but dumb doesn't always, mean without an aim, since those that cant or don't how are they to be treated? And those that do and find that they still cant get a job what are they to do then move on and and move to another area? And is the world now ready to have “cattle-market-exp ress” trains full of claimants rattling around the UK? Anyone that supports this idea of move, shift and push-on and find a job is really living in 1983.  (Jun 27, 2010 | post #1)


The 2010 Bombastic Lawnmower [S3.25.6.2010] [world edition] [stack counts 2336] And now introducing the 2010 bombastic large ride on lawnmower, where the voter will soon find out how little they really are, While Brit oil giant, is hitting rock bottom, in the press and around the world, bungling Brit company, BP now starts to become Big Pack of lies with the useless pack of measures that well, end up meaning that they know as much about dealing with a leak that you could write on a postage stamp, and try to massage the world with the shampoo, of standing around the coffee machine all trying to work out what to do next, the bicameral, state of the one party given it plenty, (just like the Queens demand for that hulking great 10 million bob, whine for wine top up that went up in puff of smoke), the question today is what happened to the changes in the upper notch house those that live on £400.0 quid a day lunch money, and allow any old scrag end of beef, with a bank balance to buy a democracy seat and preclude what laws should not affect them? This bicuspid, deal with the UK government fundamentalist members of CONserVATives seems once again to have gone out with the bath water, (actually do you know much electricity you could make with that?), down at old Huntsville that cosy pad for fat world leaders to talk a load of old cobblers about how they will draw up plans to get the world to spin, and be spun with ideological spin-drying, to which the useless edicts wont this winter put dinner on the table that is provided you have a table. Camp Cameron had said to the troops at a camp that they must run on time so its been said today with a timetable, to get out of the middle east, now if the stiff, words on a timetable and that the terrorist problem will be solved on time that will be interesting to watch, still he seems to have not used the word safe, oddly the timing of this couldn't be more on time since the advert for “bombastical-tosh, ” sees the troops given the boot out of the middle east by or just a few weeks before the next round of political yelping begins for the 2015 election, you could say right on time, righty then. Still deluded by the idea that Afghans are to open a mall, and suddenly become consumers get a fridge and grow a gut, is mildly pathetic, or just plain flabby, while those in Britland have found a way to flab up 2 times faster than the average slob, or just gut-bucket we ask who is Mr Cameron think his Brit-Tommy-Tommy-c ooper-tom-fooling I guess it must be that old 'Dads Army,' routine with battle of Agincourt with pike that guy who sounds like an old sweaty fish with a stick to beat up the French, but not this week as chief of the French, Mr Tea-Sarcastic-Sark ozi, (sounds like some souped-up French toad meal), well anyway you get the idea.  (Jun 25, 2010 | post #1)

Oil Endgame

Oil Endgame [S3.25.6.2010] [world edition] [stack counts 1988] Obama, has his green aims gone mouldy? Or is this pet-talk with camp, Cameron the UK government leader reached the bottom of the oil barrel? This issue is the one that in the eyes of economy, or recovery, or global economies, and consumers and consumer led economies, have little time for, the issues are clear, what happens when the oil runs out, and how long does the greedy west whose entire life runs on, burns and in the end will go to war to get? What happened to all that COP 15 guff, about dealing with this, where are the green world jobs gone or have they just gone green with mould or is green more to do with garden centre green fly, than, green house effects and carboniferous effects making the consumption of 'black-gold,' seem like a big oily glob of death, rather than looking at a world beyond oil? What happened to all those crank ideas, all that solar farm rubbish all that cars that run of fuel cells, and looking at how energy could be made more economic, in the drive to be the worlds leading economy, we see that at the G8 of the globs of oil burnt for this conference instead of virtual meeting, on line, or other wise how much oil is being burnt? How many meals and fat hotels are in use, how many cars and consumption of energy is going into this fat pad event? Oil will have an endgame its happened before and it will happen again, the case is what are those in the spoiled brat governments of the world going to do about it? Its seems that when energy, and how to use it correctly or how to utilise energy from other sources seems to be an anecdote, for those that talk green but then get into their car turn on the radio, and then go out and buy more consumer led products, and produce often shipped around the world for processing or for production as like the usual 'Made in China,' common joke. Oil is the only way of life in the eyes of those that talk about economies, or consumption, or consumers.  (Jun 25, 2010 | post #1)

