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Nov 25, 2010

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Eagle Pass, TX

Please i need info on this girl!!!!

her name is Samantha Trevino, i believe she is from class of 2010, description she is white complected and has kinda of a big forehead and big ears. do any of yall know anything bout her? please do tell. or if she has a facebook please post link, been meaning to find her thanx  (Jun 15, 2011 | post #1)

Eagle Pass, TX

Samantha Trevino

Does anyone know anthing about her? she is 19 and i think class of 2010. kinda big ears with a high forehead. whats her deal?  (May 6, 2011 | post #1)

Eagle Pass, TX

Does anyone Know( Samantha Trevino) 19 years old?

i was just wondering if any one knew anything about her, she is kinda skinny, nice little body, fair skin, kinda big ears and a high forehead with a receding hair line. i think she is from class of 10, and she lives in san antonio now, but is form eagle pass.  (May 5, 2011 | post #1)

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why do mexican guys act so fresh with women???

wow, this is all stupid, but i have to share my story, from straight from Motherland(MEXICO) and im 6'1 barrel chested, broad shoulders, well tone core, strong chiseled back, strong legs, long face strong chin, and of course really good looking. great hair, dress very nice, i get compliments from both male and female, i got to college full time, work at bestbuy computers. i play all sports you can imagine. and when it comes to women lets just say that i havent dated a Non-white in almost 4 years. all my gf's have been white, either blonde or red haired. but of course colored eyes. the one im currently talking to is from chicago, never dated anyone else but white guys, her parents are racist most of her friends are racist and yet she was the one who talked to me and initiated the whole ordeal and now we spend great long nights at my place and go out like if we were a couple. i havnt popped the question yet, but all this comes to show that not all mexicans are ugly and poor educated. of course i still have my accent and the girls love it, especialy when i whisper romantic spanish things to their ear during sex. they love it even thought they cant understand none of them. i was raised by a beautiful women and a strong will hard working man who thought me to always show respect and never be somebody your not, and always treat everyone with kind and respect and never let no one put you down. people can put you down and try to harm you, but they can never take away who you are. and thats what ive learned. yea this may come off as me being full of myself. but im just an example of what happens when good breading and well education comes together=Me! so yea my people may be short and ugly and bad mannered but we are not all like so. some take pride in our selfs and others cant due to economics or bad upbringing. And Damn You i know your kind, your the kind that stares me down in public because i have a really attractive white girl with me, your the type who loathe me for having such girl giving me attention and admiration and her feelings, your the type of scum that is too pussy to walk up to me and tell me shit simply because your too much of a pussy shit. and yes guy i do love white girls and i dont see me anytime time soon letting go of your women. they love my rich mexican accent with my fair tan skin and my good looks and body and they love it when i talk and sing to them in spanish. so fuck off you faggot and go play WOW, i bet thats all your good at faggot!  (Nov 25, 2010 | post #35)