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Apr 14, 2008

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Immigration Reform

Native Americans say "Mexicans are Indians, too"

you cant lose your ability to speak a langage! you can however chose not to learn a laugage.  (Apr 15, 2008 | post #798)

Seagraves, TX

seagraves teachers sleeping with students

why isnt the school filing charges on them when they catch them ? instead they just ask them to Reign.  (Apr 15, 2008 | post #1)

Immigration Reform

A message for Mexicans in America

ur right jesse! i agree with you fight! i am an american born my parents and their parents were american born. of the hispanic desendnet. but i dont welcome illgals in my home land. so go back to your home land and fight for a better life there. and get the fuck out of america cause we got eungh shit to worry about with worry about your shit too ps take your hommies with you. i dont have anything again you but your fucking up our lives here . it time yall stood up to your goverment and and made a life worth living there. seems to me your all are running away from mexisco and running here. your all come here to live a better life .but havnt stop to thing that it wont last. if america keeps trying to feed and shelter her children and the other countrys children too were all gona starve us and you all to . hmm maybe thats yalls plan [a diffent terrorist strategies! definely original]  (Apr 15, 2008 | post #5819)

Immigration Reform

Native Americans say "Mexicans are Indians, too"

Mexica Movement i am sorry but your wrong. Mexicans wouldnt be taking over anything . the truth is they only want to be white! half the mexican kids dont even speak spanish anymore. its a sad sad thing too. as for the illegals boot their ass back home where ever their home maybe  (Apr 15, 2008 | post #757)


Think homosexuality is "wrong"?

in this day an age how can anyone condem love in any form or fashion i am not gay i do how a question to all the gay beaters tho . why beat up gays and not people having afairs? i ve always wondered if by beating on gays ,one is trying hide what they are. i had a freind who beat up gays only to come out of the closet later. plue did i miss something what jesus said about gays? and where did he say it? i know the Apostles said it was wrong but they were still a bit stuck on the old law which jesus came to bring out from under not siding with gays or straight here i now what i am today, tommow i am maybe some diffent  (Apr 15, 2008 | post #1225)