Blood for a stone

Blood For A Stone [S3.25.6.2010] [dark blog series] [world edition] [stack counts 1729] Tyrannical tin-pot leader Bob Mugarbe, has really become a total mu-garbage, with the diamond grab, bodies beaten or just shot in the head for diamonds since those in the west with the “consumer-led-econ omy,” and never ending glut for useless junk such as a diamond, a form of carbon, have as normal little or no sense of where or what those little bits of ice, glinting and hard are built on harsh, greed that hits with a harsh, beat on the skulls of those that don't produce very similar to Coltan, the metal known as Tantalum the ore diggers get pence for the bags they produce dressed in rags where the capacitor, metal ends up in iPads, mobile phones and the rest of electronic junk, that once done with end up going the last mile with the bin-man. But again has the west gotten so devoid of care for what, or anything happens that with this blood soaked industry, for diamonds, is kicked into the long grass with glee, since as long as those consumers are well consuming burning up anything and everything made out of oil, gas, blood sweat and tears, then again there is the air industry, the magazine industry and well an industry for well anything to do with the west. One of the crocodiles in this torture and skin for hire at the end of a gun barrel Canadile, mines said that those blood soaked diamonds are on sale for the international market, lets see now, well who would be able to buy such hell? I guess the very wealthy do, wearing these stone-age, trinkets like some sort of British colonial, hunting trophy, but the only stuffed animals heads are likely to be those digging in the dirt for a few pence or shot dead if they don't. Xoxo The Dark bloggers  (Jun 25, 2010 | post #1)

The OK factory (part 2) who is kidding who?

The OK Factory 2 [S3.24.6.2010] [World Edition] [Stack Counts 2783] Well, today what a hell has landed on those who, well failed to see that the word “reject,” was under the words of “CONserVATive,” they did not see, it, and well now they do, now they do, so the pension age OK well there is no real need to boost the pension age above the age of 65 unless, the following reason that the business model that people are born and work for 25 – 44 working years, since you see the “politically bankrupt,” ideologies know that the means to control and that the aim of well, lets be honest, here, the old CONserVATives want to get rid of any benefit, even old age, so that well under 'social responsibility,' you have to pay with your life the modern version of “your money or your life,” well its a case today that its your life, ask yourself the main points, a failed ideology being slipped in right before your eyes, and you will have to take it whether you want it or not, very OK then and you cant do much about it and if law is used to bolster the veneer coating provided by the clone, or Clegg or well Cameron's Clone on a lease, well the OK factory has pressed out then its latest machine, no pension (check) the idea that many wont live that long (check) and if you do, well by that time you wont get the pension anyway since the business model that gets you the pension has failed. So why tell you the truth when blaming people living too long is OK why explain that the “gamble and chance,” is the real reason that you will end up with no pension while you pay tax all your life with no tax breaks is if you invent, a way to insert anywhere the fake notion of the hidden truth of missing youth and generations of those that didn't turn out to be a plaster cast version of the 1960s is OK, And guess what? Maybe the pension will be stopped and that will be OK, or getting rid of child benefit as that will be OK, you see that those in Whitehall will rubber stamp anything that moves and we are not talking about Chris Huhne keeping up the political end. The fact is the method of which the public were supposed to work and then save and the spend and then simply die and the younger generations do the same thing is gone, it was a failed plan from the start part of the theorem of “chance and gamble,” the real name behind the fake badge of economy, again you can see, that in this brief, how a weak and frankly incompetent means to somehow, then apply a method of paying for the old was a “dogs-breakfast,” from the start, as such the end resultant, of this is collapse so, the facts here are bared clearly, that to add a clause you use bad news, how did they do that? Simply forget what the real issue is, forget conveniently the banking crisis then bury the clause in that “noise.”  (Jun 24, 2010 | post #1)

The OK factory, part 1 of (the dark blogs)

