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Jul 19, 2013

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The line between employee and employer responsibility?

Perhaps the title is a bit lofty for the subject matter but, it's what I got. A friend of mine (yes, really, girlfriend to be specific) is a CNA at a rehabilitation center and shortly after she came on board with the organization they changed the "dress code." Generally standard faire for a CNA are medical scrubs, something she has carried with her from facility to facility that she has worked in. All are non-descript, solid colors. This new facility, as mentioned, changed their dress standard such that those in the CNA role may only wear a specific color. Of which she only had a single pair in that color. Her salary isn't that spectactular, around $12/hour, which just barely allows her to support herself and her kids (caveat e, they are not mine, so please no railing on me about providing support; suffice to say her ex-husband is a deadbeat). That said, one of the management trainees (please read: not a manager yet) has been harassing her about the fact that she wears a different color than the set standard (again, solid non-descript colors are what she wears, nothing wild; its the difference between wearing gray when others are wearing blue). Now, as I have learned, Scrubs aren't cheap by any means if you're looking for a pair that won't snag or rip when you're stretching and lifting patients. The company does not offer any kind of payroll deduction, compensation, or benefit toward the purchase of said scrubs; it is left to the employee to take care of it on their own. The question at hand is: Can they make her? Is it right? Does she have any recourse for the harassment or is it validated by the fact that she doesn't have a proper "uniform? " What do you think?  (Aug 2, 2013 | post #1)