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Jun 15, 2014

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Dentist in Costa Rica

I for one am always very interested in hearing success stories...wherever the successes come from. We are on this forum because we have all been faced with outrageous costs to maintain healthy smiles. I was hesitant to go to Mexico "just because "it was Mexico. Have been in the travel industry a long time and visited Mexico many many times, but I didn't feel comfortable trusting my dental care to someone in Mexico, that being said, had I the opportunity to read about Bobrw1' s experience while researching, I may very well have chosen to go to Mexico. Unfortunately I didn't even know about this forum about CR or any other country when I made my decision ,and pretty much did it thanks for sharing Bob and perhaps we should encourage discussions about not only CR but anywhere folks have received the treatment they need at a substantial savings. After all, that is why we are all here isn't it...not because we are here to promote Costa Rica....but to let people out there know what really good options are out there for them. Thank you Bob for sharing your experience.  (Sep 11, 2014 | post #6300)

Dentist in Costa Rica

Not at all JMK.....I didn't even know I needed any dental work until November of 2013. Bluenoser is what people from Nova Scotia are called...hence the name noser55, Halifax , Canada is not me, and I am not self promoting my business. I just "happen" to be in the travel business and offered my services on the web site I created to tell my story two months before I ever knew this Topix forum even existed !  (Aug 25, 2014 | post #6215)

Dentist in Costa Rica

Thanks for responding JMKof TX...please do take note that this website was created in March/April after I returned from Costa Rica and wanted to tell the world about this wonderful option. I knew absolutely nothing about this forum.I found you in June ! My business email and travel company information were used because that is who I am ...I have been in the travel business for almost 30 years, and own a very reputable travel business that is registered and people can see that I am not some kind of a quack or scam artist. If people want me to help them arrange their travel to Costa Rica I would be more than pleased to do that...if they just want to pick my brain about my dental experience , then that is fine as well. I was over the moon about this "discovery " I had made through a lot of research and wanted to share it with everyone. Creating a webpage that people would hopefully find when they started googling dental options was the only way I could think of to tell MY story.  (Aug 25, 2014 | post #6213)

Dentist in Costa Rica

I'm not on here to fight or argue with anyone. Just to help anyone who wants to pick my brain about my experience in Costa Rica, and hopefully help someone who is anxious about the whole process. I had 3 extractions, 4 implants and 5 crowns. I also needed a bit of bone grafting, and my dentist here in Canada felt I would need a sinus lift...which as it turned out, because of the angle Dr. Marco was able to place the implant, it wasn't necessary. I stayed at Cristina, met wonderful people on both occasions. Personally I think Dr. Marco Jr and Sr are absolute miracle workers. They treated me wonderfully as did the rest of their staff. Not only are they incredible , skilled dentists, but truly lovely and very giving human beings.Example.... .Dr. Marco is working on his thesis for his masters in implantology. He needed to have 15 patients to be photographed at every stage of the procedure. He could have chosen existing "paying" patients, but instead chose to work on 15 local people who could not afford the cost. You only need to ask their staff how well they are treated and you will see that these men are truly "NICE" caring and giving individuals..... Yes I knew in advance I would have to endure some long waits, but you know these didn't bother me...I spent the time talking to a lot of very lovely and interesting people. Some people would be really bothered with the waiting time...I wasn't, but that is just me. I met several other folks who went to a couple of other dentists and loved them. I think that once you have done your research and feel good about the dentist you have selected, you can't listen to all the negatives you might hear from biased people.With the hundreds of patients these skilled professionals see every day ( and I am talking about ALL of the dentists in CR ) there are bound to be one or two that perhaps don't turn out as hoped....but not because they are not skilled in their profession.Choose your dentist based on the relationship you form with them and their credentials and the overall reviews and then use this site to ask questions about some of your fears ...does this long does it take....recovery tips that helped people and tips for getting around the country , that sort of thing. I believe all of these dentists are skilled. This is a very personal journey and a very frightening one for some. Let's make sure we support everyone who is just trying to give people some helpful information to alleviate their fears and apprehension about the whole process. I'm sure each one of you were nervous when you initially started this journey...I sure was, and didn't know this forum existed. Let's be here to provide helpful answers for folks that need some t here to argue about dentists and who is best...we all have our opinions.....and you know what they say...opinions are like a- -holes, everyone has one. Be supportive and helpful not critical.  (Aug 25, 2014 | post #6212)

Dentist in Costa Rica

I am back home from Costa Rica and another great experience. ( except it rained all week ) I am really amazed at the people who judged my last post as spam. I am a very satisfied dental patient only wishing to share my experiences with people who just like me a year ago had to start wondering where to go to get dental work done that was not going to bankrupt them.I do not work for any dental clinic, and BECAUSE I wanted to share my story I created a website...I did that long before I found out about this post. I guess I was mistaken in thinking this site was for an honest discussion of people's experiences with different clinics in Costa Rica and helpful advice for people who just like me didn't know who to trust when I started this journey. Not just a site for a few regulars to banter back and forth. The website I created has a lot of very good information for people about what to expect. I can only comment on the clinic I went to...just as everyone on this forum is only able to comment on their own personal experience. Everyone has to make their own decisions, but obviously the "regulars " on this forum somehow feel that the experiences of those of us who are newcomers is not valid.That is unfortunate. I felt I could help a lot of people by taking my time to post about my experiences on this site. I was especially interested in letting other Canadians know about my journey.Obviously I am mistaken.It appears that only the postings and opinions of a select few on this site are considered to be appropriate. What a waste of an otherwise good forum.  (Aug 25, 2014 | post #6204)

Dentist in Costa Rica

Good Luck with your surgery...guess since it is Tuesday now you have had it done. Hope all is well. I am heading back down on the 16th of August to have my permanent crowns. What is the weather like ? ( other than a couple of earthquakes....) I am afraid it is going to be rainy all the time we are there and it is my husbands first trip to CR.  (Jul 29, 2014 | post #6007)

Dentist in Costa Rica

When are you going to be in CR Wasup. Am also going down on the 16th Aug. Staying at Cristina Suites again. Which dental clinic ? I also have a website you can check out which has documented my experience to date www.lowcostdentalo Have a read.  (Jul 25, 2014 | post #5982)

Dentist in Costa Rica

My sentiments exactly ! I absolutely love these dentists and had such a positive experience from start to finish.  (Jun 16, 2014 | post #5707)

Dentist in Costa Rica

Great blog....lots of good information. Wish I had known about this site when I was researching ! Am going back in August for the abutments and you said there was significant pain for about 5 minutes with each abutment ? Not looking forward to that Have also created a profile thank you and all registered so people can contact me if they wish. Thanks for the new to this.  (Jun 15, 2014 | post #5699)

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