The O.K. Factory [pt1] [S3.23.6.2010] [World edition] [stack counts 3822] Welcome to the tale of the stone-age land of England, that lax spot, for really old prehistoric animals that roam around the world with all things OK in the blind world of the UK, it seems the attitude of those in the cave of parliament, will say its OK for people this winter to end up on the streets, and it will be OK if you have no money, still you will have to pay, for mistakes that you well never made, yes, OK in the UK really does mean OK, like bankers who well lets face it, have been a bit bad and its OK the jolly tax payer will foot the bill, not one sign of those in the banking industry, paying up, well its really OK that the Bambiraptor aka Teresa May has joined the club with Cryolophosaurus, as Cameron's grand circus, of being a prime minister, and the new bed buddy, Dromaeosaurus, as Nick Clegg, has really given a leg up to, the idea that being a clone copy, of the Camp Cameron school to faking every policy, is the best policy. What a joke this place is, hey? Still Nanyangosaurus, Chris Huhne can keep his end up when it comes to policy and his side kick, Minmi, the new love of his life stands in while the farm animal passions rubs out the 26 years of marriage who with Danny Alexanda the Monoclonius, of the political bed, seem to be able to only poke fun at Gordon Brown who as gone to ground with a Sinornithoides, plot while the creatures fight only missing a handbag and someone to call out the 10 Downing Street paces to turn and have the 2010 championship hand bag tussle, we ask is this a government or a feeble excuse that is hoping that the 2010 England football team made out of bits of Manchester UTD and most expensive footballers from around the world might contribute to the economy with that real kicker of the “consumer led economy,” bling, ching, ching! The question is when is OK not OK and what is the voter left to do? People where told that the 2010 election would solve you lifestyles problems but in truth not one thing, not one, manifesto, not one bone knife, and wooden bowl or those members of the house wrapping themselves up with an old mouldy fire-side rug, something borrowed from a stately home of a 20 million years vintage, could make one difference and the things that could do, where not and have not been even implemented. What people should be asking is what, should have changed and what, should, be the way that the country go, the idea that living on oil, and consumerism, the very consumption and the “money-trap,” since that is truth what this is really all about the old whacked out ideas of why people live and what they live for, who has ever asked is that it, I am here to live in a country that is so obsessed with greed, so obsessed with the only way of life is to be born, to work and then to produce and then die, in between, pay your taxes has anyone ever asked, what else? What if, you could understand where all that plastic, goes, why are homes so old fashioned based on 250 building ideology, why are we, just here to live to “work and earn?” and when oil reaches the endgame what then? Where is all the green engineering, where is the life beyond living on oil, the “chance and gamble,” (the theory, of betting on spending, betting on consumption then calling, it growth), of which depends on 'balance of trade,' greed and stupidity of waste when is that, ever going to change? The idea of the “money-trap,” when is any change of the life based on money ever going to occur? The idea that you must have money, and must earn it and spend it on more junk mad in China when is that ever going to change or will that be when the lights go out? 2010, could have been a year of change, but we guess in the stone age world of the UK OK is the language of control and government.  (Jun 23, 2010 | post #1)

