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Jul 31, 2008

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Angelina Jolie's Dad Slams Barack Obama

Words of wisdom for sure. Funny how democrats can bash Voight for his beliefs but I'm still waiting for Steisand to leave the country. Why any sane person would pay any attention to anything that comes out of Hollywood is beyond me. We accuse beltway politicians of being out of touch with the normal American, well, narcisstic Hollywood "celebrities " plowing their way thru divorce after divorce in between visits to posh rehab clinics sure doesn't represent what I know as real America. More than what comes out of Hollywood, we should listen what comes out of Europe. When the French think someone would be the right president for America, be afraid.  (Aug 1, 2008 | post #787)

Seneca, SC

14 good reasons to deport illegal aliens

No shana, you don't get it. I believe your husband is a fine man. He's here LEGALLY, he's working LEGALLY, he's supporting his family (more than some legal citizens do) and paying taxes. Doesn't matter what he does for a living, we can't ask much more from a citizen. By the way, my first job, as a teenager, was picking fruit in a Pennsylvania fruit orchard. Worked in a nursery (plant) too, many decades later still do my own work around the house, gardening, landscaping, roofing, building, just my wife and I. We know hard work. Not all white folks are lazy. But, what makes it too much to expect people, from anywhere, to obey our laws? What makes any person feel he/she is entitled to bypass the system and be granted free citizenship? What makes someone who picks cabbage more entitled to free citizenship than someone who comes here and is a doctor, a programmer or a teacher, or opens a shop? They learn English, become citizens by following the pescribed pathway, live the American dream, pay their share (probably more than their share like the rest of us) of taxes. What is right about saying "Sneak in the back door and pick my veggies I'll give you free citizenship but come in the front door and be a legally working contributing citizen and you have to work for citizenship? Doesn't Mexico have an immigration policy, laws you have to follow if you want to become a citizen there? Rhetorical question of course. I bet I couldn't just decide to move there and expect to be taken care of at no cost if I needed to go to the hospital, if we had a child would it automatically be a citizen of Mexico and entitle me to stay, how about I just work under the table and not pay taxes? Think it would take authorities long to ship my butt back to the states? Why isn't America entitied to the same immigration control as Mexico? I do worry about myself, as well as my fellow citizens. Greenville, SC, hospital rates just increased 6% at Greenville Memorial, I believe, mostly to cover the cost of "unpaid services" the article said. Hmmm, unpaid by whom? Who are those increases passed on to? You know who does. Oh, tell us about a little town named Berea, I understand there's quite a gang and drug culture building there. I understand local schools are hiring special anti-gang counselors in the surrounding schools to attempt to slow the gangs from recruiting young school kids to be their drug mules. We are worried about ourselves, and that's why we can't just leave everyone else alone. It's a small world, everything overlaps, what happens in Berea affects Greenville and Pickens County. By the way, I don't recall a lot of big fields and orchards right around Greenvile, maybe a little farther up the interstate. Could they be there more taking the construction jobs than picking fruit?  (Jul 31, 2008 | post #37)

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