Bread Line Britain

Bread Line Britain [S3.23.6.2010] [Special Edition] [stack counts 4093] “How many people this winter will end up on soup and bread? Who will be the ones begging at the soup run or some joke charity, or some half-baked, self help-hypnosis-grou p?” In 1987, while living in Sheffield South Yorkshire, there was a TV show called 'manor people,' a short film about a huge, poverty struck estate under the Tories jackboot, we invented a concept idea that most if not all of those at the bottom of the “Political Pyramid,” would be there regardless of what or whom got elected, and we hypothesised, that the reason for which they were like that, is a lack of mobility in the money stakes and the approach, to the public that government after government took since how do you work out of poverty, if in fact at the time people were getting benefits and wages more in line with 1970 or those actually working for a £1 per hour which continued up to 1997. The idea of the “bread line,” was that most family incomes were so rubbish, or low paid that often living on bread and soup, was in the end for a lot of families and very poor, in 2009 we devised the idea that the “Political Pyramid,” was a way that the Political Correctness had become a twisted form of fundamentalism and that those in the “money-trap,” had their lives dictated to, by the two rights form of government, (the right to vote then the right to end up in the trap that people are there to work and spend, earn and pay tax, have to have money and consume), which in many cases in 2010 has been shown that this is the way that those that did vote, neither understood what the outcome would be, since those in the UK CONserVATives just thought it would be their turn and that the UK would be a “walk in the park,” there for those flying in to vote, peerages for those that want to buy a law and those that are in power once over the threshold, would then be able to “bake and shake,” favourite targets in the way they did in Tuesday, “mock,” budget since that is really what is was or the term coined by us as “dogs breakfast,” (what would a dog have for breakfast, gravy old food slop from last nights dinner? Literally a right stupid inconsistent mess), yesterday was a means to make amends but the act of being able to say that other than living on oil, other than, other than selling off the family silver to somehow justify this as a means to pay the debts, in fact and in reality the hell-bent ideology of making the UK into a bruff copy of the US, with the only thing unsold would be the island itself, the pyramid is who is at the top, and those that are the minions at the bottom there and kept there since what are they to those with money and the ability to buy power, have close relationships to state, and those in power, that have no real plan, and had no means to do anything other than talk a load of cobblers, about growth and GDP which is spinning the words on that other than consumerism, and oil, want and waste, and consumption, and the fake idea, of an economy, and the complete failure to even mention that those on benefits, are often there as a result in the financial collapse, and the very poor, are there due to 31 years of bat and ball politics that they are sent spinning one way under one regime then hit with a bat, and sent the other side of the House of Commons tennis net to be told again what they should do, can we ask is the right wing of moronic, pompous pontificating, playboys, on the front bench going to do the right thing and say, it that the economy is a joke, and that in fact those employed actually does not make up most of the income in tax, so we should ask, why don't they give a list to the public of where the taxes does come from and how many more peerages, and those happy to play the Tory tune, to buy it, there is?  (Jun 23, 2010 | post #1)

Fudge how much of the budget was transperent?

Fudge [S3.22.6.2010] [World edition] [stack counts] Well I know your gonna say another blog on the guff that emerged from the Tory / Lib Dem, pack of rats, well bar none, and I know your gonna say, oh heckers here you go, with the I told you so, well we did, the budget was “fudge,” or just pants possibly pink ones with a motif, there is no over way to say it. The same old moronic whacked out CONserVATives (if you follow the blogs regular you would have seen that spelling ever wondered why?). Still the hangers for the starched clothes and using an 1860 old mouldy Gladstone bag to swamp the tax payer in this latest cacophony of junk, bric-a-brac and well wot-not, is there to be seen, the only issue its gone a bit, crabbed, if you remember one of the pilgrims in the stable of the CON / Dems holy than thou charter of how to screw that up before the elections, was all about transparency, well here today has anyone actually seen or had any data on how this infantile attempt to bail out the boat, came to be, we think not, and why not? Simply the voter and therefore the tax payer are that, and only that the occluded of this political guff, today shows that when it comes to it, what ever the flabby blend of fat, those in politics have no concern for the public not one bit of it, all the speeches and the television garbage is now back to business of the public do what those in power say and you cant ask or challenge why, some democracy. The missing bit is like the feeble excuses shown, that the lifestyle of the rich and dishonest, oh sorry those in Whitehall are not going to be affected, but the issue, of living on banks, “money-trap,” and that old chestnut if you hadn't guess it the donkey of the week award goes to oil, yep while the USA is sinking under that up, the politicians UK side are well gambling and chancing again the idea that the public will be in the “money-trap,” why those in that predicament are there to live, earn, work earn, consume, spend, buy, eat plastic food out of plastic, and live a life on borrowed time as not one single innovation today for anything green but we know, that “going green did go mouldy,” still the fantasy island life that continue to gamble a whole countries financial hopes not that the public had any say anyway, it would have been more transparent, if, they had said the facts that other than consumer led economy, waste, want, spending and money those in power haven't a clue, but I guess the, budget today was so thin, it was transparent.  (Jun 22, 2010 | post #1)

UK budget 2010 pure fudge

The UK Budget 2010 [S3.20.6.2010] [World edition] [Stack counts 4507] So on Tuesday, 22nd June 2010 the political hot-bed moves to the hot-tub as the lamentable and smirking figure of George Osborne, stands out for that photo op, with the silly idea that the public and the press are going to sit up open wide and taste the spew, of silly ideas on how to make the moronic ideology of the “money trap,” balanced on the old feeble idea that to be something or someone you have to keep on spending keep on wasting keep on carrying that tomb stone “working and earning,” around until you finally drop off. So we can see right away that the man with the other bungling oafs in the daft CONserVAtives are not going to do the right thing, but do the right thing and serve up a surfeit of stupid packages and we are told that this very word will be repeated a lot so will the daft notions of usual cheese broad of recovery and economy, and stability, and growth without the actually correct detail of which this is not an admission that the whole “money trap,” is a failure as it has been over the last 40 years. Still, those in every decreasing political bed circles still want to pedal the idea that to live this is you will live instead of finding another way out of the same limp and frankly pathetic mistakes of this stone-age way of thinking that again has left most families flat, and the notion that the public who had no idea of what was going on and even now are in fact not any more aware than they were pre-election of what this moronic game of “chance and gamble,” on the one armed bandit of economy can be sure that the mess of the so-called economy will happen again you have already seen that the use of growth and forecasts are base on a scale from 2010 to 2014, (balanced on future theoretical tax incomes with no core basis or fail-safe), again you can see that the lack of real innovation, the devoid events as in the previous Tory years of selling off the family silver, privatise and leave the country without any base to run on should the gambles of peoples lives back fire is out again to say to you after the usual long winded speech that after 30 seconds you'd sooner do the ironing and feed the birds with bread since the mumbo-jumbo in truth is going to mean nothing other than how poor you'll be even with the theatrical slap-stick spouting, to those at home or at work or in the van, or in the car or at the factory since they will have to think about it, but that is all they will be able to do in this moronic “two-rights-state, ” (i.e. the right to vote then the right to be told what you'll do and what you cant do, if it those ideologies blows up in the face to of that the whole silly notion of votes for regime is the be all and end all.), of want and waste. What you wont see, is the truth, that those in White hall with the huge pay packets the bought dogs in power their buzzom buddies in big business who buy a seat in the upper house what you wont see, is that the idea that cutting off people from the welfare in fact wont change or make any difference, nor will shipping money from the £1.700,000,000.00 quid tax machine of which the debt is 10% (TTI) or total tax income, what you wont see is that ripping off money as was done in the 1980s and then padding out other budgets by shifting the liability from one, tax source to another, what you wont see, is that unless you change the whole spectrum of what people are expected to do and accept what is just impossible but in the cabinet room is ok, since those fantasy lives of the rich and seriously dishonest believe that they can solve all peoples problems by the actions based on their lifestyles, the ideas are weak and the outcome is only going to place families and people on a tide of washed out ideas that will not actually make any head way in growth.  (Jun 20, 2010 | post #1)

Sex and the UK political cabinet table

Sex amid The City [S3.20.6.2010.] [World editon] [stack count 2925] Whoa, in the language of whoa, the news is out or rather the very convenient truth for those of the Huhne household as old Chris Huhne who has found a new opening, in the political scene, and has decided to dump his wife and family after a 26 year marriage and start banging another woman which the news from the “political bed,” is allow the minister to carry on with his private life as he needs privacy well if you behave like a farm yard animal well I guess it is a right Lib Dem carry on, you have to ask, how convivial is it to simply fire your family and then bang away in the tradition of politicians that set of notches on the cabinet table with all that huh, huh, yes, yes, yes, oh yes, like John Prescot, John Major and that old Egg-Edwina Curry bang up, on the Cabinet table putting a dent in the French polish after the French kissing and the kiss and tell stories and lets not forget Tim Yeo, who said yipppeee after he had hit the spot with some floozy, then again well we see that the cheaper option for most of the right wing, and cutting costs takes on adultery, since its cheaper to bang on someone else and save a lot f money if you don't have to pay for you family and what did spring from the loins of love. So has love became a badge rather than an bond? Is it really that men just cant help it, or are so lazy and have such little control, over impulse that they will “shag anything that moves?” or is it that men believe due to culture “psycho-mimetic,” mental conditioning and social up bringing in a sexual world that they have to think so much about sexual conquest that it becomes an obsession or is the guy just a thilthy rat? Or just a dirty rat? Then again what does this set to the world when those in government cant keep the pants on? In the idea that those people really can get caught with their pants down I think we have seen it, as typical with this type of event the woman and therein the victim of the sexual romps and exploits is left with kiddies that still have to be looked after in the nest, while the brainless bread winner just cavorts off with the next bit of fluff, to have a trifle and water the lawn elsewhere. This floozy fest, surely what a combo, with have a bugling BP oil company that could not start a shoe-tying competition, an a joke chancellor, as “Sir guy of Osbourne,” the belligerent half-wit cousin of Ken Dodd, from Notty Ash. And a budget that is most certainly to do with fudge, than a budget, this neo-dogs, breakfast approach is still in the realms of old mistakes the fault and failure to accept that the world driven by money and the fake sales pitch that, to be something is to have something, to live in the UK you have to be born with a tomb stone on your back and work until your an old bat, and don't forget to vote and buy all those products since well when the oil runs out and meets the economic endgame those useless bits of made in China is all that you'll have left.  (Jun 20, 2010 | post #1)

BP will the real truth be known or is another cover up due?

Out of Order [S3.17.6.2010] [World Editon] [Stack count 6762] [pt1] The CEO today at the congress, inquiry, who were very vocal and have been accused of been over active or could be mistaken that since this is a re-election year, pandering to their own interest over that of the White House, since they seem to be less interested in the amount of compensation that those in the affects gulf states really require now, before the winter months arrive, this showcase investigation of the bungling BP oil company has as I was told almost a month ago, that this accident was preventable, was totally an event that BP knew was a risk failed with the unusual actions of deep sea drilling had no back up or “fail safe,” completely did not comply with safety and the concept of a “kill-switch,” being the other form of a “dead-man's-handle ,” clear with the old chestnut of the 28 years of industry experience, as claimed by Hayward, doesn't know anything about the oil business or whom or to what responsibility those under his employment, have contrast this with, oddly similar to the rantings of the former dictator of the old CONserVATive party in the UK (Norman Tebbit) either a miracle has just been performed or its a miraculous similarity. Clearly the US is being lead up the garden path, on this and is being conned by Hayward, using plausible denial-ability, to force blame either onto the dead or un-named employees, and the claims and statements that simply don't add up. The sure way that a lack of emergency, planning no safety systems or any kind of equipment nor to even know what to do, and the persistent failure to even bother to check if the oil drilling platform would operate safely, is very clearly and firm accusation, the deflection of which Hayward claims to wait until the safety investigation. On that basis, that either that Hayward thinks or feels that the real event will become inconclusive due the depth of the rig carcase, or that the real events will be buried under a web of lies and effects which wont actually show what was known and when. Another factor may lay, in the form of missing data and absolutely no intent to have legal or any other technical or any other way to demonstrate who is responsible for what, when, and how, and what and how connections there were made in the BP company may leave a lot of worried Americans and possibly lead the US Congress to decide that a cover up, or that the outcome of the investigation wont in fact show any blame, this is consistent with the language used since its very similar to the type of language used by the UK. Government, and very similar to the type of 'cop-out,' that was used, by the investigations of the Potters Bar and Clapham Junction, rail pile-ups, clearly this is a Brit that is using the usual arrogant and frankly moronic attitude that is used over and over again by those in public life, and in government agencies within the UK that simply provides one bland answer after another where the real detail is hidden or pulled at or pushed up the skirt of the law, or secretary, and the victim then bundled out of the door. Clearly this is the real actions as shown by Hayward since with the occlusion of any data or any fact we must therefore assume that the end result is that the BP organisation will try to sleaze out of the oil issue and the feeble words of 'safety,' and the common use to take actions for future safety events identical to the use of 'hindsight,' which is the very common 'cop-out,' used by UK politics to simply shove the real events into the bin, and then sit there and pass a few useless laws a few bigoted inquiry but we know the same thing will happen again.[3686]  (Jun 18, 2010 | post #1)